Best Movie Theatres in Los Angeles

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Both an historic landmark AND a functioning modern space to take in some great first-run moves, this is where you will find hand and foot prints from stars since the Golden Age. Even R2D2 and C3PO!... read more

If you're doing the walk of fame, you have to check out the Chinese Theatre where you can find the footprints and handprints of the stars. It's a must-do once in your life...but you probably won't... read more

The famous Chinese Theatre where all the biggest movie premieres take place, every movie star has walked into the theatre and walked the red carpet - every week you can catch a glimpse of your favo... read more

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Definitely go see a movie in the Dome. It's a landmark and a really cool experience. The theater itself is great and concessions are not overpriced. They also serve wine, beer, and coffee

The theater is home of the Cinerama Dome, hidden inside is their restaurant with great seasonal drinks (usually inspired by a movie currently playing) they offer service according to the time your ... read more

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I think it's the best theater in the city. There's an attached cafe, they have real butter on the popcorn, art deco design, and they've knocked out every other row so you can stretch out.

A historic single-screen movie theater great for matinees or dates. It feels like a time capsule and if you happen to make it on a Premier Night it is likely that the Theatre Manager Victor will be... read more

Vista Theatre is a historic single-screen movie theater in Los Angeles, Vintage movie theatre great leg room. Catch a matinee for only $6.50

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One of the only dine-in movie theaters - a fun and sooooo comfortable experience.

Dine in theater with reclining ottoman chairs, full bar and good food that you can order and eat during the movie. One of the best spots to watch a movie! Just make sure to plan ahead, as they ofte... read more

This is a great place to catch a movie, relax in their Huge reclining chairs as you watch a movie - oh yes and they serve food - it's burgers and fries type food but not too shabby

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This beautiful, historic theater is owned by Disney and plays Disney, Pixar and Marvel films. It's a fun place to take the kids since there is often a pre-show with Disney characters and organist.

Best old school movie goer experience. Beautifully restored historic theater with live magic shows and organist before movie plays. Theater will often have props from the movie displayed as you exi... read more

Opened in 1926, Orson Welles' Citizen Kane premiered there in 1941. Disney restored this beautiful movie palace, & it now also has a gallery of Disney animation artwork & a soda fountain.

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The Grove is a beautiful Outdoor Mall/Movie Center with live shows and turns into a Farmers Market over the weekend. I am here almost every weekend, whether it be for the restaurants or movies

This place is a reserved seating very nice theater right at the grove and it's decent. The prices are the same as everywhere else in LA, but the good part is I live like 4 blocks away so you can wa... read more

Close location to my home, and nearby Trader Joe's, Ralph's and The Farmers Market. Beautiful ambiance with the dancing waterfalls. Home to many movie stars.

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It's so convenient to local residents. They have 3 theaters. The matinees, are $6.50, but the regular movies are only $9.50! Grab a drink or dinner at the dozens of sidewalk restaurants

Old school, classic hollywood theater. Red velvet curtains are drawn open as the old 1960s cartoon advertisements for the refreshment stand roll. Makes going to movies a worthwile event.

Tri-plex with small theatres. But Independently owned along with Vista Theatre. And also much cheaper that big multi-plexes. And I walk there from home. Fun places to eat all along Hillhurst i... read more

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Amazing indie films play here year round. You can order wine at the bar and bring it into a movie with you, sit in ridiculously comfortable seats, with drink holders and a ton of leg room.

Boutique movie house with luxurious seats. Food and wine available, and the movies at $6 on Tuesday. Shop downstairs at Trader Joe's if you want a snack.

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Great and classy place to catch a movie. Home of the 4D movie theater.

Nearest Movie theater showing movies in 4DX, Real 3-D

LARGE movie theatre showing all of the latest flicks. Right next to Staples Center and LA Live

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For the westside cognescenti, this is the favorite theater for new film releases. Reserved seating, large screens, auditorium seating, good sound. You can select your seats on the internet.

Big, beautiful, comfy movie theater with a cross section of studio and indie films. And easy with reserved seating.

Reasonable Movie prices, comfortable seating, easy parking 3 hours free, Great Indian food opposite . NIZAN

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Built by Sid Grauman before The Chinese Theater, it was the venue for the first-ever Hollywood premiere. Now run by the American Cinematheque, it remains a great place to see classic films today.

A classic Movie Theater that opened in 1922 and hosted the first ever movie premier. They play classic movies almost everyday and is a must see in Hollywood.

Opened in 1922, this lavish movie palace is an architectural masterpiece. It is currently undergoing renovation to restore is glorious beauty.

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Movies! The prices aren't bad and they have senior discounts on Wednesday before 6pm, free popcorn Thursdays and student discounts on Sundays after 6pm. They also show a good selection of independe... read more

Great place to see main stream and independent cinema. 7 screens, with many bars and restaurants nearby.

Great place to find blockbusters plus independant films. Have dinner across the street at Pitfire Pizza

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The Cinefamily curates interesting films every night of the week at the Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax. If you love movies you will love the Cinefamily!

One of LA's treasures, this offbeat cinematheque screens everything from new world cinema to obscure 80s cartoons

The Silent Movie Theatre: Historic theatre has an awesome courtyard in the back and has curated events in coordination with the films presented. Really cool experience. Inside of theatre still has ... read more

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Independent theatre that shows smaller budget/artsy films and documentaries. Foreign films sometimes.

There aren't many small independent movie theaters like this one anymore. This local spot plays special foreign films, festival and independent art films that don't make it to the big theaters. A p... read more

This is an independent movie theater with great films. Check their website for ticket prices and showings. It is located in a new area of Pasadena with a great bookstore and lots of restaurants to ... read more

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Smaller selection of movies BUT you are close to shops and restaurants AND they have a full bar!

Top-notch movie theater with superb projection and sound that shows first-run movies (some in 3D). Online seat reservations. A little pricier than other theaters.

A top class movie theater known for its quality sound and picture, the Arclight features current popular fare as well as lesser known independent features. Just a 6-minute walk away.

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The iconic Highland Theater. Local, historic theater shows first run movies for low prices. Catch $5 shows on Tues and Wed!

No-frills movie theater shows first-run films at a budget price - $3 showings of new film releases on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and $4 bargain matinees, before 6pm daily.

This local theatre is walking distance and shows current films at a low, low rate! Including: Family Tuesday & Wednesday All Seats - $5.00! You'll never find a movie this cheap again!

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Reserve your actual seat, more of an industry screening style cinema, so you don't tend to get the usual chatter and mess. Definitely worth a few extra dollars.

Located in the Sherman Oaks Galleria, this is hands down the best place to watch a film in the area. Bar on site and a very sleek and stylish cinema.

Quality movie theatre in Sherman Oaks Galleria. Reserved seating.

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Best part about this theater is it has a very special theater that you can't find everywhere. It's called Prime and it is amazing! The best theater!! It has individual recliners and is so much more... read more

Shopping Walking Area. Easy to park, easy to spend money, easy to go to theatre.

About 1 mile away is a state of the art movie theater playing all the latest releases

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Bar Cafe Restaurant. Great Night Life. Cinema. Quartier sympa pour se promener à pied. Cool Walking Area.

Newest cinema house in town, features reserved seating online, full bar and lite bites in the swanky lobby. Feels like a grown up evening out. Free 2 hr public parking in Culver City lots nearby.

Celebrate film at ArcLight Cinemas. Reserved seats, no advertising, special member pricing.

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Burbank Village is walking distance from our place. You can find everything here, from coffee shops to big-name stores/restaurants, movie theatres, and mom-n-pop boutiques, bars, and great food!

Movie theaters in downtown Burbank - shops, eateries, bars, and a mall. 5 minute drive - a beer and garlic fries at Gordon Biersch Brewery is my win!

Closest movie theater to the cottage. Great area to walk around, have dinner and go to a movie. This theater offers a bar and reserved seating for some of its theaters.

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Classic and award-winning films, often with the principal artists featured in a Q&A afterward. Check their calendar for upcoming events.

A classic film junky's mecca, this old theater shows the best of the best and typically hosts a q&a with someone involved in making that night's feature -- actors, directors, writers. Amazing.

Single screen theater that primarily plays old movies, classics, etc. New films come occasionally with special guests who were involved in their making. Check their calendar out.

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This is in the Runway shops in Playa Vista. This is a luxurious sorta movie theater. With reclining chairs and food to order as options.

This place is great because they have an option for premium seating where you can order food and drinks straight to your seats that recline.

Fun & Trendy community with various food selections, an updated theater, groceries, shopping, and recreational options (parks). Take a stroll through the neighborhood and admire the gorgeous scener... read more

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This is a large movie theater and on Tuesdays they offer $7 movies all day long!

Local Movie Theater, with a few solid dinner options.

Best bang for your buck movie theater in LA. If you have a student ID movies are $5!

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This place is great because the seats recline, you get a pillow and blanket, and you can order delicious food and specialty cocktail drinks to your seat! It's on the pricey side though.

Watch a movie and order drinks and food brought to you in a comfy reclining oversized loveseat!

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Favorite!! Quick bike/car - Quentin Tarantino owned and programmed retro cinema, every night there is a great double feature on. All 35 mm or 16 mm prints.

This theater is owned by Quentin Tarantino, and is always programming interesting double features. Try to buy tickets online in advance so that you don't have to wait in line.

One of the last revival houses left in the US. And it's owned by Quentin Tarantino! Midnight movies and kid's matinee every Saturday.

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Want to take in a movie or a matinee? Head downtown to the famous "Pike" area to check out the latest box office hit in the new Luxury Lounge theaters - only a 5 min drive from Bungalow Des Artiste...

Located in downtown Long Beach at The Pike, this theater has the latest in seating "Luxury Loungers". A great tip - the first movie time showing is always the less expensive. There are also many ... read more

You can grab some food, watch a movie, chill at the laugh factory or catch some pokemon. Overall a great place to hang out at night.

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They bring meals and blankets to your (fully reclining) seat. Makes you almost not care if the flick is a bust.

Movie theater for adults- Need I say more? Includes a restaurant, bar, nice big comfy seats, pillows, blanket to enjoy your movie. You should book in advance to select your seating.

If you are a movie lover, iPic is heaven on earth. Huge recliner chairs with your own pillow and blanket. Full menu served in the theater with a personal waiter. Popcorn included in the ticket pric... read more

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Turn your visit into an all-day science adventure – visit exhibit galleries and watch an IMAX film. The seven-story IMAX screen brings to life worlds as small as an atom or as vast as a universe.

The iMax3D movie Hubble Space Telescope is AMAZING! Takes you within a few feet of Astronauts repairing the telescope and far far away in the galaxy. One of the best movies I've seen.

Because who doesn't like freeze-dried ice cream? See The Endeavor - the actual rocket ship, IMAX theater, and many incredible exhibits featuring California's varied climates and habitats.

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In addition to hosting world premieres and unique movies every Friday night at midnight, the theater is also L.A.'s home for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which plays every Saturday at midnight.

Every Saturday night at midnight they screen the Rocky Horror Picture show. $11 per person.

Midnight Showing of Rocky Horror with actors and props. It's wild and fun! The longest-running midnight movie of all time stars Tim Curry as the kinky yet endearing “transsexual from Transylvania”... read more

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See outdoor screenings of Hollywood movies at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Super fun. Beautiful place. Beautiful people. Get there early!

Outdoor spring and summer movie screenings- super pack a picnic for before it starts, bring blankets and chairs, pillows food & drink.

If you're lucky enough to visit May - August, Cinespia is the place to go. An outdoor movie theatre that shows cult classics from Jurassic Park (the original) to Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo. Bring y... read more