Learn to Surf and Get Free Photos

Sports experience
Hosted by Stephen
The host of this experience
2 hours total
1 meal, Drinks and Equipment
Offered in English
Prices may vary depending on the date you select.
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About your host, Stephen
I've been surfing for over a decade and I'm really passionate about it. It's something that inspires me and makes me move forward. My goal is for you to have fun and take a great experience on board. Every year my friends and I would go for surf trips all over the world from Costa Rica to Bali to gain more experience and knowledge that we would be happy to share with you.
What we’ll do
OUR GOAL IS FOR YOU TO HAVE AN EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE SURFING, whether it's your first time trying surfing or you are trying to advance your skills. We'll get suited up in the wetsuits I provide, grab the surfboards and head down to the sand. For the first 20 minutes we’ll be training on the beach, then it’s 40 minutes with an instructor in the ocean. The remaining time is yours to practice your ski…
What I’ll provide
Pro Photos of You Surfing 󴀁
You will be photographed with a pro camera throughout the experience and will get the link with all your pictures for free.

Water Refill 󲀃
Feel free to bring your water bottles so we can refill them

Surfboards and Wetsuits 󳀁
I do provide 8 and 9 foot soft top surfboards , wetsuits of all the different sizes and environmentally friendly sunscreen
Who can come
Guests ages 12 and up can attend.
We do teach anyone 12 years old and up
Where we’ll be
We’ll be giving lessons on Venice Beach—one of the most famous beaches in California. You’ll be able to not only enjoy the ocean and get surfing experience, but also explore the unique spirit of the eccentric cultural hub of Venice Beach. We love this part of the beach because it's more mellow than most of the touristy areas and provides more space and safety for learning.
₹2,444 per person