Best Libraries in Los Angeles

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A VAST STUNNING estate of gardens: Japanese ponds and bridges, Greek statues on vast green lawns, art museums in small mansions through out the garden estate as well as a library. A coffee shop ri... read more

The Huntington is a cultural center near Pasadena, it is the former home of Henry Huntington who was responsible for LA's famous Red Cars, he also developed Huntington Beach and had a big hand in s... read more

A collections-based educational and research institution established by Henry E. Huntington (1850–1927). In addition to the library, the institution houses an extensive art collection with a focu... read more

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Most amazing library I have every visited! A view of the city throughout the second floor with large window exterior & art pieces throughout as well. Absolutely breathtaking and very friendly staff.

Environmental award winning structure next to W. Hollywood Park. Beautiful views of hollywood and downtown most days. Lovely Reading Room

The new library is a great summer destination if you need a little break from the sun. Thumb through some books and magazines in the midst of wonderful decor, architecture, natural lighting and gre... read more

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This is a fantastic place to study or rent a book.

Great collections and great spaces in which to be enlightened.

Wonderful location to relax, research, explore, snack. It has its own cafe and a huge periodicals section.

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Gorgeous building! Architect Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue designed the original Los Angeles Central Library with influences of ancient Egyptian and Mediterranean Revival architecture.

The Los Angeles Public Library provides free and easy access to information, ideas, books and technology that enrich, educate and empower every individual in our city's diverse communities.

This library is so big and beautiful. The architecture is stunning. Book lovers will definitely fall in love with this place.

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New Library easy to get library card--just show your rental agreement.

Really cool, modern, bright library - right down the hill in walking distance!

Great for a read, some gentle music, and meditation sessions (check times)

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Famous Leonardo DiCaprio Landmark Library -- he donated his home to build this Library, still actively visits.

Hey, it's a library. With free computer access! Don't forget to check out the Leonardo DiCaprio room with all of his movie posters - yes, he's a local and his family donated all the computers. Thanks!

Free wifi program for kids Wednesday and Mondays check Calendar and info for more details

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Brand Library & Art Center sponsors many events that are free and open to the public. This cultural resource serves an ever-widening public interested in the arts, and is a unique destination for art,

This beautiful, historic, remodeled library has a collection of art and music reference books, and a very nice gallery attached. They host art classes and workshops. It's also in a beautiful park t... read more

This stunning art and music library is hidden away at a beautiful park at the base of the Verdugo mountains. Aside from a huge collection of art and music books, Brand is also a fine art gallery th... read more

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Beautiful library with great trees and grass outside for hanging out.

Wonderful public library. Next to Kaldi coffeehouse

There is wonderful old tree the locals like to either sit near or climb around. Many movies, shows and commercials are filmed here and in the surrounding blocks.

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Walking distance and peaceful. A great resource and free classes offered.

Let me know if you want to borrow my card to check out books and movies.

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Beautiful library, like a maze inside. If you have a chance, check it out.

Wonderful old building, great place to relax, small cafe in the courtyard

Beautiful large Public Library just outside Oldtown.


Robertson Library

Arts & CultureLibraries
1719 South Robertson Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

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If you're a student or just want to read in a library nearby, this local independent library has been here longer than I have. Its my favorite in the city and love its unique mid-century architectu... read more

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Good spot for free use of computer for Internet.

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One of the best public libraries ever! Great kids area with free computer usage! Also there is a lookout area of all of the boats in Marina del Rey with charts, books, and maps. DVD rentals too.

Great for children and adults alike. Beautiful view of the marina. Check website for their special events that include story time for young children.

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If you need to know anything about any movie ever, this is the place. This is the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences' library. Amazing collection.

Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences Library. The library's collection is non-circulating and for onsite reference use only. Materials may not be checked out of the building and there is no Inter-Libra... read more

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Good staff. Free computer use.

Public library within walking distance. Check out books, dvds... Read newspapers or magazines....Use computers....or Just enjoy some quiet time in this beautiful building.

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Our local library is a great place to find old and new books, dvd, and magazines and to learn about the history of our city. Sometimes the bookstores opens up a pop-up store, where you may even fin... read more


Pio Pico Library

Arts & CultureLibraries
694 South Oxford Avenue·Map·Website·

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A small library but very cozy and comfy.

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It's free and it's entertaining for the kids. Gigantic fish tank, fountains, koi ponds.

Beautiful architecture, three story library you've got to see! Animated children's section with small aquarium.

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L.A. landmark sightseeing option 0.3 miles away.

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This 26,000 square foot library is ten houses from our place. It is less than ten years old, and is a beautiful state of the art library adjacent to the park. Wifi is free.

Fantastic library, with computers, enormous children's section, big collection of DVDs, and a great park.

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1 mile walk to the cities beautiful library and library park

An excellent place to watch our beautiful fountain, walk through the park, play on the play set with your children, or go to the library.

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Relatively new branch of the LA Library System. Small branch with super helpful staff and nicely designed.

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Fantastic book sale every Wednesday 2-5pm with books starting at 10-cents