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Primary Hosts: An introduction

Even if there is a bunch of people making the listing as fabulous as it can be, there's only one primary Host. This is the person shown to guests as the Host on the listing, trip requests and reservations.

Types of Hosts

There are 3 types of Hosts who can be the primary Host.

  • Listing owner: The person who lists the space in their Airbnb account. This is usually the person who owns or lives on the property.
  • Full-access co-Host: Usually a friend, family member, or someone the Host hires who helps manage their place. Co-Hosts with full-access permissions can be the primary Host, and the listing owner or a full-access co-Host chooses the primary Host on the listing. Learn more about co-Host permissions.
  • Hosting team: A hosting team is a business or team of people that manages places to stay on behalf of the listing owner. They may do everything from setting pricing to meeting guests at check-in to scheduling property maintenance. The account owner of the hosting team is always listed as the primary Host. Learn more about what hosting teams can do on Airbnb.

How guest reviews affect primary Hosts

Guest reviews only appear on the profile of the listing owner. If the primary Host is also the listing owner, guest ratings and reviews will show on their profile and will affect their Superhost status.

For co-Hosts, guest ratings and reviews don’t appear on their profile or affect their Superhost status.

If the listing is managed by a hosting team, everyone receives notifications related to the trip request, but ratings and reviews only appear on the profile of the listing owner.

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