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Edit your account settings

Need to make a change or two? Just click or tap your profile picture and go to Account, you’ll find:

  • Personal info: Provides your personal details and how we can reach you
  • Login and security: Update your password and secure your account
  • Payments and payouts: Review your payments, payouts, coupons and gift cards
  • Taxes: Manage taxpayer information and your tax documents
  • Notifications: Choose notification preferences and how you want to be contacted
  • Privacy and sharing: Control connected apps, what you share and who sees it
  • Global preferences: Set your default language, currency and time zone
  • Travel for work: Add a work email for your business trip benefits
  • Professional hosting tools: Perfect if you manage several properties
  • Referral credit and coupons: Track any referral credits and coupons here. Learn more about Host referrals
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