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Things to do in Los Angeles

1307 local Airbnb hosts recommend

It's just been updated and is a great place to learn about the universe, look through telescopes, and watch the sunset.



Food SceneBakeries
$$· 1929 Hillhurst Avenue·Map·Hours·Website·

177 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Super cool patio dining for lunch/dinner. Yes, you'll probably see some celebrities, and have some great food and coffee.


Little Dom's

Food SceneRestaurants
$$· 2128 Hillhurst Avenue·Map·Hours·Website·

142 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Fantastic Italian. You'll probably see John Hamm here - he has his own booth. Monday night set dinner is a steal. Weekend brunch is great.

222 local Airbnb hosts recommend

I think it's the best theater in the city. There's an attached cafe, they have real butter on the popcorn, art deco design, and they've knocked out every other row so you can stretch out.


The Dresden

Food SceneRestaurants
$$· 1760 N Vermont Ave·Map·Hours·Website·

105 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Classic Hollywood landmark. Remember Swingers? Great cocktails. Don't miss Marty and Elaine's show most nights. You will never forget it.


Fred 62

Food SceneRestaurants
$· 1850 North Vermont Avenue·Map·Hours·Website·

88 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Fantastic updated classic diner. Open 24 hours, and about 24 steps from the doorstep. Breakfast, noodles, burgers, root beer floats, beer and wine.


Figaro Bistrot

Food SceneRestaurants
$$· 1802 North Vermont Avenue·Map·Hours·Website·

89 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Best happy hour 4-7. Great classic French food. Wonderful coffee, croissants, breads, and treats baked fresh daily. People watching at the sidewalk tables.

142 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Amazing, unique forest amphitheater that features a great array of bands and performances.



Drinks & NightlifeBars
$$· 4628 Hollywood Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

69 local Airbnb hosts recommend

It's the rad wine bar in the hood. If you want to see/meet interesting/attractive folk, it's a pretty good bet.



Drinks & NightlifeBars
4356 West Sunset Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

64 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Gay friendly and fun.


Umami Burger Los Feliz

Food SceneRestaurants
$$· 4655 Hollywood Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

62 local Airbnb hosts recommend

The place that started the gourmet burger revolution. Yes, it's tiny, but it's good. Try the happy hour for a burger that isn't angeringly expensive.


Skylight Books

1818 North Vermont Avenue·Map·Hours·Website·

77 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Fantastic book store. Live readings. Art book store right next door. Lots of snoozing cats.


Barnsdall Art Park

Parks & NatureParks
$· 4800 Hollywood Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

100 local Airbnb hosts recommend

It's a park, a museum, and an art school. Perfect place to watch the sunset. In the summer there's a crazy wine party every Friday with food trucks. Go to the website to get tickets.


Ye Rustic Inn

Drinks & NightlifeBars
$· 1831 Hillhurst Avenue·Map·Hours·Website·

34 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Best dive bar in the neighborhood, Antler chandeliers, pitchers of beer, delicious hot wings and a wicked jukebox.



Food SceneRestaurants
$$· 1978 Hillhurst Avenue·Map·Hours·Website·

33 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Solid Italian fare and pizzas.


Bru Coffeebar

Food SceneCafes or Coffee Shops
$$· 1866 North Vermont Avenue·Map·Hours·Website·

29 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Fancy coffee bar and cool place to hang out.

30 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Lots of beer on tap and TV screens for games. Huge place with good service. Free pizza at happy hour 4-7 PM.


Trader Joe's

EssentialsGrocery Stores
$$· 2738 Hyperion Avenue·Map·Hours·Website·

224 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Excellent, popular, healthy and affordable gourmet food. Worth the trip. Great, inexpensive, curated, cheese and wine.

22 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Gay friendly bar and restaurant with live stage shows most nights.



Food SceneRestaurants
$· 2056 Hillhurst Avenue·Map·Hours·Website·

21 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Arguably the best Mexican food in the neighborhood. Burritos!


Zankou Chicken

Food SceneRestaurants
$· 5065 Sunset Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

16 local Airbnb hosts recommend

There are dozens now, but this is the original. So good, Beck wrote a song about it. Rotisserie chicken with garlic sauce. Try the chicken tarna and muttabul. Yes.


Mustard Seed Cafe

Food SceneRestaurants
$· 1948 Hillhurst Avenue·Map·Hours·Website·

15 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great breakfast/lunch.

92 local Airbnb hosts recommend

It's the fanciest grocery store in town!


Soap Plant / Wacko

4633 Hollywood Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

47 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Wonderfully weird eccentric shop and art gallery. Amazing for weird gifts.

86 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Organic and natural market. Juice bar, vitamins, an yummy healthy food.



EssentialsGrocery Stores
4520 Sunset Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

69 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Solid grocery and pharmacy.



EssentialsGrocery Stores
$$· 2035 Hillhurst Avenue·Map·Hours·Website·

56 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great grocery store and pharmacy. Great fried chicken!

11 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Hey, it's a library. With free computer access! Don't forget to check out the Leonardo DiCaprio room with all of his movie posters - yes, he's a local and his family donated all the computers. Thanks!


Tacos Tu Madre

Food SceneRestaurants
$· 1824 N. Vermont Ave.·Map·Hours·Website·

5 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Amazing breakfast burritos, and stays open until 3:00 AM.

28 local Airbnb hosts recommend

It's a Frank Lloyd Wright you can walk to. And it's crazy cool.