Unique things to do in Paris

Unique things to do in Paris

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To know Paris is to walk its arrondissements until your feet tire, making time along the way to linger over un café, tuck into a quiet corner of a bookstore, or indulge in an hours-long dinner. The city’s joie de vivre is ever present, whether you’re standing before the Eiffel Tower, or visiting the Pigalle neighborhood for live music. For unique things to do in Paris, learn to make macarons; discover art on bike tours; and see famous monuments in unexpected ways, among other activities, with locals on Airbnb Experiences.

Top-rated activities

Speakeasy, explore hidden bars in Paris
Paris Speakeasy Adventure: Uncover the City of Secrets. Paris, the City of Lights, has a clandestine side that beckons night owls . Our one-of-a-kind Paris Speakeasy Tour takes you on a captivating journey through the hidden gems of Paris nightlife, introducing you to iconic speakeasy bars. While Paris boasts an array of secret bars, we've carefully curated a selection that embodies the spirit of the Parisian night life. As much as we'd love to explore them all in one night, time constraints prevail. However, fear not! Our guides will discreetly share the locations of other secret bars, ensuring your Parisian adventure doesn't end here. Our experience is designed to cater to a diverse range of guests. Whether you're a teetotaler, a solo traveler, part of a couple, enjoying a family outing, or celebrating a bachelor/bachelorette party, our Speakeasy Tour welcomes all with open arms. The advertised tour duration is 2 hours, but there's no rush. Feel free to linger at each speakeasy, savoring the ambiance and crafted cocktails at your own pace. If your preferred time slot appears fully booked, fret not. Our speakeasies are spacious and accommodating, so drop us a message, and we'll make room for you. Join us on this enchanting journey through the hidden world of Paris Speakeasies. Let's raise a glass to secret soirées, whispered tales, and unforgettable memories.
The Best Photos in Paris
This is a perfect experience for you who want to have beautiful photos for a low cost and meet new people. Take the time to have fun, meet people, and have great memories! Secure your spot because our schedules are sold out quickly! On this experience you'll take a little photo tour. If you want something special and exclusive, you can book a different time. Send us a message. - This is a shared experience. Each schedule serves up to 6 people. If you'd like a private experience, book for a private group. - Each tour lasts up to 1 hour. - We will take a walk and stop at a few points so that each participant is photographed, while the rest of the group waits for their turn. - If you are accompanied, you need to book each person with you, including children. - Each person will have the right to choose 5 photos. But you can buy extra photos if you want. - Delivery will be made no later than 5 days after the experience, sent by an online link. If you have questions please send us a message. We'd love to have you!
Learn to bake the French Croissant w/ a chef
Learn how to make the typically "French Croissant", the "Pain au chocolat" & the "Pain au raisin" :-) During this interactive cooking lesson, you will be hands-on in the kitchen and, equipped with an apron and all the utensils you need, you will learn how to make the "French Croissant" the "Pain au chocolat" & the "Pain au raisin"! You will be in control of your creations from start to finish, from the moment you lay eyes on the recipe for the first time to the moment you take your creation out of the oven. I will be at your side to guide you and teach you, with full explanations, the techniques you need to guarantee your baking will be a success! At the end of your experience, we can taste what you have baked and chat about your trip to Paris and I’ll also be happy to give you my culinary advice, recommendations and opinions.
Paris photo session
This photo session in Paris is offered to couples, for engagements, weddings, elopements, families, surprise proposals and individual pictures. It will be the perfect souvenir of your stay during the Olympics Games 2024. We'll meet at this address : 17 place du Trocadero et du 11 Novembre. Then walk around to go to the perfect spots. In an hour we do several spots and we include the Eiffel Tower, the Seine River and a Parisian Street. We will guide you during the experience and help you with the poses to get natural lifestyle pictures. To have an idea of the pictures you can get, check our insta: _parispics_ The experience will always be private! I recommend booking a photo session in the morning (crowd...)! Also, bring a second pair of shoes (to be able to walk). After the experience, I will send you a link to a private gallery to choose your best pictures (20 MAX). I will edit them and send them 3 days after your selection. Alex will host in the morning experiences. We offer professional make up and hairstyle services, the help of an assistant (during the session) or a professional videographer if needed. If you would like a taylored experience (more hours, more locations or have a specific request outside of this experience ) please send us a message.
See 30+ Top Paris Sights, Fun Guide
Leave your map behind and follow us, your English speaking show-people, who will take you on exploration of 30+ Top Paris Sights. You will hear about and possibly meet some the legends of one of Europe’s best-loved cities. Included in the tour; the best place for photo's of the incredible Eiffel Tower, we'll take a lively stroll through old Montmartre where Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso once lived, then upwards to the Sacre-Coeur for the best panoramic view of the City of Light. The show continues down with a view of the Champs Élysées and the majestic Arc de Triomphe and who can forget... the Moulin Rouge. We will experience a beautiful slice of French culture in the Latin Quater where you can pick up a snack (not included) from a nearby street market filled with patisseries, fresh fruit markets, cafes, fromageries (cheese shops), chocolate and wine shops and anything else you might like. After that it's back on the trail. For over a 1000yrs the English have annoyed the French. We will be able to give you our personal insights on how to avoid certain embarrassing mis-understandings. Making this a super original experience. Other things to note Please bring an umbrella if the forecast indicates rain and wear a comfy pair of shoes, as we'll be on foot most of the time (with lots of breaks to chat and rest). Bring a camera and drinks.

Loved by locals

No Diet Club - Winter Cheese Tour
NOT YOUR BASIC FOOD TOUR ! (Unlimited cheese) ⚠ Hygienic measures : group of 10 people maximum. Hydroalcoholic gel before and after each tasting ! Food is life but safety first Grab your ski suit (just kidding) and get ready for the best raclette you've ever smashed in an authentic raclette restaurant in Paris ❄ A nice melted cheese wheel (YES the one you scrape on your sexy potatoes), a selection of amazing charcuterie, some truffle ham, sexy potatoes, salad and pickles, the ultime french comfort food. Unlimited cheese so no breakfast before please :) Because is not enough, We'll then go to an Alsatian spot to share an authentic flamekueche, perfect for winter We'll walk for 20 minutes and will burn about 2,5 calories. :)
Bubble Tea Master Class
Join me for a hands-on Bubble Tea Master Class, where together we'll make boba (tapioca) from scratch step-by-step. This activity is in part a tea tasting featuring hand-selected seasonal teas from around the world. You'll have the chance to create your own unique bubble tea blend of your own. This unique experience will transforms a simple beverage into a craft alongside a small group of food lovers in the heart of Paris. Most importantly, you'll end the evening with your own a homemade bubble tea! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Rejoignez-nous pour un cours pratique sur le Bubble Tea, au cours duquel nous fabriquerons ensemble, étape par étape, du boba (tapioca) à partir de zéro! Ce cours est en partie une dégustation avec des thés de saison sélectionnés dans le monde entier. Vous aurez aussi la possibilité de créer votre propre mélange de bubble tea. Cette expérience unique transformera une simple boisson en un art en compagnie d'un petit groupe de gourmands au cœur de Paris. Et vous finirez avec un bubble tea fait maison comme vous n'en avez jamais bu!
Taste Paris With Private Chefs Kim and Clara
Enjoy your very own private chef experience at your place! Take advantage of our group discounts! ★ 15% OFF — groups from 4 to 5 guests ★ 20% OFF — groups of +6 guests To have a closer look at my menus check out the What's Included section below. Learn the secrets hidden within each dish, and enjoy a delicious multi-course meal. Get ready to discover the taste of Paris without leaving your own dining room! I will arrive before your preferred dining time in order to begin working my magic. I won't arrive empty-handed! No-no, I will show up at your doorstep equipped with every ingredient needed in order to prepare your meal. Feel free to put your apron on and cook some of the dishes with me! I am eager to share with you the secrets behind my recipes and Paris local hidden treasures. Not in the mood? Well then lay down, relax, enjoy a few appetizers and allow me and my team to take care of you. Eat, share, drink, laugh, and explore Paris dining scene from your own table. Oh and don’t worry about tidying up, everything will be left spotless for you to continue to enjoy! Please note that to book an experience there is a minimum of 2 guests required.
Explore Paris in the footsteps of Egypt
Let's go together to discover the Egyptian facets of the capital , from these streets with evocative names ( Rue du Caire , Rue du Nil, Rue d 'Alexandria, Rue d' Aboukir ), unusual places, mythical characters such as Mariette, Lebas, Champollion ...We will discover fountains, statues, monuments, mosaics, low relief inspired by the region. A tour for curious people, art lovers, ancient people, Parisian architecture "Back from France" with an astounding facade of the Hathor goddess. Our journey will be illustrated by the story of Bonaparte's Egypt campaign, the exciting journey of obelisk, anecdotes, nods to Egyptian mythology and its symbols. Follow me in ten stops on foot and by metro through beautiful gardens as well. 1. Monument of the Rights of Man and the Citizens 2. The Fellah Fountain 3. Luxor's obelisk 4. The Nile Statue 5. La Sphinge des Tuileries 6. The Louvre Pyramid 7. Egyptian statues of the Louvre square courtyard 8. The Fountain of the Palmier 9. The Sentier district called "Little People" with the stunning Cairo square. 10. The Luxor cinema and its incredible history Surprise! I will also show you during our getaway some songs from the biggest Egyptian artists like Oum Kalthoum
Street Art - Hunting for Space Invaders
Comment visiter Paris avec un fan de jeux vidéos ou de pop culture ? En partant chasser les Space Invaders avec FlashInvaders ! FlashInvaders, c'est un "Pokemon Go" rétro et arty qui permet d'attraper avec son smartphone 4.000 mosaïques en pixel art collées dans 83 villes à travers le monde par le street-artiste Invader. 1.500 d'entre elles sont à Paris ! Si vous ne faites pas encore partie des 310.000 joueurs de cette application gratuite sur iOS et Android, nous l'installerons ensemble. Vous découvrirez comment cet artiste complètement fou a envahi la planète avec des personnages de jeux vidéos ou des icônes pop des années 70, 80 et 90. C'est parti pour collectionner les mosaïques, accumuler des points et faire un entrée fracassante dans le classement ! Mes balades permettent de visiter Paris et de se cultiver en s'amusant. Elles ont beaucoup de succès auprès des enfants, des adolescents et des adultes. Elles sont de durée raisonnable (environ 3 km en 2 heures) et adaptées à tous. Elles sont idéales pour les familles. Les balades peuvent être menées en bilingue français / anglais selon les nationalités des participants. Notre famille accueille actuellement un jeune labrador de l'école des chiens guides d'aveugle. Le chien sera en formation avec moi lors des visites du mois d'août. Merci de me préciser si vous avez des appréhensions vis-à-vis des chiens.

What Paris has to offer

NOT YOUR BASIC FOOD TOUR ! (All food is included) Hygienic measures : group of 10 people maximum. Hydroalcoholic gel before and after each tasting ! Food is life but safety first :) After having a blast with our food tours in Le Marais, Montmartre and London we are thrilled to launch a third tour around le Canal St Martin. A beautiful 4.6 km long canal in Paris, filled with gems and amazing restaurants. On the menu ? 4 hours of the best street food :) Of course there will be french classics but not only ! Truffle pizza, the best "chausson aux pommes" in Paris, beautiful grilled cheese with french products, amazing homemade sandwichs/burgers and so much more ! Tastings may vary depending on the season (VEGETARIANS ARE WELCOME) (DRINKS OTHER THAN WATER ARE NOT INCLUDED) ▶ What this tour is about ✔ - Many tastings to share - Melty gooey cheese - A nice walk around le Canal Saint Martin - What locals actually eat - Lots of fun - Funny/bad jokes - Pictures and souvenirs - Smiles - A list of serious recommendations in Paris - New friends from all around the world ✌
Learn to make macaron with a chef
Learn how to make the iconic French "Macarons"! In the 16th century, it was the favorite pastry of the famous French Queen Catherine de Medici. Since this day, many pastry chefs had and continue to have fun with this recipe, like Pierre Hermé or Cédric Grolet. Today, you can come and learn how to bake your 2020 version macarons ! During this interactive cooking lesson, you will be hands-on in the kitchen. Equipped with an apron and all the utensils you need, you will learn how to make your own macarons step by step, also picking the flavour of your choice ! You will be in control of your creations from start to finish, from the moment you lay eyes on the recipe for the first time to the moment you take your creation out of the oven. I will be at your side to guide you and to teach you, with full explanations, the techniques you need to guarantee your baking will be a success! At the end of your experience, we can taste what you have baked and chat about your trip to Paris and I’ll also be happy to give you my culinary advice, recommendations and opinions. Other things to note Maison Fleuret will do its best and make sure you have a great time during your experience. To do so, we guarantee a maximum of 6 attendees per experience ; it will not be possible to come with an extra guest, or stay as an observer without having booked.
Highlights of the Louvre in two hours
Let's discover the biggest museum in the world together. The Louvre has everything from Ancient times to the 19th century. On this tour you will be able to discover the highlights of the Western World in less than an afternoon. We will speak about the history of the museum as well as the sculptors and the painters. It's a unique experience that will allow you to show off at fancy dinners. We'll never be more than six persons so you can ask as many questions as you want. Of course we will see The Venus de Milo, the Winged Victory of Samothrace and the beautiful Mona Lisa. We will make the Louvre and the history of art interesting and fun. To keep it easy going and laid back is very important for us, we know that you guys are on holidays and I promise you that this tour will be fun and amusing as well as thought provoking. ENTRY TICKETS TO THE MUSEUM ARE NOT INCLUDED
Skip-the-Line Louvre Tour with an Art Historian
You have always dreamt of seeing the Louvre but were overwhelmed by its size? This tour turns the Louvre into an entertaining, educational, and inspiring experience. On this small-size private tour (maximum 6 guests) we skip the line and get in the museum quickly so we have more time to explore its outstanding collection. Once inside we'll discover together the most famous highlights of the Louvre including Venus de Milo, Victory of Samothrace and the Mona Lisa, but will also marvel at less known masterpieces, which leave you with a deeper understanding of the art in the Louvre. MUSEUM TICKET IS NOT INCLUDED. You will need to get a museum ticket from the museum's official website: www. ticketlouvre. fr Note that kids under 18 (and EU nationals under 25) get in for free. If you are unable to get a ticket from the website for the date of our tour (as sometimes there is only a limited number of tickets available online), don't worry. There are always tickets we can get on the spot in the museum and those are unlimited. There are ticket machines so we can get the tickets in less than 5 minutes once we meet. If you wish to book this tour for a specific date/hour that you don't see here, send me a quick message so I can open a slot for you. Looking forward to exploring the Louvre with you! :)
Orsay Museum and Impressionism
We will discover together all the masterpieces of the Museum(Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Degas ...). Thanks to many anecdotes that I have collected over years, you will learn about impressionism and the most famous artists on display at the Orsay Museum. I will also show you some amazing views on Paris and 19th century Orsay train station. Other things to note Feel free to contact me if you have questions. Always happy to interact with you to find your perfect experience. ********************************************************************* If you love Impressionnisme, I can also propose you a private visit of Orangerie or Marmottan museum.

Activities near top attractions

Louvre Museum4,022 locals recommend
The Centre Pompidou2,590 locals recommend
Luxembourg Gardens2,469 locals recommend
Sacré-Cœur2,106 locals recommend
Tuileries Garden1,767 locals recommend
La Villette1,306 locals recommend

Things to do near Défense

Instagram Tour of Paris
Insta photos in Paris? Why not! :) You are visiting Paris and you want to capture some stunning insta friendly shots? Then this experience is for you. You will get a chance to explore Paris's best landmarks with a Pro photographer. I would love to take you to the most beautiful and hidden locations in Paris and capture some great cinematic-style photos. Don't worry about Poses ;) I will guide you with some fantastic tips to pose naturally. This will always be a private experience. After the experience, I will send you all the raw photos through a link and you can select your favorite images to edit ( 30 photos ). After your selection, I will edit and send them to you through a private online gallery within 3 days. You can download all the unedited images as well. All edited images will be in higher quality and ready to print :) In case of bad weather, we can reschedule our experience. I'm always flexible with that and will do my best. Additionally, if you'd prefer a customized experience with more locations like the Louvre Museum or Alexander 3 Bridge, please send me a message. ** I use Professional Camera equipment for this Experience :) Let's take some cool photos in Paris! :)
Evening Bike Tour & Boat Cruise
Join us on an unforgettable evening away from the crowds, exploring the city of lights & it's illuminated monuments as we share with you a unique insight into it's history and contemporary culture. This is no history lecture, instead a fun & informative ride with a licensed local guide, designed to give you the perfect overview of Paris - the city we call home. We will ride from end to end, experience the nightlife, along the river in addition to seeing the most iconic monuments: the Louvre, Musée D'Orsay, Champs-Elysées, Pont Alexandre III, Notre Dame & Eiffel Tower to name only a few. Cruising by bike & boat enables us to easily cover a lot of ground, experience Paris at night & provide tips & local recommendations along the way to fuel the rest of your trip. In addition to epic photo stops we make a pit stop for café & ice cream to keep you going. We can think of no better way to spend an evening than riding around the city of lights & cruising the river with a glass of wine. If you are looking for a fun night out, an overview of the city, it's history, culture & invaluable tips and suggestions for your holiday look no further than this experience. Other things to note I suggest you have dinner or a snack before our ride. Wear comfortable clothing to ride in and don't forget your camera!
Paris' Best Kept Secrets Tour
/!\ IF THERE IS NO MORE AVAILABILITY FOR YOUR DESIRED TIME AND DAY, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO SEND US A QUICK MESSAGE, WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO OPEN ANOTHER TOUR /!\ Ever dreamt of discovering Paris in a different and unusual way ? Enjoy some of the major monuments but also discover some hidden secret places that even Parisians do not know about ? If you can, then take this tour and then let the show begin ! Let me plunge you into the beauty of the city and into a whirlwind of anecdotes, history, legends and intrigue. I am part of a team of dedicated history reasearchers looking to offer the honey of what Paris is all about. During the 4 hours we will spend together, all your senses will be in action. You will hear and learn a motley of amazing stories about Paris and ride and walk through secret doors, quiet streets and alleys. I will take you in a beautiful incredible Paris that you never ever dreamt of. For this journey, we will be using an electric bike to enjoy more grounds and really get the feeling of what Paris is like. If you are looking for a unique experience and want to do the most out of your time in Paris then look no further : this is it ! Other things to note Child seats are available upon request for 12€. The tour operates rain or shine. We won't always be outside as we'll stop several times to enter some places. Helmets & Rain jackets are also available.
⭐Private instatour, vidéo & photoshoot⭐
This tour is 100% private, once you've booked it will be only you and/or your group! You are tired of selfies? Couple week end, family time or even solo traveller, how often have you visited a city, and only walked away with (bad) pics taken by (nice) strangers or photos of what you ate? How many times did you got no pictures of you because you feel too shy or need a confidence boost? I'll took you for a private video & photoshoot tour in the most hype places of Paris. We'll snap candid and posed images to create some amazing pictures and videos that will stun you and your circle! 48h after the tour, you'll receive around 40 professionally retouched/edited pics and a video of your experience (edited with your favorite song!) via a private gallery link. ALL pics will be edited with NO ADDITIONNAL COST! If you want a specific time not shown on my calendar, just ask me and we'll figure it out ;)
Be yourself Photo Shooting
Hey there! Ready for a photo session like no other in Paris? Get this: not only do you score a whopping 80 edited photos (yes, edited!), but you'll have them in your hands within just 5 days (and they're available for download for 7 days). Impressive, right? But hold on, there's more! In our private session, we hit up 3 awesome locations during a 1.5-hour tour. Bet you've noticed other Paris sessions sticking to just one spot for over an hour, right? And, oh, did I mention you won't be mingling with random strangers in your group? It's all about you, no photo factory vibes here. This isn't your typical photoshoot – it's for the fun-loving souls, those who embrace authenticity. Perfect for couples, families, or solo travelers who want something special. Not a poser? No worries! I'm a pro at making you feel comfy in front of the camera. And yes, I adore children! If you've booked a spot in a group session and you're the only one signed up until the day before your reservation, it can be that I have to cancel the reservation or change the meeting time to match another solo booking. We need at least two participants to make it happen! Thanks for understanding. Can't wait to meet you!

Things to do near Tour Eiffel - Parc du Champ-de-Mars

BEST-BITS OF PARIS - 40 Favourites - Walking Tour ⭐️⭐️⭐⭐️⭐️
We will be walking through the charming neighbourhoods of Paris, where we'll see classic monuments and hidden gems. Included in the tour are 40 gems of Paris, including must-see monuments Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumphe, Notre Dame, Pantheon, Louvre. We will share stories with you and show you our favourite spots for Paris treats (including a stop for our favourite crepe!) This is the perfect tour for you when you first arrive: to help you get your bearings, see the icons, learn the city's fascinating history and have fun at the same time. Some of the things we will see are: - Begin in the charming neighbourhood of Saint Germain des Prés, once a meeting place for intellectuals and a bohemian hub for artists and writers. - Pass cafes frequented by Ernest Hemingway and Oscar Wilde, see the remains of the oldest church in Paris and the Saint Sulpice church featured in The Da Vinci Code. - Stroll through the famous Luxembourg Gardens. - Walk up to the Pantheon and see the Sorbonne University - Explore the medieval Latin Quarter - See the River Seine, Il de la Cite, Notre Dame, Conciergerie & Hotel de Ville - View the Louvre museum (exterior), plus Arc de Triumph de Carousel, Tuileries Gardens, l'Obélisque de Louxor - Up close to the Arc de Triomphe - Finish at Place du Trocadéro for a breathtaking view of the Eiffel tower
Professional photo shoot in paris
Together, we will explore the most charming corners of this iconic city, and we will do it in an unforgettable way. We'll stroll near the Louvre, taking in the breathtaking architecture and charming urban vistas. You'll uncover Paris' best-kept secrets and capture them forever with a professional photo session. WHAT YOU GET 1. ALL of the ORIGINAL JPEG photos we take during the session and you can choose the ones you like for edition. 2. 5 RETOUCHED pictures)
Laugh Your Way Through the Louvre
After the quick entrance, I'll show you the Louvre in a light you may have never imagined. Being an art historian and stand-up comic, I’ll have you cracking up in front of the Mona Lisa and giggling in front of Greek relics at a walking pace. You’ll learn art history and some Greek and Latin words to impress your friends. Adults and young adults. 6 guests only. Other things to note Once you booked your experience, make sure you get your entrance ticket for the time of the experience and print it or download it on your phone (an extra screenshot is always a good idea, even with a print) Museum pass with a time slot also work. If you can't find the good time, any time of the day will do as we pass security together. If any trouble, I can always find a louvre ticket for you. After the exp, you always have time to wonder around
NO DIET CLUB - Best food tour in Le Marais
NOT YOUR BASIC FOOD TOUR ! (All food is included) ⚠ Hygienic measures : group of 10 people maximum. Hydroalcoholic gel before and after each tasting ! Food is life but safety first ❤️ Le NO DIET CLUB is your original food porn experience with a french team of food experts. (we like to think so) Because finding the best spots/trends is what we do, let us introduce you to our favorite spots in Paris. French food but NOT ONLY ! On the menu : croque-monsieur, french toast, burgers, falafels, french fries, chouquettes, macarons, poutine à la française, ice cream and more ! Tastings may vary with the seasons :) Make new friends from all around the world, avoid tourist traps, get to know what locals really eat and share some holy good food with friendly guides. COME GET THICK WITH US VEGETARIANS ARE WELCOME TOO ! ⇨ Instagram : @no_diet_club ▶ What this tour IS about ✔ - Many complimentary tastings to share - Melty gooey cheese - What locals actually eat - Lots of fun - Funny (bad) jokes - A list of serious recommendations in Paris - New friends from all around the world ✌ ▶ What this tour IS NOT about ✖ - Healthy salads - A historical tour - Boring long speeches
Best guided sightseeing tour in Paris by french vintage car
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to an extraordinary journey through the magnificent city of Paris! For those seeking an unforgettable adventure but find themselves short on time, look no further. Explore Paris in all its historical and cultural splendor while enjoying the retro charm of the Citroën 2CV. Our experienced guides will lead you through picturesque streets, revealing hidden treasures and fascinating anecdotes. Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the City of Light and create lasting memories at the heart of this unforgettable adventure. With our expertly crafted itineraries and knowledgeable guides, every moment will be tailored to ensure an unforgettable and enriching experience. Thank you for choosing us to be your guide on this incredible adventure. NB : - Tips are not included. - 2 passengers minimum / 8 maximum - we can close the roof if it’s raining - the number of places visited depends on the desired duration. - we can extend tours by personalized duration if you ask me before booking - Citroen 2cv is for 3 passengers / Citroen traction is for 4 passengers.

Things to do near Bercy

Explore hidden gems & speakeasy - new edition
NEW SPEAKEASY TOUR EDITION Best time to book? Check our stories on @ speakeasyspiritsparis (we are on different platforms, to join a group ask us or check our stories) For this new edition we selected new secret and exclusive bars! Our concept is still the same : explore parisian night life with true parisian host and create lifetime memories with others travelers. The tour lasts 2:30 hours, and we'll spend an average of 1 hour per bar. So we'll be visiting 2-3 bars. Each bar is unique and has its own atmosphere. Some bars have hidden passages, hidden doors you'll pass through, secret doors, some require passwords for entry while others are accessible by invitation only. Be prepared, you'll have to earn your drinks, so book the tour, bring confidence, good humor and have fun with us! - > If you're an introvert, solo traveler, couple, friend, family, with "age", non-drinker, vegetarian... you're welcome! -> All tours are provided in English. For a complete tour in another language, please contact us for organization. -> Our tours are conducted in English, but if you prefer a tour in another language, please contact us! -> Please note that food and drinks are NOT INCLUDED. -> The bars offer cocktails, beers and soft drinks. - > Tequila, mezcal, pisco, whisky, bourbon, absinthe chartreuse... Lovers applaud! Cheers! @ speakeasyspiritsparis
Emily in Paris Tour
Welcome to the Emily’s Community !! WALKING TOUR / 4KM / PLEASE TAKE SNEAKERS ONLY ENGLISH TOUR ** Original Emily in Paris Tour 2021 ** Explore Paris through Emily’s eyes ! Follow me to discover the filming locations of the most popular Netflix show ! Like Emily, do you want to take selfies in front of the most beautiful monuments in Paris ? Let’s have fun ! Meet guest from all around the world ! I’m Parisian and passionate guide, we'll discover together the world of the sparkling Emily through the iconic places where she falls in love and meet her new friends & of course you will know more about the show. In the joy and good humor, from Emily’s apartment in the Latin Quarter to the Palais Royal at Savoir Office, you will see the most beautiful sites seen in the successful romantic comedy and enjoy stories / anecdotes about it. We will talk about fashion, gastronomy and the French way of life. Yes ! Discover or re-discover Paris differently ! A sweet tasting is planned during the tour. (But most importantly, don't come in stilettos like Emily ^^)
Editorial photoshoot in Paris
Photoshoot at Le Louvre/Opera Garnier (or any other location if you book as a private group) 2 options : Private session : you can bring along an unlimited number of participants, a minimum of 30 final photos will be provided if you're a solo or a couple, or 10 photos per guest if more than 3 booked guests. Public session (shared with other people) : we take photos at various fixed spots and each guest can choose 10 final images. Duration up to 1hr depending on how many participants. Pets are welcome too :) Check my other experience for eiffel reviews. Feel free to reach out for more details !
Morning Painting in Paris
Everything you always wanted to know about watercolor! You will discover the city with a brush in hand, sketching and painting just a step away from the hustle & bustle of the city. I will assist you with useful tips and tricks on composition, perspective, light and shade, color mixing. All levels and abilities are welcome, I will adapt to your personal level, needs and liking. My purpose is to give you the skill to continue to paint on your own. Other things to note I will have everything you need for your art session, but you may bring your own watercolor, brushes, paper if you wish.
Louvre masterpieces in two hours-helping with tickets
In the Louvre museum we will start by looking on the ancient walls of a warrior castle of the 13th century that was Louvre. We will continue our tour in the Creek section of Museum, understanding the necessity of attributes of Greek sculptures and discussing Venus of Milo. We will then visit one of the first throne halls of the Renaissance period, with such famous items as Caryatids, Threes Graces and some more fascinating sculptures that dates back to 500 B.C. We will than move to the painting section of the Renaissance, will see the hall where Napoleon celebrated his marriage to Josephine, continuing in the Grande Galerie of Louvre with Italian painting. Will discover one of the most unmerciful picture of the museum and will admire the big paintings of XIX century. I will show you then an Italian masterpiece that is not cites in guide books but absolutely breathtaking. And we will finish our visit in luxurious apartment of Napoleon III. Before paying the excursion please ask the confirmation from the guide The entrance tickets to the museum are not included in the price. Please buy them on thé official website of the Louvre after confirmation of à guide. Our meeting point is inside the museum, underneath the glass pyramid, near the central column. You entrance to the museum is the glass pyramid of the louvre. For a tour in French please ask a confirmation☺️ Thank you

Your guide to Paris

What do locals do in Paris?

There’s more than one way to experience the French capital’s 20 diverse districts. Here are some of the best things to do to experience the local culture. Something to note: A simple “bonjour” and “merci” go a long way as you get to know the people who call Paris home.

Hit the markets

Paris is a shopping destination, and while designer brands are big here, locals often find the best threads and wares in their markets across the city. Vintage and antiques are hot commodities in places such as the beloved Saint-Ouen flea market.

For fresh produce and flowers, head to the open-air Marché Bastille in between the Bastille and Richard Lenoir metro stations from Thursday to Sunday. Always check days of operation ahead of time, but most of the established markets run on a regular schedule.

Dine in the 11th arrondissement

The Parisian food and wine scene is having a moment with a more diverse set of cuisines (think African- and Asian-inspired dishes, natural wine cellars), and one of the best areas to experience that firsthand is in the 11th.

Savor art and coffee in the 3rd arrondissement

This district, which makes up part of Le Marais, bustles most hours of the day. Its central location makes it perfect for starting a day, and with many cafes and art galleries lining its old-world streets, you may end up here longer than you expected getting lost in its charm.

Relax along Canal Saint-Martin

Locals and visitors alike can be found in the 10th arrondissement, but in-the-know residents of Paris can point you in the direction of the best boulangeries for fresh goods, noodle shops, and street food.

What are unique things to do in Paris?

See the famous sights in new ways

Whether you’ve lived here all your life, or you’re a first-time visitor, the city’s famous monuments will always strike a chord. Experience them in new ways such as a comedian-led tour of the Louvre, on bike tours to see hidden sights, yoga under the Eiffel Tower, during a scavenger hunt in Musée d'Orsay, and an indulgent food tour of Montmatre.

Take a cooking class

Home to some of the most delectable baked goods on the planet, try your hand at making croissants or macarons with professional chefs there to teach you the techniques.

Discover speakeasies and wine bars

Nightlife buzzes in the 9th and 10th arrondissements, where you can find some of the best cocktails in town. For hidden speakeasies and rich stories of famous poets and artists, go out with local experts to places such as Montmatre, Le Marais, and Pigalle. No matter where you end up, there’s nothing like seeing famous monuments such as Arc de Triomphe, Palais Garnier, and the Moulin Rouge illuminated at night.

Go deeper into Parisian culture

Get past the stereotypes of berets and baguettes, and you understand that Paris is far more diverse. Experience Black history on fashion and art tours that celebrate the large populations of North Africans and sub-Saharan people who settled in areas such as the 18th arrondissement in the 1970s.

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