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Best Bakeries in Los Angeles

177 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Delicious sandwiches and salads; great brunch spot; full bakery offerings for coffee/dessert; garden seating; cocktails in the evening

The Alcove is one of the most reviewed L.A. restaurants on Yelp, and for good reason. This converted brick bungalow opened in 2004, and has been a favorite of Los Feliz residents, and those from ou... read more

Nice bar inside. Small indoor dining area. Big outdoor seating area under the trees. Great baked goods, coffees, teas. Big breakfast menu, good salads, sandwiches etc. You order inside, then s... read more


Proof Bakery

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$$· 3156 Glendale Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

78 local Airbnb hosts recommend

The gal who opened this place up has a gift! May have one of the best chocolate croissants in LA. And they have an assortment of really good coffee. Lines are long on weekends, but worth it.

Proof of what? Proof that sandwiches are still an essential and spiritually-nourishing part of your diet? Proof that pastries can still surprise and tantalize your tastebuds? Proof that good coffee... read more


Cafe Tropical

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$· 2900 West Sunset Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

58 local Airbnb hosts recommend

The coffee is Cuban style & super hot! I ask for "cold milk' in mine so I don't burn my mouth. Behind this cafe is a meeting room with a huge variety of 12-step meetings, in case you feel the need.

Cuban baked goods & sandwiches. Go for the guava cheese pie and cafe con leche. Sandwiches: great. Other baked goods: so-so. Cute and reasonably priced, a must-go for Silver Lake fans.

This place is legendary. Peter Sellers used to hang out here. You'll see creep writer types banging away on their scripts. It's a Cuban coffee place, run by mexicans. Great pastrami sandwiches, and... read more

56 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great place for breakfast. Always busy and very trendy. It is hand out for young Hollywood crowd.

One the most popular breakfast, brunch and lunch spots in town. Always great for a celebrity sighting ;-)

$$ - Casual option for a nice breakfast or brunch. This place gets super busy on weekends



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$$· 11720 Ventura Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

53 local Airbnb hosts recommend

George Clooney is a partner in this bar. Excellent vibe here with really good bar eats . This also has an Outdoor Patio. There is no sign. Look for the Valet in front of the Ivy Building.

For fine dining, step into a beautiful hidden treasure. "Upmarket American cuisine with a librarylike foyer, a hopping bar & a romantic patio dining area."

Romantic and dim lit bar and restaurant with American cuisine. No sign out front. The front of the restaurant is heavily decorated with vines. Perfect for a romantic dinner date or bar hopping al... read more


Röckenwagner Bakery

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$· 12835 West Washington Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

28 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Good German bakery. Great for coffee and breakfast. Also have freshly made bread, scones and other baked sweets.

Rockenwagner has something for everyone! The have amazing coffee. I like the Vanilla Latte (hot or cold) and you could spend months tasting all the delicious savory and sweet baked goods. My favori... read more

17 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Paris Baguette is the go-to place for coffee and a pastry after lunch or dinner in Koreatown. The pastries here are French style, with an Asian sensibility.

Great pastries, also great coffee. Both French & Korean, a taste of both. Only found in K-Town.

The best cakes, Korean baked delicacies, sweet iced-coffee and lattes.


Lark Cake Shop

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3337 West Sunset Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

17 local Airbnb hosts recommend

If you have a sweet tooth that needs to be tended too, search no more. Lark's has some of the best cupcakes and cakes in the neighborhood. Imagine a "red velvet" cupcake. Prices are reasonable as well

Bakery with yummy cupcakes, cookies, and cakes. They have a really good red velvet cupcake. Most of their frostings are whipped so they are light and very tasty if that is the style you like…yum yum!

Elegant bakeshop features from-scratch desserts & treats, plus espresso drinks in a simple interior.

26 local Airbnb hosts recommend

24 hour donuts! They've got some seriously cute ones here. A late night trip for the turkey cheese and jalapeno croissant with a coconut shake is my guilty pleasure.

Very soft, fluffy donuts with interesting flavors (like fruity pepples or bacon-maple). There are a few of these kinds of donut shops in LA.

A famous donut shop and sell custom donuts. From cereal donuts, to nutella donuts, to matcha, you are bound to find something that will catch your eye!


Hotcakes Bakes

Food SceneBakeries
4119 S Centinela Ave·Map·Hours·Website·

17 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Spicy Mango Cupcake - Delish! This place won Food Network 2009 Cupcake Wars. These cupcakes are amazing!

Excellent bakery with some of the city's best cupcakes, French macaroons, and specialty cakes. Also serves coffee, croissants and pecan bars.

Winner of cupcake wars- always fresh and yummy. Cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more. Quick walk up the street.



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$$· 1115 Sunset Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

15 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Brunch and coffee is excellent at this new outpost. Very chic and exciting brunch fare.

Hip new restaurant getting a lot of love from blogs and magazines. Great breakfast and lunch, cocktails, and slightly fancier dinner fare. Also has a good coffee/tea and pastry take-out bar.

Hip contemporary diner & patio for daytime eats, housemade pastries & coffee drinks. The portions are quite small and they don't serve black tea but the space is very cute and the food is tasty. Pa... read more

11 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Bakery setting, with some of the best pastries around at a great price. It is busy often, great place to pick up a sacked lunch or snack for your outing.

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with Porto's Bakery, but it is a Cuban bakery/restaurant with three locations around L.A. county and it is wonderful! The menu has lots of Cuban food, but... read more

It has the very best pastries and sandwiches. One of the most popular places in town which gets visited from people that live miles away. If you visit this place on the weekend be prepared to wait ... read more

10 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Fantastic unique flavors like chocolate with crushed pistachio nuts on top!!!!

OMG - the best donuts you will ever have! Innovative flavors, delightful staff, food prep right in front of your eyes. And great coffee. Enjoy!

Best donuts ever, it's worth the drive. All of their donuts are fresh and can only sit for 45 minutes before they put out a new batch. Some of our favorites include the maple bacon and vanilla twis... read more


La Provence Patisserie & Cafe

Food SceneBakeries
$$· 8950 West Olympic Boulevard·Map·Hours·

11 local Airbnb hosts recommend

French Pastries and Salads..Yum $$

Delicious coffee and baked goods as well as healthy breakfast and lunch options. French cafe.

Within walking distance from the guesthouse and they have great selection of pastries, sandwiches and salads. Oh did I say their french macaroons? They are simply the best!


Big Man Bakes

Food SceneBakeries
$· 413 South Main Street·Map·Hours·Website·

10 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Cupcakes, big and small, yum my!!!

Cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes.....right out your back door.

10 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Aside from the creative cupcake flavors, they offer a gluten free alternative for those with food allergy...

Great cupcakes also ice cream and espresso bar

Amazing cupcakes and very friendly people!

8 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Amazing French bakery... imports their butter from France. Must try: Croissants.

Lovely French café and bakery, owned by a friendly couple from Paris. Great for breakfast, a lunch meeting or even alone, one of my favorite spots in the neighborhood. Open Mo-Fri from 06:30 - 18:30

Our favorite French bakery! Great food, excellent coffee, and tasty treats.


Normandie Cafe

Food SceneBakeries
$$· 3022 S Cochran Ave·Map·Hours·Website·

8 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Delicious French restaurant and bakery. Best cinnamon rolls and croissants as well as excellent French food

Classic French fare plus house-baked breads & pastries are found at this casual cafe with a patio.

Classic french pastries, bread, and a tantalizing breakfast/lunch menu! I love the turkey brie baguette:-)`

8 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great Cafe over the bridge in the Art s District. A great environment to soak up the internet or read a real book. The food is good too. Free parking around.

This is the coffee shop right next to Pitfire Pizza in the same building you live in. Make a right when you leave and another right at the corner of Main and you will see it on the right side.

Oh yeah... great place to do some work, get something to eat, and great coffee!

7 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Good pastries, quiche, and cheesecake.

Walking distance 2 /12 blocks. Great local bakery everything is fresh daily. Great place for picking up quick breakfast items in European Style café.

EVERYTHING is great, but try the incredible Ooey Gooey Butter Cake and Kouignn Amann!

8 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Japanese Bakery. In the heart of Old Town Pasadena.

Great bakery - interesting breads (Taro Bread), cakes, and beverages (Sea Salt Coffee).

Breads and pastries to die for!


Copenhagen Pastry

Food SceneBakeries
$· 11113 W Washington Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

14 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Real Danish! From a Dane! Awesome bakery. If you've never had real Danish or if you have, heaven is just a short stroll away.

Great dark Danish black coffee. Wonderful Danish sweets.

The best danish with a morning cup!



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$$· 631 Wilshire Blvd. Suite B.·Map·Hours·Website·

7 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Cold Pressed Juice a stone throw away from my front door for a healthy start to your day.

Raw and Organic juices, smoothies, coffee. A place to sit, drink, read or work on your lap top.


Becker's Bakery & Deli

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$$$$· 1025 N Manhattan Ave·Map·Hours·Website·

6 local Airbnb hosts recommend

They have great sandwiches that you can take to the beach. My favorite is the Natural on Squaw Bread. They also have cakes and cookies.

7 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great breads & pastries. Good for breakfast.

The best belgian BF and lunch place

7 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great place for a french style breakfast and really good coffee. Don't be surprised when you get a salad served with your omelette.

They offer tea, coffee and a nice menu to enjoy while you dine in the sun!

Feels like you are in a French Bakery!


Sarkis Pastry

Food SceneBakeries
1776 East Washington Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

5 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Lots of cakes, pastries and chocolates, oh my! They are pretty friendly and offer great recommendations if you don't know what you want.

This place has great croissants — let us know if you’d like us to get you some for breakfast. The also have very delicious pastries and more than a half dozen types of baklava.

Armenian bakery with excellent European and Middle-Eastern pastries and sweets - Mostly to-go but there are two small tables inside


Angel Maid Bakery

Food SceneBakeries
$$· 4542 South Centinela Avenue·Map·Hours·Website·

7 local Airbnb hosts recommend

People drive from all over the city for cakes at this local favorite.

Japanese run bakery, very good old fashion pastries.


JJ Bakery

Food SceneBakeries
1130 S Baldwin Ave·Map·Hours·Website·

4 local Airbnb hosts recommend

We discovered J J's because we love red bean paste buns. They have so much more! Grab a tray at the entrance and be prepared to stand in line. There is also a great Asian market nearby where you ... read more

4 local Airbnb hosts recommend

For if you just need a taste of home. This is the only one in Southern California!

Often you will see a line to get in!