All the essentials in Los Angeles

From fresh fruit to fresh laundry, this is where local Airbnb hosts go for the basics.

Locals’ favorite places

1. Whole Foods Market
225 Lincoln Blvd
416local recommendations
Mark says “This is a very large Whole Foods, with more than just food shopping. Organic fruit, fresh squeezed j...” ·
2. Trader Joe's
2738 Hyperion Ave
224local recommendations
Victoria says “Everyone's favorite specialty grocery store. Good deals on liquor, groceries and excellent bespoke p...” ·
3. Whole Foods Market
7871 Santa Monica Blvd
235local recommendations
Ma says “Only couple blocks away from my home Whole food's market is a place you will find organic produce, f...” ·
4. Blind Barber
10797 Washington Blvd
28local recommendations
Jennifer says “Speakeasy style bar behind a barber shop. Walk through the barber shop through the door on the back ...” ·
5. Trader Joe's
1600 N Vine St
226local recommendations
Lisa says “The best place for groceries within walking distance. The Hollywood Trader Joes on Vine is a great ...” ·
6. Whole Foods Market
6350 W 3rd St
169local recommendations
Kim says “Whole Foods on 3rd Street & Fairfax Ave is super trendy. Some people call it, "Whole Paycheck" beca...” ·
7. Gelson's Market
5877 Franklin Ave
127local recommendations
Sabine says “Expensive but great deli, fresh meats, fish and produce, soups, salad bar. Also great pastries secti...” ·
8. Ralphs
645 W 9th St
114local recommendations
Christine says “This is the big local super market. Taxi, Drive or even walk if you load isn't to heavy.” ·
9. Joan’s on Third
8350 W 3rd St
109local recommendations
Alex says “A nice place for brunch or lunch with friends, Joan's on Third is a gourmet marketplace and cafe kno...” ·
10. Gelson's Market
2725 Hyperion Ave
92local recommendations
Owen & Ashley
Owen & Ashley says “Full service supermarket only a mile away. Has a nice deli and catering services, flowers, salad bar...” ·
11. Trader Joe's
263 South La Brea Ave
103local recommendations
Lane says “Favorite local grocery store with good wine selection, healthy fare and good prices. Ralphs grocery ...” ·
12. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
8700 Beverly Blvd
97local recommendations
Suzan says “One of the best hospitals in the country and the world is just a short drive from here. Unfortunatel...” ·
13. Trader Joe's
8000 Sunset Blvd
97local recommendations
D. Marilyn
D. Marilyn says “An experience. Great prices. Great selection. Lots of stuff. Always food samples. Alcohol and w...” ·
14. Love Yoga Venice
835 Lincoln Blvd
11local recommendations
Andrea says “A new yoga favorite. Bringing their Montauk, Hamptons vibe west....this studio is a new neighborhood...” ·
15. Lassens Natural Food and Vitamins
1631 Sunset Blvd
105local recommendations
Andrea says “This is a new health good store, similar to Whole Foods. There is a vitamin and cosmetic section, as...” ·
16. Lassens Natural Foods & Vitamins
2080 Hillhurst Ave
86local recommendations
Amber says “Natural Health Food Store. Great for supplements, organic produce, juices and healthy food to go.” ·
17. Trader Joe's
9290 Culver Blvd
94local recommendations
Judalon says “Best prices & the prepared & pre-packaged foods are great for travelers with limited kitchen utensil...” ·
18. Ralphs
910 Lincoln Blvd
90local recommendations
Vrprogram says “Ralphs is a chain of multidepartment stores that offers a range of grocery and pharmaceutical produc...” ·
19. Ralphs
7257 Sunset Blvd
89local recommendations
Dan says “Also known as "Rock and Roll Ralphs". With its constant influx of colorful characters, this is an ex...” ·
20. Vons
1342 N Alvarado St
78local recommendations
Sharaya says “Close Groceries -- Also grab a late night Taco at TACO ZONE food truck located in the Vons Parking l...” ·
21. Trader Joe's
3212 Pico Blvd
75local recommendations
Deborah says “A grocery store, sure, but really so much more. They have all the basics plus more exotic fare like...” ·
22. Gelson's Market
8330 Santa Monica Blvd
74local recommendations
Kris says “This grocery store is right outside the building. Whether you want a delicious pre-cooked meal from ...” ·
23. Whole Foods Market
11666 National Blvd
70local recommendations
Mary says “Another Whole Foods, this one is smaller but easier parking and a nice outdoor eating area for the s...” ·
24. Trader Joe's
1566 Colorado Blvd
65local recommendations
Tema says “Great supermarket with fresh fruits, veggies, and salads. The staff are always cheery and they conc...” ·
25. Trader Joe's
175 S Fairfax Ave
82local recommendations
Gregory says “TJ's has grown from a specialty store to a super market. Unless you're visiting from another country...” ·
26. Ralphs
1233 N La Brea Ave
75local recommendations
Alain says “A short 2.5 blocks walk... everything you need to make your stay more homey. There is a Ralph's Clu...” ·
27. Cookbook Los Angeles
1549 Echo Park Ave
75local recommendations
Sus. says “Small, independent grocery spot. Specialty local produce, meats, cheese and freshly baked bread. Thi...” ·
28. Trader Joe's
8500 Burton Way
58local recommendations
Megan says “Trader Joe's is by far the best supermarket in Los Angeles. It has everything you want at a good pr...” ·
29. Whole Foods Market
500 Wilshire Blvd
62local recommendations
Vanessa says “It's true... it's called "whole paycheck" for a reason. Buuuuuttt... they do have some awesome stuff...” ·
30. Ralphs
10901 Ventura Blvd
62local recommendations
Andy says “24/7 Grocery and .6 a mile from my doorstep. Great when you need something last minute or don't want...” ·