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What happens to your guests if you have to cancel

If your plans change and you have to cancel a guest's reservation, it’s important that you cancel as soon as you know to give your guests time to adjust their plans.

Your guest is notified and given a full refund

If you cancel your guest’s reservation, they’ll be notified immediately via email and sent rebooking options similar to your listing.

You won't receive a payout for the canceled reservation, and your guest will be given a full refund and may get help booking a new place.

Fees or other consequences for canceling your guest's reservation

Because cancellations disrupt guests' plans and impact confidence in the Airbnb community, we may apply fees or other consequences to Host cancellations regardless of which option your guest chooses.

If you can accommodate your guests with a different listing or dates

If you can’t host your guest for the dates they booked, but you can accommodate them for different dates, you can message them to find out if the new dates would work. You can even suggest they stay in a different place, if you have more than one listing.

If they agree to the changes, you can avoid canceling—just send them a trip change request.

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