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From fresh fruit to fresh laundry, this is where local Airbnb hosts go for the basics.

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Whole Foods Market is on Rose Avenue, you can bike there easily and in a couple of minutes only. Whole Foods offers organic, local, fresh products and has also a "self-Serve" area. It happens that ... read more

This is a very large Whole Foods, with more than just food shopping. Organic fruit, fresh squeezed juice, pizza, tacos, salads, hot bar, cold bar, sandwiches, Japanese food, sushi, pre-made and more!

One of California's best Whole Foods. Beautiful organic foods, unique soaps and gift items, organic deli, and organically grown coffee selection. All day and into the night hot a cold food buffet!

224 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Everyone's favorite specialty grocery store. Good deals on liquor, groceries and excellent bespoke prepared foods for your picnic or dinner. This place has a jammed parking lot, so try Pizza Huts lot.

Great super market. Trader Joe's is famous for delicious preprepared foods (much of it frozen). Great for affordable wine, beer and hard liquor. Great nuts and cheese selection. Good desserts.

Trader Joe's is the best for groceries. Their parking lot can be crazy so we try to street park if we can (and we can usually find metered parking on the block at non-peak hours).


Whole Foods Market

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$$$· 7871 Santa Monica Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

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Whole Foods Market Inc. is an American supermarket chain exclusively featuring foods without artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, and hydrogenated fats. It is the United States' f... read more

Full service- Organic grocery store. Fresh salad, prepared food daily. Free parking always. Small parking lot, security helps direct parking traffic. 3 - 5 min drive, 10-15 min walk.

Only couple blocks away from my home Whole food's market is a place you will find organic produce, fresh baked bread and pastries, great fresh coffee, vitamins, cooked food ready to go and much more.

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Speakeasy style bar behind a barber shop. Walk through the barber shop through the door on the back wall to get in. Awesome cocktails.

Fun surprise to take your date. Looks like a barbershop but you walk thru the place to discover the secret door that leads to a cool viby, youthful spot for cocktails. Great drink menu. Love th... read more

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The best place for groceries within walking distance. The Hollywood Trader Joes on Vine is a great people watching experience. Grocery shopping here is totally fun. You can get everything you wil... read more

The best store in LA for all your food shopping needs at low price With huge selection of natural foods, wines, fruits, healthy ready meals, including salads + European marks, Just a 10 minute walk

Our market for the items that are hard to find in other supermarkets. Prices are fantastic, they have great stuff, and it's within walking distance! Walk over to Vine St. between Hollywood and Suns... read more

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Whole Foods on 3rd Street & Fairfax Ave is super trendy. Some people call it, "Whole Paycheck" because it's not known for being inexpensive. However, you will get the largest array of organic, gl... read more

Take your own bags for groceries or pay 10 cents a piece . True of all food markets. Not bargain foods but high quality for produce, organic foods, baked goods, meats and fish. Has a "wellness" se... read more

High-end grocery store with fresh produce, sundries, organic items and pre-made hot and cold dishes, plus pizza and mexican food, burgers, sushi and sandwiches made fresh-to-order. Across from The ... read more

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Expensive but great deli, fresh meats, fish and produce, soups, salad bar. Also great pastries section, wine selection, very clean, helpful and friendly staff. Wolfang Puck Express. Open daily 7-midn.

Groceries, coffee bar, fresh salad bar, food made daily, and deli.

Overpriced but the closest full service market. Go to Beachwood Market or Ralphs instead!

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Ralph's is a major super market in the downtown area. If you are looking to stock the fride, you will find everything you need here.

This is the big local super market. Taxi, Drive or even walk if you load isn't to heavy.

10-15 minute walk from rental. Open late. Organic produce. Butcher/Fish counter.

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Joan's on Third (W 3rd St) is the original restaurant; a newer branch on 12059 Ventura Place in Studio City is one of my favorite cafe-restaurants. Serves all varieties of fresh, healthy food in an... read more

A nice place for brunch or lunch with friends, Joan's on Third is a gourmet marketplace and cafe known as much for its welcoming staff as it is for its delicious food.

Famous breakfast, brunch and lunch spot. All of the pastries are delicious. They also have a great selection of meats, cheeses and snacks for picnics and day trips. Be sure to be on the look out fo... read more

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Full service supermarket only a mile away. Has a nice deli and catering services, flowers, salad bar, etc. Gelson's is basically a slightly more upscale version of Vons, Ralphs, Safeway, etc.

Across the street from Trader Joe's. Great place to pick up a rotisserie chicken, fresh baked bread, specialty items. Since it's been remodeled the food court options are also fresh and tasty.

It has my favorite ice cream, McConnels, IBC root beer and they sell Peet's Coffee. It is pricier than Trader Joe's which is just across the street. But they have these special items that I treat ... read more


Trader Joe's

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$$· 263 South La Brea Ave·Map·Hours·Website·

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This is an American icon of a grocery brand. If you've never been, go. Quality and cheap. Always crowded like all TJ's. In CA, our TJ's sell alcohol and beer. Great prices.

This trader Joe's is less crowded than the other one on S. Fairfax so I'd recommend this location as it has double parking lots and also just a better energy. You can buy groceries and essentials h... read more

Favorite local grocery store with good wine selection, healthy fare and good prices. Ralphs grocery also conveniently across the street.

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One of the best hospitals in the country and the world is just a short drive from here. Unfortunately, I know this personally.

A non-profit, tertiary 958-bed hospital and multi- specialty academic health science centre. Among the top tier and highly regarded hospitals in LA.

World renowned Cedars-Sinai Hospital is a full service hospital that is nearby. Hopefully you won't need it but in case you do.

97 local Airbnb hosts recommend

An experience. Great prices. Great selection. Lots of stuff. Always food samples. Alcohol and wine. I go here a lot for food, flowers, wine, chocolate, and italian frozen pizza.

Great, healthy, well priced food and alcohol. Many excellent frozen and pre packaged food choices. Lots of organic selections available.

Neighborhood chain grocery store with health conscious selections of food. Enjoy local produce along with imported goods. I recommend picking up a jar of the "cookie butter"

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A new yoga favorite. Bringing their Montauk, Hamptons vibe west....this studio is a new neighborhood favorite.

Beautiful yoga studio, airy and bright, great flow classes

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This is a new health good store, similar to Whole Foods. There is a vitamin and cosmetic section, as well, as hot food and salad bars. You can also order food like wraps and smoothies.

Organic + natural groceries, kind of like a Whole Foods equivalent. And, just like Whole Foods, a bit on the pricy side, but worth it! 10-15 min walk.

It's a Whole Foods type of grocery store. A lot of organic options. I shop at the small grocery store across the street (Guadalupana, I think), it's much cheaper if you are not shopping organic.

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Lassens Natural Foods & Vitamins is your community health food resource for fresh organic produce, organic bulk grains, organic/natural meats and organic dairy foods.

Natural food and organic market. Lots of options for organic food, health food and beauty. Great sandwiches, juices and smoothies too! Just a bit pricey. Not open on Sundays.

Natural Health Food Store. Great for supplements, organic produce, juices and healthy food to go.

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Trader Joe's is a neighborhood grocery store with amazing food and drink from around the globe and around the corner.

Best prices & the prepared & pre-packaged foods are great for travelers with limited kitchen utensils. Also, best wine prices. Clean and has free parking.

If you don't know Trader Joe's you should. The best place for amazing foods, produce and wine at prices way better than the major markets.



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$$· 910 Lincoln Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

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Typical large grocery store. Good place for picking up essentials/basics. Limited selection of fresh/takeout foods though -- if you want great fresh foods, you're better off going to Whole Foods (b... read more

Ralphs is a chain of multidepartment stores that offers a range of grocery and pharmaceutical products and general merchandise. Out front is a Red Box DVD rental kiosk. Hard Alcohol.

Nice grocery store for every day grocery shopping- everything you will need including a large range of organic produce and a starbucks



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$$· 7257 Sunset Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

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Often called Rock n' Roll Ralph's due to being frequented by celebrities. More importantly, they have a nice staff and selection, including a good sushi bar and deli.

Also known as "Rock and Roll Ralphs". With its constant influx of colorful characters, this is an experience not to be missed, especially past midnight.

Rock and Roll Ralph's! Typical American Grocery store. Deli and Star bucks just opened. 3/4 of a mile.



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1342 N Alvarado St·Map·Hours·Website·

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Close Groceries -- Also grab a late night Taco at TACO ZONE food truck located in the Vons Parking lot 8PM-4AM

Vons is your standard grocery store; somewhat overpriced compared to your bargain stores, cheaper than the gourmet stores. Go here for any staples you cant find at A Grocery Warehouse. $$

Taco Truck - probably the most well-known in Echo Park. Really tasty sauces. After 10pm, on the Alvarado side of the Von's parking lot.

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A grocery store, sure, but really so much more. They have all the basics plus more exotic fare like imported cheeses, organic produce and hand-tossed pizza from Italy. A true value!

Trader Joe's is a neighborhood grocery store with amazing food and drink from around the globe and around the corner. Great quality at great prices

Our go-to for groceries. Better prices with good organic options across almost all food categories.

74 local Airbnb hosts recommend

So easy to buy what you need or want. Peet's Coffee & Tea is freshly brewed & available early in the morning. All Groceries are available along with Sushi & Salad Bars. Simply walk across the street!

This grocery store is right outside the building. Whether you want a delicious pre-cooked meal from the deli, a crisp bite from the salad bar or your vacation, organic groceries- Gelson's has it!

More expensive grocery store, but has many more general products that you would find at any store versus Trader Joes.

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Short drive away. Remember they have hot food bar and pizza slices, fast, slightly healthier fare that even kids will eat, with a seating lounge area in front.

Another Whole Foods, this one is smaller but easier parking and a nice outdoor eating area for the salad and hot food bar food. Great place to grab a bite.

My Whole Foods! When you need specialty items like amazing meat or poultry or fresh fish and hard to find organic veggies, gourmet coffee and Chai Tea, this is the place!!!


Trader Joe's

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$$· 1566 Colorado Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

65 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great supermarket with fresh fruits, veggies, and salads. The staff are always cheery and they concentrate on healthy, but delicious food. I recommend the pre packaged meals if you're on a budget.

Great Market for healthier alternatives at reasonable prices. Great wine selection and healthy pre-packaged foods. We love this location, much easier to park.

I prefer this Trader Joe's to the slightly closer one on Hyperion Avenue. Parking is easier and it seems less crowded and also more spacious.

82 local Airbnb hosts recommend

This newly opened Trader Joe's is our weekly go-to grocery store. We used to drive to the La Brea one, but now we are even more spoiled with one walking distance from our home!

TJ's has grown from a specialty store to a super market. Unless you're visiting from another country, you probably know all about them. This is their newest one in town, and it's right up the street.

This is my go-to grocery store in all of LA. Known for great wine prices, salads, fish and great customer service.



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$$· 1233 N La Brea Ave·Map·Hours·Website·

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A short 2.5 blocks walk... everything you need to make your stay more homey. There is a Ralph's Club discount card attach to your gate remote opener for discounted items in the grocery.

Ralph's is a large grocery store located on La Brea which is about 4 blocks East of Vista. It has a deli for prepared food, staples, fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and just about everything yo... read more

4 blocks away...big market that also sells liquor...and wine and parking. They also sell those Keurig coffee pods. Convenient.

75 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Tiny market with incredibly delicious high-quality produce, meats, cheeses, olive oil, freshly baked bread and some prepared foods. Just don't forget your wallet.

This little grocery really makes the neighborhood for us. Beautiful local seasonal produce, the best ciabatta on earth, cheeses, delicious prepared foods, and of course cookbooks.

Small, independent grocery spot. Specialty local produce, meats, cheese and freshly baked bread. This place makes is happiness!

58 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Trader Joe's is by far the best supermarket in Los Angeles. It has everything you want at a good price. They treat their staff really well and therefore they are always friendly and helpful.

Trader Joe's is an American grocery store with a Organic choice of fruits and vegetables. Good Products, fresh and tasty !

There are 3 Trader Joe's within a few miles away! One of the staples of my life! This one is the easiest for parking.

62 local Airbnb hosts recommend

It's true... it's called "whole paycheck" for a reason. Buuuuuttt... they do have some awesome stuff. This store in particular has a great selection of organic fresh produce and also thing you won'... read more

Wednesday the hot food/salad bar is $8.99 LB. All the food is fresh, organic and meat is grass fed. The selection is enormous but pricing is best when you by 365 brand foods.

It's a smaller Whole Foods location, but the staff is great! Not great for large shopping trips, but perfect for a quick shopping trip.



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$$· 10901 Ventura Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

62 local Airbnb hosts recommend

24/7 Grocery and .6 a mile from my doorstep. Great when you need something last minute or don't want to drive 1.5 miles to Trader Joes. In this plaza there's a Wells Fargo, Great Chinese Resturant... read more

Ralphs is a fresh fare, so it's larger and has a larger selection of groceries than most supermarkets. This location is convenient to anyone who happens to be visiting from out of town and visiting... read more

Amazing grocery store very close to the house, the have EVERYTHING. Get your food to BBQ back here at the house! I will give you my member number to put in at check out to save you BIG $$$