Best Bookstores in London


Daunt Books

84 Marylebone High St·Map·Hours·Website·

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Historic book shop. At the heart of the shop is a long, galleried main room which has as its focus a beautiful arched window partly glazed with stained glass. The intention then, as now, was to arr... read more

One of the most prestigious book stores to do a book launch. Wonderful inside, books are unconventionally arranged by the country. Pop in on the way to Waitrose.

It's my favorite bookstore in the world, seriously. It's a magic place, extremely beautiful and full of travel books. I can spend hours there. I can stress enough that this is a mandatory place to ... read more

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Cookery Bookshop which also prepares the receipes from the books it sells! Get there at 12.15pm sharp and you'll be served the daily changing menu. Super cheap, super good, super fun!

A cookbook shop that is open for a set menu lunch in the back. It is my favourite lunch spot in Notting hill because I never know what I'm getting, but it is always delicious. Everyday they try a n... read more

Books for Cooks on Blenheim Cres is a treasure trove of food-related books with a cafe out the back for cooking demonstrations, light lunches and tea.

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Prefer to buy books in a shop rather than over the internet? Go here to get your fix

Interesting books, friendly & helpful staff

Lovely, independent book shop. Hard to enter and not leave with a book.

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Artwords is the specialist for books, magazines and videos on the contemporary visual arts and offers the most up-to-date selection of newly published titles, both nationally and internationally.

Art books and magazines as well as a nice selection of children's books

Art books and a big selection of art and design magazibes

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Dropping in to this eclectic independent bookshop is always a treat. Conor Donjon makes his pick of new books from the worlds of art, poetry, fashion, music, photography and LGBT literature.

Run by a friend of Wolfgang Tillmans. Fantastic art book store with friendly helpful service. Also a great art print/poster store adjoining.

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Very easy to while away the hours in this bookshop. Comprehensive and absorbing.

A mainstream and academic book retailer where you can browse books and have a coffee as well

One of London's most iconic and best-known bookshops, known for its immense academic range alongside a wealth of new and used books on every imaginable subject.


Daunt Books

112-114 Holland Park Ave·Map·Hours·Website·

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A real rarity, an independent bookshop! Go and browse their extensive collection, and enjoy your find in Holland Park on a sunny bench.

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Great local independent bookshop

One of the best bookshops in South London.

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Fabulous second-hand bookshop in Brunswick Square. You can get lost here for days! All of Marchmont Street is great for books and food too.

London’s broadest selection of second-hand academic books, including large collections (55,000) of used books in Literature, Art, History, Politics, Economics, Classics, Science and Technology

In twenty years Skoob has established a reputation for second-hand books with an academic slant, concentrating on such areas as mathematics, philosophy, science and medieval studies.

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Simply the best bookshop in London.

Best bookstore around, one of the best in all of London. You might meet authors and other celebrities browsing for books.

Independent book store with immensely helpful and knowledgable staff -

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Cute little book shop with a cafe!

Not just coffee, it's a fantastic neighborhood bookstore to spend those quiet hours in.

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Fabulous cakes and literary atmosphere - plus one of London's best bookshops

My favourite London bookshop. Knowledgeable staff, a good current selection, and a cake shop attached. No discounts, though :(

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Nice book shop, actually a little further down the street than it shows up on the map here.

A great local bookstore. They need our support and they stock really good books. And they pay their taxes.


Stoke Newington Bookshop

159 Stoke Newington High St·Map·Hours·Website·

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Independently run bookshop. Friendly staff and locally relavant books too.

Our local independent book seller, they stock interesting stuff, create lovely windows and order any book for you.

My favourite. It is very old and beautiful. A classic


Owl Bookshop

207-209 Kentish Town Road·Map·Hours·Website·

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Our friendly local bookshop. Somewhat limited by size, but you can reliably pick up a Ferrante, a Franzen, or the latest fancy cook books. Nice staff. No up-front discounts, but a loyalty program.

A jewel of a bookshop. The staff are very knowledgeable and can help and advise with anything. They can order things for the next day and the children's section is amazing. It's really hard to leave.

This lovely independent bookshop has friendly and very knowledgeable staff. They have a great children’s section and often put on events. Great for a browse.

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Your coffee table never needs to look underdressed again, thanks to this pair of impressive art bookshops that offer so much more than the usual run of gorgeous tomes oncontemporary art.

Artwords Bookshop is specialist for books, magazines on the contemporary visual arts and offers the most up-to-date selection of newly published titles, both nationally and internationally.

I'm a passionate about magazine and books so I always stop by Artwords to check the last magazine and book they received. Large choice there!

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With no coffee or wifi - just endless shelves of gorgeous books - just off Brick Lane. Reignite you love for the physical book with its beautiful special editions, fanzines, art publications, risog... read more

You have never been to a book shop like this one a definite must see!


Word On The Water

Regent's Canal Towpath·Map·Hours·Website·

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The Kennington Bookshop

306-308 Kennington Road·Map·



131 Bellenden Road·Map·Hours·Website·

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Excellent independent bookshop, run by a successful young author, good 'alternative' selection of journals etc.

Small but very well sorted book store. Great collection of books and recommendations. Also stocks a collection of local writers, poetry and children's books.

Friendly local bookshop, with helpful staff (the owner is a novelist!)


Highgate Bookshop

9 Highgate High St·Map·


Book Mongers

439 Coldharbour Ln·Map·Hours·Website·

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Book Mongers is a wonderful second hand bookshop on Coldharbour Lane, a few minutes from Brixton station!

Great 2nd hand bookshop. Been here for years. Resident dog in the window. Never know what you might find...

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A theatre bookshop with a difference (see website for screenings and performances).

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Very old fashioned grand bookshop elegantly laid out 12 bus

Creaky carpeted stairs lead to little rooms crammed with books- a pleasure to browse and to buy.


Judd Books

82 Marchmont Street·Map·Hours·

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Lovely book shop. It's also great to wander around this whole area.

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Self-styled bookshop and cultural hub'. A cornerstone of the SE26 community and a great place for gifts, books and a great kids book section.

Oldest indie bookshop in South London - great if you want to browse their selection of new or secondhand books (latter in the basement), and find a special pressie for someone.

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Nice, local independent bookshop

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Excellent esoteric book store just around the corner