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Similar listings

Nobody knows your listing better than you do. You know the details that make your place stand out, such as a chef’s kitchen or an ocean view. But it can be hard to put a price on what makes your place special without comparing it to other listings on Airbnb – including information about the surrounding area, other available listings nearby or what guests are searching for and willing to pay.

Using similar listings allows you to use this information to help you set a competitive price.

What are similar listings?

The factors that determine which listings are similar include: location, size, features, amenities, ratings, reviews and other listings guests browse while considering yours.

    What is the difference between a booked price and an available price?

    When you check out similar listings, you’ll find listings displaying both booked prices and available prices.

    Booked prices: Prices that guests have paid for similar listings in your area, shown as averages only. These can be a good benchmark for the price guests would probably pay for your place.

    Available prices: Prices for similar listings in your area that are still available. These listings may get booked or guests may choose not to book listings at available prices.

    What's the difference between a booked and an unbooked listing when multiple dates are selected?

    Booked listing: A booked listing has been booked during the date range selected.

    Unbooked listing: An unbooked listing has availability during the date range selected.

    It’s possible for one similar listing to be both booked and unbooked. For example, if a guest chooses a specific date range for 5 nights but a listing has already been booked for 2 of those nights, it would be considered a booked listing. But, since that listing has 3 nights still available in that date range, it would also be considered an unbooked listing.

    Similar listings will now be displayed even if non-contiguous dates have been selected.

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