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Unique things to do in Tangier-Assilah

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All activities near Tangier-Assilah

Sunset Camel Ride by the Sun Beach & Dinner
highlight your experience with Sunset Camel Ride and full Dinner with Locals! ✓ vegetarians and Vegans are Welcome. In this tour we will pick you up from an agreed meeting spot then drive you through some of Tangier’s most luxurious neighborhoods where the King’s Palace is located, Forbes House, the famous Perdicaris Park and Achkar Beach aka the Sun Beach. The camel ride takes place next to the Caves of Hercules (2500BC) and Cap Spartel (Head point of Africa) where you will find your camel ready to take you on a ride by shore around sunset. There will also be a sunset photoshoot waiting for you where the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet! After the ride you will have the opportunity to taste authentic Moroccan food with the locals at a historical restaurant! This will be a 3 course meal where you’ll have the opportunity to taste famous Moroccan dishes like Tajin and Couscous (Vegetarians & Vegans welcome!) The tour also includes a short walk by the ancient Medina and a stop for a drink to enjoy the surroundings. This experience is second to none and highly recommended for anyone visiting Tangier! Before the tour ends we will come back to meet the driver who will drop you to the heart of the medina or at your accommodation, whichever you prefer! Notes : Customizing the experience to fit your needs is possible!
Moroccan dish Basstila...!!#
In the beginning, at 11 am, we will go shopping for the quantities we will need. At this time, we will discover several things, including Moroccan culture, how Moroccans shop, and we will discover several tourist areas as the old city. At the end we will go to a place dedicated to the experience (the apartment). Here we will discover the Moroccan Fessi dish, which is more at traditional weddings and weddings Other things to note that the experience will take place inside the apartment but shopping will do it together if they want it, it will be fun for them.
Hike to an Organic Farm in chefchaouen mountain
After we meet at "Bab Souk" , we will head straight up out of chefchaouen for our hike in mountains and walk around 40 minutes up hill before stopping to enjoy a fabulous view of the blue pearl in a place overlooking chefchaouen. Then, it will be between 1 and 1/2 hour walk waiting for us along the mountain side, and we may pass shepherds with their goats and there will be a lot of opportunities to stop and take photos of the amazing views from the mountain. As we reach the village of kalaa, we will go to a calm farm that belongs to my father, we will be welcomed with fresh tea with herbs from the farm followed by a tajine of vegetables from the farm, and checken or beef and sometimes fresh rabbit from the farm (if you are vegetarian or vegan, then it will be just of vegetables from the farm). We will spend some time enjoying the village view in the terrace under trees and talk to my father who is a man from this village he has a lot to say about his area and mountains life. From here on we can either walk the 2 hours back to chefchaouen via a new road or go for a ride home by a local mercedes "Taxi".
Chefchaoun Shades of Blue Day Trip & Lunch
In this full day trip we will meet at an agreed time/spot between 9/10AM. We will pick you up then drive through the spectacular Rif Mountains where you have the option to stop for a short breakfast/tea with an amazing view of the Palm Reservoir before continuing to Chefchaoun. As part of the full day tour we will be walking through the ancient medina with its beautiful blue walls and many historical sites. Enjoy sites such as the Kasbah, an ancient bakery, the famous Blue Street (bring your cameras for some great photos!) and enjoy fresh juice from the locals along the way. The city was originally decorated in this blue style by the Jewish people who were fleeing from European atrocities. Some say the blue color also keeps mosquitoes away! We will take a lunch break around noon with a delicious authentic Moroccan meal in the main square. Enjoy people watching and hanging with the locals as a way to fully absorb the culture! After lunch we will continue to build our way up to the ruins of an old mosque on a hill overlooking the medina. Its crumbling tower offers a panoramic view of the blue houses and buildings of the city. In the late afternoon we will finish the tour with a Moroccan mint tea and will drive back to Tangier and drop you at your accommodation. DM me if you have any questions or if you would like to customize this tour to your needs!
Tangier Private Half-day, Walking Tour
Tangier is a coastal north Moroccan city overlooking Gibraltar strait, it is an interesting example of Modern Morocco with a deep influence of what is North African, Arabian and Andalusian. What makes it one of the richest cities with beauty, culture and history. This tour is an introduction to Tangier and Morocco, and a wonderful opportunity to enjoy being in a different Moroccan city.. ~ Important information Good news for guests coming by ferry from Tarifa, south Spain or by airplane, there are no health restrictions required anymore to enter Morocco. • Starting place You will be welcomed at Tangier city port, your Cruise, your Riad/hotel (if it is in the old town), or any agreed-upon place. • Starting time If you find a date you like, please book it and we can communicate on the time that works best for you, we are very flexible! Please feel free to ask if you can’t find the time/date you need or for information about: Ferries, Airlines, transport or accommodation.. Note: This is a Private tour, Only you or your group are participating. Tangier awaits you! Expect to have an amazing time..
Moroccan Couscous
In the beginning we will prepare tea and how to do it, you will discover other dishes orally and very easy, we will also explain how to cut and prepare vegetables that make up couscous, the experience will be interesting and I am sure you will love it. Have a drink with couscous and it is authentic Moroccan milk. At the end I will call everyone who serves the dish the way he sees fit and exhilarating Other things to note They will discover the most important dish for the Moroccan people
Tangier's Hidden Bars & Clubs Crawl
Tangier is the hottest destination when it comes to NIGHTLIFE in Morocco, and its bars and clubs are at their best during the Night. In addition to Europeans, the clientele at the Tangier bars and clubs tends to include other Westerners, and visitors can dance until the wee hours. Whether you are.., a man, a single woman, a couple or group of friends, LGBTQ or varied, I assure you a unique Night-out Experience with all my accesses, atmosphere, life, people vibes, dancing and sweating on NorthAfrican Arab beats. The experience includes a Glass of Moroccan Wine for each guest, free choice of Spirits and a delicious series of tapas started following, other wise there is a balcony for those who like to define your own smoking preferences... The Night starts at an agreed meeting spot then go to fuel up at a local Bar/restaurant in the heart of the city, From there and after getting to know each other, break the ice!.., I will take you to experience more of Tangier's nightlife. We will go to some of the coolest Local Bars, Pubs and some of the biggest clubs. Other things to note : Dress to impress and Be ready to loosen up and meet Other tourists and locals, all with a great Humble host leading the way., Cheers!
Cook and enjoy Moroccan food
Your day's gonna be nice because you're gonna start it with us. We will then buy what we need for the course (vegetables, meat...), it will not be a market but rather small shops next to me, and we will go to my house. I will start my cooking class by teaching you how to make traditional Moroccan tea, then we will settle down for tea time and enjoy delicious Moroccan cookies and cakes as we get to know each other (Moroccan breakfast). The menu will consist of starters, a main course (all will be of your choice) I will walk you through the cooking process step by step and teach you my personal cooking technique and my unique selection of herbs and spices to create the most authentic Moroccan meal you have ever tasted. Around 2:00 you’ll be hungry, so whatever you cook will be ready this time, and we’ll have lunch together.
Tangier piece of Art
Discover the most emblematic places in Tangier. We offer you a day trip in tangier with a very reasonable price, includes Transfers. So you can discover this North African city in the most convenient way. You’ll go on both a car for sightseeing tour and one on foot. You’ll visit Cap Spartel, the impressive Palace of the Sultan, the Caves of Hercules and you’ll explore the Kasbah, the medina and the souk. At the medina you’ll have enough time to stroll down its Colors and beautiful shops where is everything by hand made , you’ll explore the hidden & the filled streets, The day trip includes lunch at a traditional Moroccan restaurant where you’ll feast on the most exquisite dishes of Morocco's, Finally will drop u off by car to your destination .
Making Couscous with Moroccan family
Hello, We are Moud & Aouatef, we have 10 years of experience serving dinner for guest from all over the world as a host family. My family used to own a restaurant-hotel in the past for more than 30 years, and my wife worked as a chef in Granada. You’ll be welcomed into our magic kitchen to conquer the fine art of cooking the Moroccan recipes; We will show step by step you how we cook real Moroccan food using our original family receipt. with the freshest & most natural ingredients While a piece of Andalusian and/or Jebli music is played in the background, and a mint tea & sweets are served. You will learn how to make the most famous Moroccan dish easily and successfully. It's a dish that you almost find it in every Morrocan home each Friday : Couscous, you will learn not only by listening & looking but also by DOING! We will then taste it all. We will give you recipes that are special because they contain bonus ingredients such as natural herbs. Every participant will receive English instructions and also a SURPRISE GIFT at the end of the experience. Let's make goals that all those dishes could be made when you return home! We are Superhosts in Airbnb too, please check out our rooms if you need a host. Moud & Aouatef; Other things to note Keep in mind that this experience is happening in TETOUAN, not CHEFCHAOUEN, not TANGIER but we are close to both cities. Let us know if you have allergies or dietary restrictions before booking.
Day Tour in The blue city Chefchaouen
pick up at Tangier we will go to Chefchaouen, on the way we will stop to eat breakfasts in tetouan and visit the city of Tetouan and (Bouanan) It is located on the highest mountain of Tetouan, enabling us to see the entire city and drinking Moroccan tea there , we will visit its souk, we will see the king's palace and the big square....., to finish. When the tour of Tetouan ends, we take a road to blue city then we will a tour of the Médina de Chefchaouen with me visit to Kasbah, the street of flowers very famous in the world, then you will have free time to go to eat or have a tea or walk through its streets blue You will also get to know the authentic Amazigh dress, we will visit shops for carpets and traditional and Amazigh, we come back Afternon to Tangier. Other things to note Passengers should know that they will discover very beautiful things, so welcome to my experience
Chefchaouen The blue city- Day trip from Tangier
Departure from Tangier Tangier-Chefchaouen drive around 2h We can see a beautiful landscape on the road: Jbala Mountains, Berber villages, locals small markets situated in the road, Dams… In Chefchaouen, the streets and most of the buildings in the old part of town (medina) are painted a most brilliant sky blue. During the walking tour, we have the impression that nothing has changed in Chefchaouen for centuries. It’s like a live museum or like seeing a documentary about Moroccan history. Highlights of the tour: -The Kasbah of Chefchaouen belongs to the early 18th century -Old city and its walls Typical blue streets of the Medina -Pottery & souks -Mosque in ruins -Stop at the BARAGE (beautiful views + photos) -El parador
Day trip Tarifa To Tangier includes ferry tickets
Start your tour by taking an express ferry from Tarifa to Tangier. Meet a local guide and driver at the ferry terminal and start with the sightseeing part in a climate-controlled minivan. Discover the main and most interesting places of Tangier in this combined private tour. Continue with visiting main places in Medina. Learn about city’s history, culture, lively Moroccan life style, local markets and costumes of native people. Visit most magnificent places in the city: Meeting point of the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean, Medina and Kasbah, Kings Palace, Perdicaris Park, Caves of Hercules and much more.
Tangier Private Customized Tour
Tangier Vicinity: Please note: Every booking is private! You will not be with strangers. Known for the Hercules Cave at the Cap Spartel Nature Preserve (great historical and mythical significance), Achakar Beach for camel rides and photo opportunities, Seeing where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean, the Tangier Casbah, the American Legion with museum, and the Old Town Medina for seeing the "real" Morocco and shopping in the unique mom/pop shops. This is a flexible 4-6 hour day trip. Other things to note We understand that while it is exciting to see new places, it can also be a little daunting. Please be assured that your comfort, safety and enjoyment are our priorities. We will see to any need/wish you have throughout your experience.
Camel Ride on Tangier Beach
Tangier Tour with Camel adventures : The tour will start from the port or your accommodation. We will first have a sightseeing tour and will drive through the bay or the corniche of Tangier following several main streets. Then stop at the biggest mosque of Tangier city and drive through the residential area and the king's palace, we will continue to cap spartel where the mediterenean and the atlantic ocean meet together(stop for pictures at the light house ''150 years old'' ). After that we will go for the CAMEL RIDE BY THE BEACH ( 30 min ) , and also we will visit the legendary cave of Hercules (Back to 2500 b.c). Following the Hercules cave we will drive back to the old part of the city to start our walking tour from the Kasbah (15 century building) and to visit the Medina ( Old town of Tangier). Walking tour: -Visit the kasbah( fortified citadel). -Visit the museum. Continue through the medina: -Explore the labyrinth of the old living area. -Visit the mendoubia garden. -Visit the sooks ( berber markets, farmer market of fruits and vedgetables and also spices markets ).