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Best Stores in Los Angeles


Amoeba Music

$· 6400 West Sunset Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

140 local Airbnb hosts recommend

One of the last-standing old-school record stores. A must-see for music lovers. This place is HUGE, and you can get great used vinyl and CDs for super cheap!



$$· 7100 Santa Monica Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

121 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Super Target: drug store, groceries, liquor, clothing, last minute "I thought I brought that, but ...glad it's here". I've stacked this apt with everything, but should you need should be here

This is my Target as it's the most convenient location. From Santa Monica turn onto Formosa and park in the underground lot. The 1st hour is free. I've never had to pay because you can get in and o... read more

The Gateway shopping center is a nice walk from on Santa Monica. Target is a general store for anything from Notepads to toiletries, food and clothes. Next door is a Best Buy for electronics and ... read more

87 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great trendy coffee shop wth sandwiches, pastries chocolates and a motorcycle boutique. Outdoor and indoor seating. A popular trendy local hang out- especially with film industry types and actors.

There is no shortage of testosterone at the first U.S. location of Australian brand Deus Ex Machina. Filled with hand-glassed surfboards, menswear collection and custom-built motorbikes favored by ... read more

Great place to grab a coffee (serving Vittoria Coffee and Venice Cold Brew) and observe the local Venice scene. The shop also displays the latest Deus equipment and apparel, focused on custom motor... read more


Silverlake Wine

$$· 2395 Glendale Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

65 local Airbnb hosts recommend

This wine store hosts tasting events on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays....a great place to stop by for a wine flight. Its and incredibly social and packed house...especially on Thursdays.

$15 wine tastings on Mondays and Thursdays that draw a nice crowd. Lots of folks standing around and mingling. 6-8,9pm? Usually a fancy food truck outside. Otherwise, good wine store.

Silver Lake Wine is undoubtedly the best place in the neighborhood to purchase a bottle of vino. But in line with the social vibe of the neighborhood, the favorite wine shops offers a variety of in... read more



$$· 735 South Figueroa Street·Map·Hours·Website·

57 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Big, inexpensive department store for shopping and household needs. 1 block from 7th/Metro station on Red/Purple lines. Open until midnight.

Conveniently located in a Plaza with nice restaurants and shopping. Target has everything you need for everyday use.

Target is located in a small shopping mall. There's also a cupcake store (Sprinkle), a Zara, a Victoria's Secret, and a fancy food court.


Costco Culver City

$$· 13463 Washington Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

51 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Costco is a Costso. Best gas price. Good wine selection. High quality fruit & vegetable. (You have to be a member.)

If you are in America to shop, this is the place for all kinds of bulk items for cheap. However, you need to go with someone who has a membership.

Probably the best Costco in the US. Saw an original Picasso for sale there once. Go for the wine and cheese selection.



4633 Hollywood Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

46 local Airbnb hosts recommend

If you're into funky books, oddities or vintage american culture this place is for you. Have a burger at Umami and stop by here after

Wacko / Soap Plant is a really unique store with lots of gifts, knick knacks, coffee table books and oddities. They also have an edgy art gallery showing local artists.

Wacko is a really unique and fun pop-culture gift shop, art gallery, book store, handmade soap-slinger and toy emporium. This must-see shop has over 6,000 square feet of pop-culture ephemera, signa... read more



1747 North Cahuenga Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

44 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Forget your toothpaste or need some aspirin for that Hollywood hangover? This is the place. Also has a Redbox if you feel like renting a movie.

Our go-to store for anything needed day or night. They are friendly, have self-check-out, and it's open 24 hours!

Pharmacy and basic necessities closest to the house: shampoo, medication, etc.

44 local Airbnb hosts recommend

On Tuesday from 5 - 9 food trucks set up shop. The Victorian lets you sit at their tables - no hassle. There's also a great Farmers Market in the same parking lot on Sunday mornings.

Great atmosphere here. Three levels, basement, middle, and second floor. There is also a large patio. A historic building where celebrities often get married, you can find a good band or DJ on t... read more

This three-story Victorian house converted into a nightlife hotspot is great for grabbing a drink and chilling on the outdoor garden patio, or going inside to one of the three levels to listen to t... read more


Gold Bug

22 E Union St·Map·Hours·

8 local Airbnb hosts recommend

A great store. You have to see it to believe it.

Oddities shop in Pasadena -- has an artistic feel for the macabre.

Entomology, sea shells, and 19th century biology charts merge in slightly macabre creations

31 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great alternative place to grab a high class coffee and poke through all the neat stuff they sell. Unique little corner store - fantastic outdoor patio.

Just imagine Barney's had a general store. Everything from coffee, special food, gifts, toys is top in its class. Great for a healthy, yummy snacks all day long.

Gotta get a gift for someone in town? This place is a great option for all kinds of stuff. It's amazing how much cool stuff they fit into this tiny building. And they have gimme coffee and a barrista.


Guitar Center

$$$· 7425 Sunset Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

27 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Hidden landmark! The Hollywood RockWalk - displays handprints of famous musicians, displays of gorgeous guitars with plenty of history along with other mementos are available for up close viewing too

The RockWalk on Sunset Boulevard remembers rock n' roll's luminaries. The hand prints and plaques honor "individuals who have made significant contributions to The Music Business."

Definitely a store worth checking out. 2 Major guitar stores are located at the top of the street, on the Sunset Strip. Rock on!


Cheese Store of Silver Lake

3926 West Sunset Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

27 local Airbnb hosts recommend

A dizzying selection of fine dairy, this artisanal shoppe offers free samples and often has a table with samples waiting for you to test their featured cheese.

Great cheese and wine selection. Hot, pressed sandwiches for lunch.

Great bread and cheeses. And they make delicious sandwiches. They also carry really nice wines and little delicacies like fancy olives and chocolates.



6360 West 3rd Street·Map·Hours·Website·

25 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Pharmacy and convinience store

Open 24/7, and have a pharmacy as well.

This is the pharmacy I go to. Convenient for running errands with Whole Foods right next to it.



$$· 777 East Colorado Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

25 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Walking distance from our condo. Huge 2 stories Target.

Target store - just you case you need something essential.

Discount everything store. Especially good for personal care products, but has everything including electronics.



$$· 750 W 7th St·Map·Hours·Website·

27 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Macy's department store has everything from clothing, shoes, cosmetics, and household items.

Get your basic clothes needs taken care of here

Huge shopping store where you find almost every existing brand of clothes.


Bar and Garden

6142 W Washington Blvd·Map·Hours·

5 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Buy your wine, craft beer, and spirits here



2505 Santa Monica Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

21 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Pharmacy and convenience store

Cvs is a fantastic to pick up everything you need including a prescription.


House of Spirits

$$· 1314 Echo Park Avenue·Map·Hours·Website·

20 local Airbnb hosts recommend

My favorite place to buy booze, only because of their great 1930's neon sign!

If you need to grab a bottle of wine or a 12-pack, this spot right down the road is the go-to. 10 minute walk, 2 minute ride.

Not exactly a grocery store. As its name suggests, it is a well stocked liquor store.

20 local Airbnb hosts recommend

We get our fresh flowers here on Saturdays. Kind of an amazing place. Closes by noon. Great Street vendor food now too.

Step into one of the largest flower warehouses where most of Southern California's flowers are sold to flower stands up and down the coast. The smell and colors are memories you will never forget!

I come here every month. It's amazing. It will cost you 1$ to walk around, and it closes at noon - but it's an amazing feeling to walk around thousands of flowers for sale - all for super cheap.


Salt & Straw

$· 1357 Abbot Kinney Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

20 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Hands down. Best Ice cream in LA. MUST have.

Popular ice cream chain out of Oregon known for inventive flavors & farm-sourced ingredients. Long line often!

Insanely good ice cream. Crazy seasonal flavors. There's always a line, so be prepared to wait a bit.



2530 Glendale Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

19 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Closest 24 hrs Pharmacy and drug store.

This is the nearest pharmacy - totally convenient and open 24 hours.

The mall is in construction for a new whole foods. There is a walkway through the construction.


Barneys Beverly Hills

$$$$· 9570 Wilshire Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

23 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Beverly Hills store with uniquely artistic purchases. Worth the trip, especially the jewelry boutiques.

8 mins drive. Got to love BH! Always worth a trip to Barneys Dept Store.

Barneys New York is.... ....a mecca for discerning fashionistas and clothing connoisseurs since 1923. ....a Manhattan institution. ....a blast! emporium of style and gorgeous products. ... read more


CVS Pharmacy

7021 Hollywood Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

21 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Pharmacy for the little things you may need. Very good price!

Closest grocery and pharmacy open to 12 am

Less than a block away, very convenient if you need to grab some food, medication or drinks. Open until midnight



3751 Wilshire Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

20 local Airbnb hosts recommend

This drug store has a lot of options, as well as a pharmacy.



12015 Wilshire Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

21 local Airbnb hosts recommend

You can get your prescriptions filled or any other random item you might need from lotion to candy bars, even grocery items such as milk, ham, canned food.

A pharmacy and everything-else store within walking distance from our place.

If you need to buy sunscreen, toothpaste or anything else a pharmacy sells. Walk here!



$$· 1626 Silver Lake Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

22 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great gifts for everyone on your list. Eco friendly toys and products for kids, stationary, housewares and just a ton of cute stuff.

Need a gift, toy, scarf, children's books and clothes or simply enjoy browsing? Cute store, tasteful and affordable xxx

Cute store with clothing, gifts, art, kids stuff, odds & ends, located in Silverlake. Great for gifts. Shop Local!


Reform School Gifts

$$· 3902 West Sunset Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

18 local Airbnb hosts recommend

One of a kind boutique.Great selection of home decors, stationary, hand-crafted trinkets, gotta stop by

Trendy – art, ceramics, books, jewelry in heart of Silverlake



$$$· 7428 Melrose Ave·Map·Hours·Website·

21 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Wonderful collection of designer and vintage clothes at the best prices you can find them. All the stylists of LA shop from here!

High-end Secondhand. Lots of stylists return pulls here.

Wasteland always has really cool, edgy clothes for amazing prices. One of the best consignment shops in LA.


General Store

$$· 1801 Lincoln Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

22 local Airbnb hosts recommend

New to Venice, great aesthetic, fun stuff - good for the whole family. Worth a look!

Lincoln Blvd is worth a stroll in this area. It is the edgy/city like part of town. A handful of boutiques such as this home goods store. Super boho/hip/mid century!

Features a carefully curated mix of clothing, household items, books, jewelry and other small treasures from local California artisans.