Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

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Abbott Kinney is one of Venice's most popular and well known streets. There are tons of great breakfast/brunch spots, as well as dinner spots. Plenty of art galleries, ice cream shops, boutiques, a... read more

This trendy boulevard, named for the city’s founder, is full of hip boutiques, amazing restaurants and bars, coffee shops, art galleries, and beautiful people. Suggested Activities: First Fridays o... read more

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Take the metro to 7th Street. When you get off the train head East on 7th. Tons of restaurants and bars...just get onto Yelp to find whatever you're in the mood for. The Counter, Wokcano, Sugarfish... read more

Long neglected downtown LA has come to life over the last 5 years. There are all sorts of great places to see: Clifton's Cafeteria (amazing restored interior from the 30's, 4 stories), the Last Bo... read more

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Rodeo Drive For many, Beverly Hills is synonymous to shopping - and with good reason. At the center of the city's "Golden Triangle" is the infamous Rodeo Drive (website). Perhaps one of most well-k... read more

From world-renowned fashion houses to one-of-a-kind local boutiques, Beverly Hills offers a shoppers’ paradise located within a compact, easily walkable area known as the Golden Triangle. Experienc... read more

Originally a Spanish ranch where lima beans were grown, Beverly Hills was incorporated in 1914 by a group of investors who had failed to find oil, but found water instead and eventually decided to ... read more

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Old Pasadena boasts a shopping mall, upscale restaurants, a movie theater, nightclubs, shops, posh outdoor cafés, pubs, and comedy clubs. An active nightlife scene is popular with travelers and loc... read more

Old Pasadena has beautiful architecture and old-style store fronts along Colorado and Green St. Free 90-minute parking on Raymond Ave across from Memorial Park, on De Lacey Ave south of Colorado a... read more

Old Town Pasadena is only few miles from my home. It is a great place to hang out. You can find lots of things to do.. You can find museums, galleries, movie theaters, bars, restaurants, outdoor ca... read more

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See the the Hollywood Sign, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, internationally recognized Hollywood icons. Take a tour of Hollywood on a hop-on hop-off double decker bus or visit the movie stars homes wi... read more

Attractions on Hollywood Boulevard - The "heart" of Hollywood is at the intersection of Hollywood Blvd and Highland Avenue. There you will find most of the most famous Hollywood tourist attractions... read more

I don't recommend walking on Hollywood Boulevard because if I'm being candid, it's underwhelming and sketchy at best, but I do recommend taking the Hollywood Tragical History Tour by Dearly Departe... read more

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Plenty of restaurants, coffee houses, a place in Los Angeles where people actually walk! For the best pizza in town go to Village pizzeria, also a farmers market on Sundays 8am-2pm. Lots of shoppin... read more

Larchmont Village is a quaint and friendly shopping district in the center of a bustling city. It's located in one of the oldest and most historically significant neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Enjo... read more

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Where can you go to experience the excitement of Southern California, the lure of the big city, and the peacefulness of a trip to the seashore - all in one visit? The answer is Santa Monica, the Lo... read more

Santa Monica is great because you can go to the beach & check out the Santa Monica promenade for great shopping. There are lots of salons, eateries, stores & the location is dreamy. One can often s... read more

Santa Monica has it all. First stop - the Santa Monica Pier. Enjoy the rides in the amusement park on the pier called Pacific Park. And take a picture under the sign at the official end of Route 66... read more

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The Venice Beach is a great place to visit by walking or rent a bike to enjoy the corridor who has many artist selling their art pain or made by hand. In this place, Arnold Schwarzenegger won the ... read more

If you have never been to Venice, it's a must-see spot. From sightseeing, to tourist attractions, to beach fun, to local bar and restaurants -- even the canals. I particularly hang out around the M... read more

Venice is probably one of the most famous beach communities in the world. You can walk the canals and view skateboarders at the skatepark, visit the snapchat headquarters, buy some weed from a "do... read more

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The world's largest man-made recreational boat harbor, Marina del Rey. Rent jet skis, paddle boards, kayaks. Visit Mothers Beach. Beautiful walks.

The marina is lovely, there are various places to rent boats, paddle boards etc. Fisherman's village is worth a visit, it offers free jazz on sundays. Some nice restaurants. Plus see the sea lions.

Marina del Rey’s the Marina is the world’s largest man-made small craft harbor with 19 marinas. It has the capacity for 5,300 boats and is home port to approximately 6,500 boats. The marina house... read more

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So many great restaurants in China Town. I like the selection at the Far East Plaza at 727 N. Broadway which has many popular restaurants, among them Pok Thai, Chego, Ramen Champ and more. There a... read more

Chinese restaurants, local grocery stores, lots of things to see including traditional Chinese architecture designed for the tourist scene. Shop for Chinese products you can only find here. Check ... read more

Chinatown is a neighborhood in Downtown Los Angeles, that became a commercial center for Chinese and other Asian businesses in Central Los Angeles in 1938. Chinatown in Los Angeles is way more tha... read more

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2nd Street in Belmont Shore has a huge variety of bars, restaurants, as well as shopping. Great night scene. It's next to the beach and Alamitos Bay, where you can enjoy kayaking and surf paddling.

Belmont Shore is only a mile away from the beach cottage. Restaurants, coffee, lunch on the patio, banks, business amenities are all on 2nd Street.

Belmont Shore is a cool cozy town by the beach. Belmont is located on in a hidden area on 2nd street stretching across about 15 blocks. There are a lot of good restaurants, shopping, dessert/ice c... read more

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Blocks and blocks of all kinds of stores. Wholesale and retail business. Whether you are looking for shoes, clothing, phone accessories, textiles, flowers, you name it! Very nice place to shop around.

On the last Friday of every month this is the place to be for sample sales and great deals. Everything you can imagine . Samples are usually a size 2 or 4 and sometimes a 6, however you can always ... read more

The Los Angeles Fashion District is a design, warehouse, and distribution nexus of the clothing, accessories and fabric industry in Downtown Los Angeles.

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Little Tokyo on the north eastern edge of Downtown is home to many Japanese eateries and shops. The plaza that houses the infamous Shabu Shabu House has live open air karaoke for brave would be si... read more

Something there for everyone! Lots of restaurants to choose from, supermarkets focusing on Japanese food and items, a variety of shops ranging from apparel, books/manga/magazines, figures and other... read more

Little Tokyo, also known as Little Tokyo Historic District, is an ethnically Japanese American district in downtown Los Angeles and the heart of the largest Japanese-American population in North Am... read more

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Currently the most "happening" neighborhood in LA. This is where the artist and warehouse scene is most visible and active. Tons of galleries and street art, take metro to Little Tokyo and explore...

Arts District offers great and unique 'eat and drink' experience. For those who love 'urban treasures' - graffiti art, hidden fashion boutiques, the Arts District is the spot!

The Arts District lies on the eastern edge of Downtown Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States. The gritty area has given new life to old industrial buildings whose history often dates ... read more

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Blossom, Cafe Stella, Craig's, Edendale, Modern Eats, Malo, Silver Lake Ramen, Kitchen, Michealangelo and other great restaurants.

Beautiful neighborhood called the most "hipster" town in the U.S. Lots of artists, trendy eateries and lovely architecture here. The most popular street for shopping and eating are here: Sunset Blv... read more

The Lake is actually a reservoir that is empty. They plan to make it more natural with water and plants. But there is a walking/running path around it. It's in a nice neighborhood. There is a do... read more

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Universal Studios! Outside of traffic time it is about 20-25 minutes drive from our place. It needs no introduction ;-)

Like rides? Go visit Universal City and their iconic City Walk! The Metro Red Line will take you right there.

Universal CityWalk Hollywood is a Three-Block Entertainment, Dining and Shopping Promenade Where is LA’s best place for unexpected excitement? Universal CityWalk. Live music, movies, clubs, great f... read more

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The area features more than twenty professional theaters, diverse art galleries, public art, professional dance studios, a large concentration of music recording venues, cafes, shops and Metro station

Great live theatre and small theaters- where actors study, do theatre, dance classes and hang out. Famous Dance studios also in this area as well as restaurants, bars and shops.

The NoHo Arts District is a community in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, that is home to contemporary theaters, art galleries, cafes, and shops. The area features more than twenty profess... read more

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Echo Park with its picturesque iconic small lake and fountain is worth a visit. You can rent a paddle boat or just take a walk around the lake. Echo Park is a neighborhood close to hip and trendy... read more

The park has recently been renovated and hosts a great little cafe that serves really good coffee and some snacks, pedal boats on the lake, good jogging loop and a playground. There is always a fre... read more

Historic Echo Park and lake is know for it beautiful lotus flowers that fill the lake when in season. Come dine at the park cafe, take stroll/jog around the lake or rent a paddle boat for a little... read more

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Nearest beach to us, however if you head either direction you will hit all the other beaches. If you head north you hit Venice, Santa Monica, Malibu. South you hit El Segundo, Manhattan, Redondo, L... read more

Jason and Amie's second-favorite beach in LA. Slightly more secluded than other beaches, hence less crowded.

Least busy and best bike path in all LA. Go North up the channel with the ocean and channel on both sides of you or south to Manhattan Beach and enjoy the Ocean Spray. Path Goes all the way to Redo... read more

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The closest beach and pier to Us with many entertainment choices. Exactly 5 miles way straight on Torrance Blvd.

This is a classic California beach coupled with a view of cliffside Palos Verdes. I highly recommend checking this place out at least once during your trip.

Blue Salt Fish Grill is close and it delivers. They have a great menu for adults and kids. Have great healthier options with great fish and salad dishes and a great ceviche. Open for lunch and dinner.

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Century City Border with Beverly Hills and has fantastic out door mall for shopping, entertainment, eateries and people watching.

Modern hotels, office buildings and high end mall

Shopping, golf, movies, 20th Century Fox Studio.

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Fantastic neighborhood for shopping, eating, shopping. Forever 21, Ice-cream, Sushi, Paseo Mall, Movies. Old town has the Pasadena Playhouse theater, with older architecture with lots of history!

Ditch the car and take the metro to Pasadena. Huge and quaint area with tons of stores, restaurants and bars. Plenty to do. 10 min Metro ride -get off at Memorial Pk station and walk to Colorado Blvd.

Pasadena is a city in California, northeast of downtown Los Angeles. In the center, Old Pasadena is a shopping and dining district known for its Victorian and art deco buildings. The strikingly mod... read more

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Queen Mary, The Ship of Beautiful Woods, was built by the Cunard Lines, carried Winston Churchill and other luminaries. She carrys one back in time, to days a grandeur and ease.

Take Metro across (Willow & Long Beach Blvd) or bus (south) on Pacific. Shops and restaurants. Cross Ocean Blvd, Seaside and Shoreline, & you'll hit the boardwalk. Catch free Passport buses on Pine.

长滩(Long Beach)是洛杉矶南部的一个港口城市,长滩港(Port of Long Beach)也是世界上第三繁忙的港口。城市的名字来源于9公里长的海岸线,以疗养胜地而闻名。来到长滩最不能错过的就是南加州规模最大的长滩水族馆 (Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific),相当于三个足球场的大小。

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Beautiful, historic residential area, home to many stars past and present.

Home is surrounded by famous homes filled with celebrities.

I think everyone in LA dreams of living in the Hollywood Hills.

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Part of Los Angeles and San Fernando history and culture. Lots of restaurants, shops, farmers market on Sunday mornings. Hiking trails at Fryman Canyon

One of the best neighborhoods in LA. I mean George Clooney lives here. What else do you need to know? ;)

Studio City has a ton of sushi restaurants, pizza places, fantastic restaurants, another Trader Joes, and Fed Ex Kinkos.... Banks.... Farmers market on Sundays. It has a nice buzz. Its a lively c... read more

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Drive Between 3rd and Wilshire on any of the little streets and check out the mansions from the 20s and 30s! Gorgeous!

Hancock Park is a historic and affluent residential neighborhood in the central region of the City of Los Angeles, California. It is built around the grounds of a private golf club.

Historic neighborhood in Los Angeles! Walk or drive here from my place. Stunning historic homes.

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Neighboring canyon. Has tons of great trails and many cute cafes, stores, etc. A rich artistic history.

If you feel like taking a trip back to the 1960s Topanga will give you that "peaceful flower child feeling" - The locals are super friendly with some nice local restaurants, shops & art gallery's.

The hippy, granola, liberal, laid-back crew - enjoy eateriess, cute shops and life - in nature - here up the canyon, in nature. Say Ohm!

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On the beautiful bluff overlooking the ocean, hundreds of locals get together at 11am for a FREE yoga class!

Panaromic Views of Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Palos Verdes Penninsula, and Catalina Island

Beautiful place to get a workout. The beach is very clean and there is not tons of people all over. It is very common to see the locals running/walking, playing with their dogs, or out with their f... read more

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Groceries store: Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Ralphs

College town, restaurants, shops, bars.

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Boutiques, restaurants, gift shops, frozen yogurt and cupcakes in the "village", as well as groceries, shoe repair, computer repair, banks, etc. Fun stroll. Sunset between Via de la Paz & Monument.

Conveniently located on the coast between Santa Monica and Malibu, this location is removed from the city and yet within only a short drive to all of the attractions Los Angeles has to offer.

Ocean Clean Air, next to famous Will Rogers Beach where TV Series Baywatch filmed, many famous people in this upscale neighborhood