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Travel admin

Host cancellations and Airbnb for Work

If a Host cancels a business traveler's reservation, we'll send the traveler an email explaining the cancellation and any applicable refund. They can rebook the trip, or ask their employer's travel admin to do it for them.

To rebook reservations as an admin:

  1. Log in to your Airbnb for Work account and go to your dashboard
  2. Select Trips in the navigation bar
  3. If a trip has been canceled, it’ll be displayed in the Needs attention tab
  4. Click on the traveler’s name, and their itinerary will open in a new window
  5. Click Rebook now 

The Rebook now link will automatically populate a search for places that match the original booking dates, number of guests, and location. 

You can get details about the cancellation, contact Airbnb for support, or message the affected traveler, all from their itinerary.

Learn more about managing company travel.

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