Best Convenience Stores in London

Locals’ favorite places

1. Tesco Metro
361 Bethnal Green Rd
66local recommendations
Vh says “Nearest supermarket to the flat (30 secs away). Has good range of veggie food - sausages, tofu, dair...” ·
2. Tesco Metro
21 Caledonian Rd
32local recommendations
Shalin says “Local supermarket. Eating out can be expensive. When i have younger cousins visiting we make break...” ·
3. Tesco Metro
224-226 Portobello Rd
27local recommendations
Katie says “A small supermarket on Portobello road.” ·
4. Tesco Metro
24local recommendations
Laila says “Larger grocery store inside Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre. There are lots of other shops and pla...” ·
5. Tesco Express
Maida Vale
33local recommendations
Stephanie says “166, Randolph Avenue Good Asian fusion food right beside the Maida Vale tube station” ·
6. Tesco Metro
22-25 Bedford St
22local recommendations
Michael says “This is the nearest grocery store if you feel like cooking for yourself” ·
7. Bean & Hop
424-426 Garratt Ln
12local recommendations
James & Alicia
James & Alicia says “Great coffee, delicious food- breakfast, lunch and pizza nights.” ·
8. Sainsbury's Local
48-50 Shepherds Bush Rd
21local recommendations
Fiona & Paul
Fiona & Paul says “Nearest ATM Machine. Handy for everyday items. Right next to Goldhawk Road tube. 7am-11pm” ·
9. Tesco Express
44-46 England's Ln
16local recommendations
Yael says “Our local supermarket, only 1 minutes away” ·
10. Tesco Express
112 North End Rd
16local recommendations
Mary Ann
Mary Ann says “Local Tesco supermarket, open 7am-11pm, stocks pretty much everything you'll need.” ·
11. Tesco Metro
43 Holloway Rd
19local recommendations
Ana says “Tesco on Holloway Road is a nearby supermarket. It should have everything you need in terms of groce...” ·
12. The Brockley Deli
14A Brockley Cross
14local recommendations
Rowan & Joey
Rowan & Joey says “Perfect stop for a lazy morning coffee and cake, and to pick up some local specialties like Brockley...” ·
13. SPAR Walthamstow
24-26 Orford Rd
18local recommendations
Olly says “Convenience Store of the year 2013 - this is a great place to pick up groceries. Seagull eggs anyone...” ·
14. Tesco Express
16, 22 Wandsworth Rd
18local recommendations
Kashfi says “Express supermarket selling all types of groceries, the easiest place to pick up stuff on the way to...” ·
15. Tesco Express
89-95 Lupus St
22local recommendations
Darragh says “A convenient local supermarket - nothing glamorous but has all the basics - open until 10-11pm every...” ·
16. Tesco Express
201 Wood Ln
2local recommendations
Kristyna says “Another Tesco Express grocery store.”
17. Best-One
227 Eversleigh Rd
2local recommendations
Andy says “The closest store for your milk, eggs, newspapers etc.”
18. Nisa Local
40-42 Craven Rd
7local recommendations
Cindy says “Corner shop, open until midnight. Sell beer, wine, milk, snacks, etc.. Some fruit/ veg.” ·
19. Bossman Wines
79 Lordship Ln
2local recommendations
Aaron says “Don't let the name frighten you off. Mad selection of quality beers (and good selection of wines & f...”
20. Tesco Express
87 Upper Clapton Rd
2local recommendations
Jon says “Very handy for all household and grocery needs, despite much being provided with the flat, Tesco is ...”
21. Nisa Local
88-90 Askew Rd
3local recommendations
22. waterintobeer
3local recommendations
Giles says “Brand new craft beer bottle shop.” ·
23. Brockley Supermarket
94 Brockley Rise
2local recommendations
Amy says “Slightly further than Sainsbury's but a wider selection of more obscure bits, and booze”
24. Tesco Metro
4 Fieldgate St
7local recommendations
Tom says “The closest place for most grocery needs.” ·
25. Londis
33 Mill Ln
2local recommendations
Anthony says “Small supermarket opposite my front door. Great for essentials ; milk, wine chocolate etc”
26. Tesco Express
55 Central St
6local recommendations
Bart & Rodrigo
Bart & Rodrigo says “Supermarket just around the corner, open 7 days a week.” ·
27. Co-op Food - Petrol Clapham
474-488 Wandsworth Rd
2local recommendations
Regan says “Small supermarket in the petrol station.”
28. Drink of Fulham
349 Fulham Palace Rd
2local recommendations
29. Shepherds Foods
59-61 Regent's Park Rd
5local recommendations
30. Wine Rack
1 Replingham Road
2local recommendations