Best Movie Theaters in Los Angeles

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3 dollar movie theater! Movies before they leave the theaters. One of my favorite places to go. Also really cheap concessions. This one's a 4 minute walk away!

Cheep $2 tickets to the movies, can't beat it! There are 6 theaters, so you can usually find a movie that everyone will agree on, and for $2, you can't go wrong!

The matinee is $2 and the general admission is $3. Those are not typographical errors.

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The best grown up movie theatre in Santa Monica. You get a reserved seat and can have wine!!!

Structure parking nearby, just follow the Parking signs on the streets.

Go online to reserve your seat in advance. ArcLight Cinemas are the best.

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Laemmle, pronounced "LEM-lee", is synonymous with great independent, foreign, and art house cinema. In addition to standard movie-going, Laemmle provides unique cinematic experiences.

One of the best art-house movie theaters -- the kinds of films you won't get outside of LA and NYC.

Very newly renovated independent movie theater. Plays great selection of independent, foreign, and documentary films. About 25-30 minutes away from us (no traffic).

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Fun place for an evening stroll, have a bite at the Hard Rock Cafe and visit shops.

Huge Airport style theater with IMAX and Times Square style street for photo ops.

The nearest AMC theater is in Universal CityWalk. The Metro Redline Subway station at Hollywood/Highland is a convenient way to travel to Universal City.

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Upscale movie theater. Reserved seating and has a bar. Good picture and sound.

In a movies night kind of mood ? Located 10 minutes drive from Hidden Heaven!

Cinema chain showing first-run movies & offering reserved seating & on-site cafe/bars.

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Indie, foreign & art-house films.

This theatre which shows mostly independent, art house and foreign films is walking distance.

Fantastic art house theater screening foreign and indie films on the regular.

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Movie theater 5 minutes walk from our house! Tuesdays and Sundays they have $6 movies!

They offer IMAX movies. There are restaurants within walking distance, bars and nightclubs.

Clean, comfortable, and well-managed, movies are deeply discounted all day on Sundays and Tuesdays.

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Koreans have their own major movie theater, and its way better than any American theater lol. You can buy a latte here and take it in. Parking easy. Movies current.

Good selection of Korean and American films.

Local K-town movie theater. They often play American and Korean films. The American films get korean subtitles (but voices in english still). COMFY seats!

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AMC Santa Monica 7 Movie Theater in Santa Monica, CA brings you world class entertainment 365 days a year. Enjoy Real D 3D in this cinema. Visit our website for show times and tickets. AMC-SantaMonica

Reserve a recliner seat at this theater on the Promenade!

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Hands down the best Chinese food in the area. If you go on the weekend, there will be a wait.

They offer up to 13 movies. Different times. Matinee & Student discount. Lee's Sandwiches (Vietnamese-very popular) is next door and Pheonix bakery (Chinese), Tokyo Wako is big too. There's a 24 Ho... read more

Make sure to check online before you visit. Hint: Foreign movies are popular showing here.

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If you are at the mall it's convienent to see a movie.

Catch a quick flick after fitting in some shopping!

Just renovated and now has reclining seats!

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Local, located in The Marina Pacifica (where Ralph's grocery store is). They have theater seating on one side and regular seating on the other. The popcorn is always good!

1 mile away. Assigned full-recliner seats.

Walkable- Uber close movie theater.

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Another movie theater within walking distance from our house

Movie theater that has the dine-in option. Checkout their website.

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One of three local cinemas to see your favorite movie!

Movie theatre with all currents movies. Also other theaters there. This area is downtown burbank and has tons of shops, restaurants and bars.

Plan a movie night at the AMC. Great seats, fantastic sound and free parking! Go early and grab a bite to eat or shop along the pedestrian friendly San Fernando Blvd.

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One of the many movie theaters in Westwood Village.

The enormous screen is great for viewing new films!

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# of great movies; some foreign films

Nice local theater that plays a nice variety of films. Get a bite to eat the in the Marketplace after the show.

Located off Pacific Coast Highway in the Market Place (same place as Trader Joe's). There are many good restaurants as well as shops there too.

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If you're in the mood for a movie, this theatre is walking distance from the house. It's just your average theater, but the surrounding restaurants make it a great experience.

Great place to go watch a movie, go for an ice cream. Really close and also perfect to spend the day watching movies

Close movie theater it is nicer then the theater in San Pedro

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Movie theater showing the latest blockbusters. Remodeled and all new stadium seating inside.

Movie Complex - Now called Cinemark - 5 blocks - easy walk

Our favorite movie theater, right next door to the Baldwin Hills Mall. Great theater, best prices, easy parking. Saturday farmer's market. Mall next door has shops, eateries and beauty/spa services.

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Closest megaplex theatre. Located in the Americana at Brand, an upscale outdoor shopping center. Great quality theatres and they always show the newest releases. Free parking with theatre validation.

Movie Theater at The Americana at Brand.

Movie theater at the Americana at Brand.

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Local art deco movie theater within walking distance, that has all new releases shown at a reasonable price and discounted matinees.

First run movies at 1/3rd the regular price. Our local theater is clean and modern and is walking distance from the house.

Old little movie theater in the Uptown... great if you can catch a movie on Tuesdays or Thursdays when all movies show for $5, and popcorn and drinks are something crazy like $2! Very "Budget Frien... read more

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Amazing movie theater tucked away from plain sight. All of the theaters have full recliners for you to watch the movie in supreme comfort.

Great movie theater. Recliner loungers and you can book your seat in advance. Also part of a very large outdoor mall which has a lot of stores & restaurants.

Great little theater with reserved seating, RealD 3D, Food & Drinks Online Ordering from your seat, comfortable reclining seats.

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Lots of independent films shown here.

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Art house movies. Senior citizen specials. Easy parking and independent movies.

The Royal, The Santa Monica and The Music Hall have unique and special screenings that you won't find in big blockbuster movie theaters. The Laemmle family has a long history in Hollywood Cinema an... read more

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Deluxe theater with reclining seats!

Really nice movie theater with reclining seats and requires reservations up front to get a good seat book ahead. Discounts on Tuesdays during the school year

This is an amazing movie theater. People come from all over to watch movies here. The reclining seats are so comfortable!

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26 Theatres and the IMAX right off the 605 freeway. Big center with all kinds of shopping and restaurants.

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Amazing movie theater. Reclining lazy boy type seats.

Closest movie theaters. Lazy-boy lean back back leather chairs for everyone!

Great reclining arm-chairs that are super comfy. :-)

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Low Key $1.50 - $3 movies. Great for a rainy or super hot day.

Every Sunday & Tuesday when we offer admissions to everyone for only $1.75 all day

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A true original. A wide curing screen, and a domed auditorium. The Arclight Theaters are here too, and they are a very high quality venue. Adult beverages available here and decent restaurants.