Everything Else in Essentials in London

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Run by climbers for climbers, The Castle is one of the premier climbing centres in Europe. Spread over 4 floors, with more than 450 roped and lead routes and an extensive range of bouldering surfaces.

One of the best indoor climbing walls in London, with more annual visits than any other climbing centre in the UK. A converted Victorian pumping station, which has kept its distinctive exterior.

Climbing centre inside a former Victorian pumping station. Has 450 routes and 90 rope lines. Outdoor bouldering. Cafe on site offering food with vegan options. Bus 141.

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Unfortunately it may happen... any emergency, rush to the Chelsea and Westminster, one of the best A&E (Accident & Emergency) in London, especially for kids.

Local accident and emergency hospital. Call 999 for emergency services, fire, ambulance or police.

Accident & Emergency (ER) ward if you run into any trouble (we hope you don't!)

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The best hospital in the UK. Emergenncy rooom on euston road.

A children and adult a&e at this hospital 5 mins away in a taxi from the Euston road, straight up Grays Inn Road and turn left

Nearest hospital (with emergency room): University College Hospital London: 235 Euston Rd, London, Greater London NW1 2BU; 020 3456 7890; 15min walk

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Royal London Hospital is just around the corner (2 minutes walk). We are in the perfect location for anyone visiting loved ones or for Doctors and Surgeons visiting for work.

We hope you don't need it but the nearest hospital is close at hand. In an emergency please call 999

Nearest emergency room. Tel: 020 7377 7000 In an emergency, call 911 For non-life threatening health advice, call 111

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A really great standard of vinyasa flow yoga taught here to all levels in an intimate environment — classes £10/£11

All the teachers at this great small yoga studio are particularly warm, with a mindful yoga practice.

Nearby yoga centre doing mainly dynamic yoga classes.

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Small Boots chemist branch Mon to Fri 8:30am–7pm Sat 8:30am–6:30pm Sun 11am–6pm

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24/7 Pharmacy. There is always a qualified pharmacist to give expert advice. A great place to go for an out of hours solution.

This pharmacy is open 24 / 7 - just in case!

Only 24-hour chemist within miles.

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If you have a medical emergency this hospital has an A&E (Accident and Emergency) department. Call 999 for an ambulance.

Nearest hospital - can turn up to accident and emergency department (A&E) and be seen by a doctor in an emergency - can be 4 hour wait.

If you are not feeling well and is an Emergency, peoples from another country have to pay.

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A hosptial with accident and emergency facilities serving this area

Accident & Emergency (ER) ward if you run into any trouble (we hope you don't!)

Nearest Accident & Emergency department. 25 mins walk, 10 mins by car.

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Nearest hospital to home. There's an Accident & Emergency department for urgent care.

We are 5 min from the main hospital in the area, hopefully you won't need to know this, but just in case! :)

Homerton Hospital is the closest local hospital in an emergency.

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The closest emergency urgent care centre for minor illnesses and injuries. Open 24-hours every day. For emergency assistance (fire, ambulance and police), always dial 999.

If the need arises, you are within minutes of the best hospital in London. If an emergency - get yourself into a taxi and go to the hospital. Price George was born here and Penicillin discovered.

St Marys hospital is a busy urban hospital, but they have fantastic staff and A&E service for adults as well as children. I hope you never have to go there, but if you do, its great that its so clo... read more

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Late night chemist open 9am till Midnight Monday - Saturday. 12 - 6pm on Sundays. Can fulfill your medical prescriptions.

What American's call a "drugstore", we call a "chemist" here in the UK. Stocked with what you'd expect but includes high end make up and baby essentials.

A British Pharmacy that has many fo the everday essentials fro a traveler such as shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, contact lens solution, etc.

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Next to Virgin active. Have a swim early in the morning or even late in the evening! Price is approx. £3.60 per person and is not time limited. Take a 20 pence coin for the locker!

Local gym and swimming pool - connected to virgin active - you can access the facilities on a pay as you go basis (and it's really cheap ~£3) - just ask for the 'fulham pools entrance'

Great gym and swimming pool with daily public access available. About 5 mins walk from the house.

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A large pharmacy and cosmetics store. A whole floor for babies.

Boots have the essentials to treat colds, in need of a plaster or shaving cream. Down to buying a quick snack.

This a a big pharmacy, and has everything you need from bathroom supplies to medicine. Very helpful staff who know how to guide you to what you need. Also has a large range of cosmetics and perfumes.

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Our local hospital and the nearest Accident and Emergency Service

Hopefully, you won't need this but urgent medical treatment is available for Accident and Emergency

If anything goes badly wrong, one of London's largest hospitals is a 10-minute drive away.

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Visit the BoE museum and walk around the history of one of the world's largest financial center (last year it came second I think!)

The model on which most modern central banks have been based. Established in 1694, it is the 2nd oldest central bank and the 8th oldest bank in the world.

One of the oldest banks in the world which all modern central banks have been modelled around

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Thermal Spa set in one of London’s oldest Turkish Baths - 2 Aroma Steam Rooms, Tepidarium, Caldarium, Laconium, Sauna, Ice Fountain, Monsoon Shower, Hammam, etc. Great treatments too.

MIserable London weather and need a pick me up spend an afternoon in the sauna or get a massage suddenly london will seem bearable despite the rain!

A victorian hammam in the basement of York Hall - check out men/women times and pre-booking is required, but a good way to warm up and gossip with your friend.

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Just in case you would need to see a doctor!

Known for Doctor or Hospital, Families Just in case you would need to see a doctor!

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Kentish Town has always been noted for its pubs and bars. 30 min walk, or take the Northern Line for 2 stops or bus 134.

If you are tire of the busy tourist ready Camden Town and want to find something more authentic, then Kentish town is your place. Pubs, Restaurants and Critics Acclaimed Kebabs!

Train and underground station. Trains into centre of London. Stops: St Pancras, Farringdon, City Thamslink, Blackfriers. Also goes to Luton and Gatwick, as well as Brighton.

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Right next to the Studio, a very good place for a massage.

Relax with a thai massage in this cute little spa. Choose from 15min to 1 hour foot/head/neck/shoulder of full massage. There is a charge when paying with card.

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Spanish bank, 1/2 block away. Open 9:00 am- 4:00 pm

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Boots has all your pharmacy and essentials, if you need something that isn't available in the local supermarkets and shops

Best British drugs store/pharmacy. Has everything you need!

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Great gym on the top of a shopping centre on Oxford Street. Views, natural light, and good equipment. Very crowded for after-work times. Bring your own lock, soap, towel, and a sweat towel. Book yo... read more

Day passes available and situated at the top of Wardour Street.