Best Grocery Stores in London

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Massive supermarket, including pharmacy. Sells everything. Inside a mall that includes main banks, health shops etc.

Everything you could need under one roof. Approximately twenty minutes walk away.

Absolutely enormous supermarket that sells all types of groceries and household items. Open 24/7 (except on Sundays when it closes at 5pm).



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$$· Whitecross Street·Map·Hours·Website·

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Quality supermarket - the biggest in the area - great choice of products. Opening times: Sunday 11:00 - 17:00 Monday - Friday 08:00 - 22:00 Saturday 08:00 - 21:00

Great supermarket and large size. Waitrose is the UK's most quality supermarket- great fresh fish, meat & cheese counters as well as great organic veg. & everything you might need. Better than Tescos!

A large supermarket with a meat/fish counter, fresh produce, newspapers/magazines as well as an ATM, coffee dock and superb customer service.

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The cheapest supermarket around for everything you could possibly want. From clothes to food to tasty treats all 5 minutes away.

Open 24 hours and right across the street, this store is massive and very useful for last-minute supplies, including non-food items.

Bigger grocery store if you want to do a larger shop and pay a bit less than the 'express' supermarkets


Ginger Pig

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$$$· 99 Lauriston Road·Map·Hours·Website·

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Award-winning artisan butcher who farm all their own meat and supply lots of the top London restaurants. In the village a short stroll away. Butterflied legs of lamb are amazing!

Butcher, not as good as Hill and Szrok on Broadway MArket. But still excellent butcher. Try the sausages. Or sausage roll to go.

Next to Victoria Park (in fact between the two halves) Lauriston Road has the Ginger Pig Butcher with meat and game from an estate in Yorkshire, the excellent Jonathan Norris fishmonger (daily fres... read more


Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd

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$$· 25 Dalston Cross Shopping Centre·Map·Hours·Website·

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It's a large supermarket with most anything you'd need. You can walk up Queensbridge Road and enter from the back of the shopping center instead of fighting crowds at the Kingsland Rd entrance.

This is a large supermarket, but Tesco might be nearer. They all have taxi service form a sepcial phone at the check-out.

Bigger supermarket for weekly shop. They also deliver for small extra charge. We use them for buying weekly groceries.

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The best supermarket in this community. With high quality food. Everything deserves trying purchasing!

The nicest of all the high street supermarkets. Great selection of foods and a take-away sushi bar in store.

Waitrose is our local supermarket, selling everything you'd expect in a good quality grocery store. We have a local fruit and flower stall, a local Japanese supermarket, local chemists, a statio... read more

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Another smaller one on Bermondsey Square (just off the map). This square used to be a central location for selling antiques. The sellers would start around 3-4am in the morning because there was a... read more

A small grocery store around the corner from our flat. Has fresh fruit/veggies and various essentials. Also has a bank machine. Open 0700-2300 everyday.

Find everything from groceries and fresh sandwiches to bathroom essential and some common pharmacy medicines


Harvest E8

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132 Kingsland High Street·Map·Hours·Website·

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Lovely health food store and cafe. Plenty of vegan/ vegetarian/ gluten fee cakes, sandwiches, fresh groceries and coffee.

My favourite place to eat! Full of vegan and gluten free options. It is a health food shop and cafe selling everything you could ever need! I get so excited whenever I come here!

If you're looking for health food/a wide array - plus a cafe - this is a nice place to go, on the busy Kingsland High Road and close to many interesting bars/ coffee shops/ boutiques



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$$· 16-19 Canada Place·Map·Hours·Website·

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The best upmarket British supermarket. Pricey but worth it!

The largest Waitrose store in the UK. There is also a John Lewis homeware department on the upper levels. Underground parking is available.

High quality supermarket with John Lewis department upstairs with clothes and kitchenware


Morrisons Store

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$$· 264-276 Walworth Road·Map·Hours·Website·

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Supermarket with normal price. Open Monday to Saturday 7 am - 10 pm Sunday 11:00 am - 4:00pm

Everyday supermarket with some surprisingly good finds (ie. Fresh samphire, octopus, Irish foods). Their meat and fish counter is good

The standard large grocery supermarket selling all you'd expect in a large store.

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Nice market with good food, a mini Italian deli, lots of organic things and friendly staff. Bit overpriced though but open everyday til 10pm

Not especially cheap but chock full of great produce from fruit and veg, fresh bread and organic products to wine, beer and spirits. They stock wine chosen by the excellent Borough Wines and also h... read more

Independently run local grocery story - great bread and lots of choice. Also visit the fish and fruit and veg stalls in the square opposite (they close early)

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If you're into your organic, vegetarian, whole foods, high fibre super healthy stuff, then this is the perfect grocery for you! They say, you are what you eat...

A fairly new addition to Camden – this beautiful food shopping experience is a whole lot pricier for an organic, natural selection as well as some tasty fresh soups, salads and bread.

Also known as "Whole Paycheque Market" - shop with care, as prices are crazy, but it's good for rare specialty items and health foods.

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Our local Deli, less than 5 mins walk. Buy gorgeous goodies for a picnic in the park, stock up for dinner or pop into their cafe for the best coffee in the village

Visit The Deli Downstairs for the best and freshest vegetables, cheeses, olives, fish, bread, quiches, sausage rolls, hand made pies, chutneys and cooked meats. Great quality. Nice stroll.

The Deli Downstairs is a perfect neighbourhood deli (ideal for eggs, bread and cheese) and also now serves coffee and snacks to eat in.



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$· Kennington Lane·Map·Hours·Website·

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5 minutes walk - Huge place for all your groceries. Pretty much got everything you need

Large and convenient. Two minutes away on Boris Bike and three docking stations to choose from.

You will be able to find typical and low-priced British food to bring back home! And all the essentials in case you've forgotten anything.


Tesco Express

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$· 5-7 Hornsey Street·Map·Hours·

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Open until 11pm, good quality food

General groceries (food, drinks, milk, bread, croissants, alcohol, newspapers, magazines)

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A beautiful top quality grocery store within the new King's Cross Central development. Their low budget range is good qaulity. This flagship store opened in September 2015 and has a cafe, juice bar... read more

I loved everything about Waitrose. There was a copious selection of ready to go foods as well as every day grocery items. I picked up prepared seafood here and every one of them was delicious. Pr... read more

Waitrose Kings Cross More than a mere supermarket, Waitrose in Kings Cross is a food shop, tapas bar and cookery school complete with an in-store wine bar.


Tesco Metro

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$· 10-16 Goodge Street·Map·Hours·

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Very convenient, just a few minutes walk to get all your daily groceries! Open Mon-Fri 6am to midnight, Sat 6am to 11pm and Sun 12pm to 6pm.

Fairly large supermarket for the basics. If you can't find something at the nearby Tesco Express, this one will have it. The lower-ground level of John Lewis is more attractive and has nicer things... read more

173 Oxford St, Soho, London W1D 2JR, UK +44 20 7437 7722 Open : 9AM–9PM

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Fantastic and huge grocery store less than 5 minutes walk. Fabulous fresh fish counter, organic and gluten free sections/produce.

A place where you can buy foor and drinks, as well as other essentials and toiletries. Conveniently located in Westfield, only a short walk from our home

Main supermarket near us - and the best. Waitrose chain leads the way in quality food.

30 local Airbnb hosts recommend

The best quality supermarket, compare to other ordinary brands (Tescos, Sainsburys). Set up an online Ocado/Waitrose account and they promptly deliver.

A medium size store that sells slightly higher quality (and slightly more expensive groceries than Sainsurys).

It is directly opposite the entrance to my Mews and has everything grocery-wise!

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Huge Supermarket. Travel Exchange, Cash Machines (ATMs) and Starbucks Coffee Shop too. Open from 7am to Midnight every day.

If you are staying with us for a while and plan to cook your own meals, this is the best large supermarket around. If you don't have a car, ask us for advice on getting there as it's a 30 minute w... read more

If you have a car, this is a large superstore and will have all things including home, clothes and health needs as well as food of all types.

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Got an extensive groceries and supplies shopping list that demands more than the local Sainbury’s? Walk a little further to this huge supermarket to get everything you need for a long stay.

Big supermarket tucked behind the Stables Market in Camden, which is open until 23:00 monday to saturday, and 16:00pm on sundays. You'll find everything here from frozen food, household essentials ... read more

Opening times: Monday 07.00-23.00 Tuesday 07.00-23.00 Wednesday 07.00-23.00 Thursday 07.00-23.00 Friday 07.00-23.00 Saturday 07.00-22.00 Sunday 10.00-1... read more


Tesco Express

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$· 116 Commercial Street·Map·Hours·Website·

24 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Free cash machine and supermarket near the flat

We have a store below our building and has everything you need for eating and drinking and taking food on trips with you!

Wide range of groceries down the road from us on the high street, open 6am - 12am seven days a week

28 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Open everyday 7am–11pm. Not the best food quality (especially for fruit and veg), but very handy

Closest main supermarket for general supplies (other than the local corner shops along Newinton Green)

Well-priced local supermarket stocking basic groceries. Open till 11pm every day.


Tesco Express

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$· 21-23 Station Terrace, Kensal Rise·Map·Hours·Website·

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Has most things, but if you want a wider selection go to Sainsburys on Salusbury Road.

Medium sized supermarket better that the Kensal Rise Tesco Metro..

Good for groceries, picking up food for picnics or cheap dinners and drinks.

24 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Pretty good range of vegetables and most things you need. 5 minutes from the house and very cheap.

This is cheap and will have everything you need - it doesn't do specialist ingredients and will charge you for bags so take your own

Very cheap food and of a good quality (usually Italian or French brands)

26 local Airbnb hosts recommend

The best organic shop in the area. It offers the freshest local greens at a great price. Kentish Town can be reached by thameslink, about 5 minutes on the train. There's another 5 minute walk to Earth

Organic and health food shop stocking fruit and veg, plus natural beauty and cleaning products.

Uber-popular organic shop. They sell everything organic and it's of highest quality. They also have artisan bread which is a blessing.

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If you don’t mind a longer walk to the supermarket, there’s a lovely independent one on Lower Marsh, near Waterloo station. It’s a 10 minute walk and sells top quality groceries and even has a cafe.

Greensmiths is a local supermarket with a real difference – a butcher, a baker, a greengrocer, a coffee specialist, and a wine merchant - as well as all the other daily food needs you would expect ... read more

Great gourmet food shop with fresh veg, bakery, Ginger Pig butchers and deli counter perfect for making up a delicious picnic. Has a cafe upstairs.

33 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Funky new Italian artisan food market in an old industrial building... it is a bit of a walk but worth it. Lots of tables to eat in. Great vibe, food and drinks -- a cool alternative dining exper... read more

Covered market stall area in an old warehouse setting; loads of various food and drink stalls, mostly Italian but food from other regions too; quiet in the daytime, and very family friendly with lo... read more

It is a street market but in a warehouse with around 30 different places to eat, undercover or outside if the weather is good. There is a fabulous, if a bit pricey, Spanish/Italian food warehouse a... read more

30 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great for quality foods including fresh croissant etc.

Smaller than Sainsburys but sometimes less stressful as a result! Only supermarket open on Sunday after 3pm

Supermarket chain for fresh British produce, groceries and baked goods, including own-brand items.



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$$· 4 Williamson Road·Map·Hours·Website·

31 local Airbnb hosts recommend

There are a number of larger stores here: Argos, Homebase, Next and Sainsbury's. Sainsbury's in the nearest big supermarket. You can hail down a W5 from across Oakfield Rd that goes straight here.

Sainsbury's offers a huge choice of groceries and products for your home to suit all budgets as well as a great selection of tasty recipes.

Large supermarket with long opening hours, best accessed from our house by Finsbury Park Avenue - there's pedestrian access to walk through the carpark from there.