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Best Grocery Stores in London

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Having lived right next to this for 4 years, I know this charming food market like the back of my hand! Go hungry and do a little 'tasting tour' (some stalls lay out free tasters - don't miss the t... read more

This dazzling food market offers a vast array of artisanal munchables and difficult-to-find ingredients. The market is a delight for all the senses, and is best enjoyed with a big shopping bag and... read more

Broadway Market is a shopping street nestled in the heart of Hackney, East London. Established on an old drovers root into the city, Broadway Market has been home to market traders since the 1890s,... read more

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Best food supermarket in England if not Europe! You have all organic and healthy but certainly tasty food of many international and national cuisine. This is a two floor massive store in an iconic ... read more

Located at London, UK, W8 5S Known for Families, Store Take it home with Whole Foods Market The London flagship store of American, eco-minded, health foods supermarket is located on Kensington High... read more

Whole Foods Market is a big hit in the US and this location was one of the first of an expanding chain. There's an upstairs market where you can choose from 11 different food venues: oven-baked piz... read more

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As well as the next door Tesco, for bigger and more importabt shoppings you'll find this Sainsbury's Superstore... where you can find litterally Everything!!!

This is a huge supermarket with everything you could need. From food to clothes and even electronics etc.

The whole Superstore right behind Whitechapel tube station, which will include the new Crossrail station in the future - open from 7am most days with a decent cafe and super delicatessan, fish sect... read more



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$$· 41 Thomas More Street·Map·Hours·Website·

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Everybody loves Waitrose. If you are very lazy you can drive + park in the underground car park. Otherwise it is a 4 minute walk from the flat. It is a large Waitrose and is sure to have most things.

Large, high quality supermarket. Has a reputation for being 'posh' but there are plenty of reasonably priced things, and the company is run on a profit share basis, so all workers also own the comp... read more

A supermarket for good value food. If going there from the flat, follow the canal. You might want to have some bread with you to feed ducks and swans. For a closer store and smaller shopping, ther... read more



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$$· 30 Porchester Road·Map·Hours·Website·

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Large Waitrose supermarket with fish, meat and cheese counters. Also a roast chicken counter which is pretty delicious. Good booze section too.

One stop shop grocery store, largest in our area. Exit flat to Inverness Terrace, go left and you can't miss it.

This is your nearest large supermarket. Take some shopping bags with you as they charge for them. There should be some under the sink or in a drawer. 15 minute walk away or just jump in an Uber ... read more


Whole Foods Market

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$$$· 40 Stoke Newington Church Street·Map·Hours·Website·

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This is one of my favourite local groceries. Organically grown foods that are free of artificial preservatives, colours, flavours and sweeteners. There's also a coffee bar and an outdoor seating area.

It's a small one, so on weekdays we recommend avoiding it from 5 - 8pm. Weekend afternoons are pram ankle nipping territory, so try and go in the morning.

An alternative to Food For All (Cazenove Road), bigger so more produce - most is organic and free range/ sustainable etc etc Bit pricey but nice (even to browse and try tasters :)

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Large supermarket serving very high quality food with excellent customer service

Waitrose is a lovely supermarket that sells fresh fruit & veg and has a stocked deli counter and hot chickens cooked on site. It's popular with families and is upmarket in feel.

Smaller supermarket. Bit more expensive but generally a slightly higher quality of food.

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One of the few Whole Foods in London. There's a wide selection of organic produce as well as freshly baked bread, organic groceries, and a deli.

Whole Foods Market Inc. Is an American supermarket chain specializing in organic food.

Whole Foods Market Inc. is an American supermarket chain exclusively featuring foods without artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, and hydrogenated fats.

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3 categories: Cafe, Grocery and Wifi The best place to get an English Breakfast! Has free wifi and all the food in the shop and the cafe is the best you'll find.

Trendy health food store with cafe inside - store is good for health / vegan / raw / eco products - occasional celebrity pops in. Cafe inside is v good for vegetarians but not so good for vegans.

The place to go for all your gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, caffeine-free, pesticide- free produce. It's not cheap but the range is amazing.

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Huge super market, 20min walk down Harrow Road. You could also take bus 18 by Kensal Green station or bus 52 or 452 opposite Tesco on Kensal Rise side.

Largest supermarket for miles and everything you need and free parking. 5 minute drive from the flat, 15 minute walk. There is a taxi service there too (£5 back to flat).

Huge Supermarket, selling everything you need. Probably need a car or taxi as 15-20 minute walk from flat...



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$· 55 Morning Lane·Map·Hours·Website·

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Large super market. Bus 276 stops right outside the flat (on Berkshire Road) and the supermarket.

Supermarket open 24 hours during the week. It closes on 10pm on Saturdays and 10am on Sundays

24hrs (except sunday open 12 till 5pm) about 20 minutes walk but you can catch 276 to Finsbury park to get there

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Big supermarket - food, drink, household stuff etc. Mon to Fri 7am - midnight Sat 7am - 10pm Sun 11am - 5pm

If you want to walk a bit further and spend a bit more money, Sainsbury's by Angel tube station will have everything you need.

Sainsbury ‘s opening hours: Mon – Fri, 7am – midnight Sat, 7am – 10pm Sun 11am – 5pm

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Organic supermarket including healthy prepared food options. I recommend the brown rice sushi.

Whole Foods Market Inc. is an American supermarket chain specializing in organic food! Gret for grocery!

Eco-minded wholesome food chain with natural & organic grocery items, housewares , delicious lunches and healthy snacks, peruse the seafood, cheese and wine or patisserie only 5 mins away.

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Small branch of a large supermarket chain, selling essentials. There is a much larger Sainsburys near Camden Town station.

Huge supermarket. Worth getting the bus here and stocking up if you're staying for any length of time -- it's cheaper than the small supermarkets (except for Lidl) and has the full range of goods y... read more

Food mega-market. Open till late, sells any food and wine product you can imagine.


Palm 2

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152-156 Lower Clapton Road·Map·Hours·

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This is your award winning community run grocery shop with fresh bread and croissants and wine. There is a popup restaurant up stairs. Say hello to Khan the coffee maker from us

Palm 2 is the best local shop for all your grocery needs, including a deli counter, freshly baked bread, coffee and frit & veg. Tesco is also located next door for anything not stocked in Palm 2.

Clapton's best kept supermarket secret. A cornucopia of produce - not what you were expecting from the outside. Cheese counter, charcuterie, weird and wonderful vege, home cooked moussakas and sala... read more

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Large Sainsbury's for groceries. 5 minutes nearby is the local Pimlico market, brilliant for standard shopping for essentials, fruit, fish meat, groceries.

Large English Supermarket 'Sainsburys' which has just about everything you could ever need! The sheer size of this place means you will always find what you are looking for!

Sainsbury's is a large chain of supermarkets with branches all over the UK stocking an extensive range of dairy products, fresh vegetables, meat, frozen ...

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Really big tesco - has everything you could possibly need

Big Supermarket with good international food area (even Australian)

Open 7 days a week 24hrs (sunday closes at 5PM). Big supermarket where you can find anything from groceries to toiletries.



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$$· 21 Liverpool Street·Map·Hours·Website·

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Big supermarket - food, drink, household stuff etc. Mon to Fri 7am - 10pm Sat 8am - 10pm Sun 11.30am - 5.30pm

Supermarket chain for fresh British produce, groceries and baked goods, including own-brand items. -

One stop away on the tube is a good place to pick up good quality food items!

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1 minute walk, actually almost part of th esame building block a huge and nice supermarket with everything you would need. Very convenient indeed. Open 6am -midnight most days 11-17 on sundays

For any big grocery shopping that is needed - this is our closest cheap but reasonable quality store

This is a HUGE Sainsbury's where you can find all your groceries and they even have a butcher and fishmonger inside! And it is open nearly 24/7


Sainsbury's Superstore

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$$· 161-163 Clapham High Street·Map·Hours·Website·

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Large supermarket. Less than 2 minute walk from where you will be staying.

The biggest supermarket in the neighborhood, for those who want plenty of choice and good offers.

This is the largest supermarket in the neighbourhood. If you can't find it here, it probably doesn't exist.

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...the best quality (and most ethical) food and grocery supermarket chain that is also owned by its employees as shareholders.

Large branch of popular supermarket Waitrose. Excellent for all groceries but particularly luxury items.

A supermarket with good quality stuff. Free coffee if you get a Waitrose loyalty card...this sort of thing is very important to me!



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$$· 174 Saint John Street·Map·Hours·Website·

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Quality supermarket next door to another supermarket (Tesco). Opening times: Sunday: 12:00 - 18:00 Monday - Friday 07:30 - 22:00 Saturday: 07.30 - 21:00

Waitrose is a British food shopping treat. A more upmarket supermarket, with goodies enough to make everyday feel like every day is Christmas… there's a Tescos next door too :)

Britain's favourite up-marker supermarket has a large local branch around the block. Right next to a Tesco metro....which is smaller but opens late-late.

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The cheapest supermarket around for everything you could possibly want. From clothes to food to tasty treats all 5 minutes away.

Works 24 hours, so go there in case of emergency, but we do have nearby petrol station where you can get most things anyhow.

Open 24 hours and right across the street, this store is massive and very useful for last-minute supplies, including non-food items.



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$$· Whitecross Street·Map·Hours·Website·

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This is the largest supermarket in the area. Waitrose is a high-end supermarket with a range of high quality food, Their home delivery service is excellent, and is free for purchases above £50.

Quality supermarket - the biggest in the area - great choice of products. Opening times: Sunday 11:00 - 17:00 Monday - Friday 08:00 - 22:00 Saturday 08:00 - 21:00

A large supermarket with a meat/fish counter, fresh produce, newspapers/magazines as well as an ATM, coffee dock and superb customer service.


Tesco Metro

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$· 10-16 Goodge Street·Map·Hours·

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Very convenient, just a few minutes walk to get all your daily groceries! Open Mon-Fri 6am to midnight, Sat 6am to 11pm and Sun 12pm to 6pm.

Fairly large supermarket for the basics. If you can't find something at the nearby Tesco Express, this one will have it. The lower-ground level of John Lewis is more attractive and has nicer things... read more

Medium size grocery store where you can find a large selection of foods from fresh vegetables and fruits to a small international section that offers all sorts of products from around the world to ... read more


Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd

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$$· 25 Dalston Cross Shopping Centre·Map·Hours·Website·

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This is a large supermarket, but Tesco might be nearer. They all have taxi service form a sepcial phone at the check-out.

1 Cambridge Heath Road London E1 5SD HUGE supermarket 20 minutes walk away.

Bigger supermarket for weekly shop. They also deliver for small extra charge. We use them for buying weekly groceries.


Planet Organic

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$$$· 42 Westbourne Grove·Map·Hours·Website·

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EVERYTHING a person could possibly need re: natural health and organic products and huge range of foods, supplements and beauty products too. A good cafe and juice and salad bar. Fabulous lay out.

A neighbourhood mecca for all things organic - fresh produce to pantry supplies, cleaning products, vitamins + supplements to skincare. Fresh juices + takeaway food too.

Totally in love with this place. Would live here if I could. This place is wonderland: Super Organic Grocery, Smoothie/Greens Juice Bar, and Lunch Bar/Deli.

37 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Open 7am - 11pm daily (including Sundays) Small supermakey with good quality basic provisions.

Another smaller one on Bermondsey Square (just off the map). This square used to be a central location for selling antiques. The sellers would start around 3-4am in the morning because there was a... read more

Open seven days a week, usually until midnight.



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$$· 128 Gloucester Road·Map·Hours·Website·

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The larger more expansive version of the little Waitrose. Waitrose are the nicest grocery stores in London, with excellent produce and you might even run into Adele!

Waitrose is your normal family grocery store compared to Whole Foods which will have healthy cooked food in addition to select grocery shopping.

Located next to Gloucester Road tube station.  Opening hours are: Monday - Friday:  7:30am - 10:00pm Saturday:  8:00am - 9:00pm Sunday:   12:00pm - 6:00pm



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$$· 17 Bethnal Green Rd·Map·Hours·Website·

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Nearest small supermarket + Free cash machine Open 0700- 2300 everyday! Cheap bakery section inside

If you're not a Tesco fan and can live with a small, local Sainsbury's

Another convienient corperate supermarket