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Coupons, credits, and gift cards


  • How-to • Guest

    How do coupons work?

    Coupon codes are unique, they have an expiry date, and they can only be used once. Make sure you apply the coupon before you book.
  • How-to • Guest

    What should I do if my coupon code isn’t working?

    There are a number of reasons a coupon code might not work – for instance, it could have expired or already been used.
  • How-to • Guest

    What happens to the coupon you used if your Host cancels

    If your Host cancels before check-in, your coupon code can be used towards another reservation if the coupon is still within the original expiry date.
  • Legal terms

    Airbnb Coupon Terms

    Terms and Conditions that apply to coupons for use on the Airbnb platform, including additional terms for specific Rebooking Coupons.