The Airbnb 2022 Winter Release logo Winter Release

Now it’s easier than ever to Airbnb your home

A smiling Superhost in the Airbnb app. Text informs us that her name is Myranda, she has three years’ experience hosting in Little Rock and her Airbnb rating is 4.96 stars out of 5.

Airbnb Setup: The all-new, super easy way to start

Anyone can put their place on Airbnb and start earning with free one-to-one guidance, every step of the way.
A phone shows a pop-up that reads: Get one-to-one-guidance from a Superhost. Above this title, we see Myranda the Superhost, surrounded by more circles with smiling Superhosts. 

Text on the screen reads: We’ll match you with an experienced Host. They’ll guide you over chat or video as you put your place on Airbnb. You can also start on your own and get matched later.

Two buttons below give the option of matching with a Superhost or just starting on your own.

One-to-one guidance from a Superhost

Get matched with your very own Superhost – an experienced Host who’ll provide hands-on help from your first question to your first guest. They’re available by phone, video or chat in over 80 countries.
A phone shows a title saying: Choose who to welcome for your first reservation. Hosts can either opt to welcome any Airbnb guest or they can opt to welcome an experienced guest. The experienced guest button has been selected.

An experienced guest for the first booking

To help you feel more comfortable the first time you host, you now have the option to welcome an experienced guest – someone with at least three stays and a good track record on Airbnb.
A phone shows the Today Tab for Airbnb Hosts, with various settings for them to manage their listing, such as a calendar tool. In the lower half of the screen, there are options for new Hosts to chat with their Superhost or access specialised support from Airbnb by simply tapping the button on their screen.

Specialised support from Airbnb

With just one tap, new Hosts can reach our specially trained Community Support agents for help with anything from account issues to getting paid. They’re currently available in 42 languages.
A wordmark for AirCover for Hosts
A wordmark for AirCover for Hosts

Introducing even more protections

Guest identity verification

Our comprehensive verification system checks details such as name, address, government ID and more to confirm the identity of guests who book on Airbnb.

Reservation screening

Our proprietary technology analyses hundreds of factors in each reservation and blocks certain bookings that show a high risk for disruptive parties and property damage.

$3m USD damage protection

Airbnb reimburses you for damage caused by guests to your home and belongings, and includes these specialised protections:

Art & valuables

Airbnb will restore, replace or pay you for damaged art or valuables.

Auto & boat

We protect the cars, boats and other watercraft that you park or store at your home.

Pet damage

We will pay to repair damage done by a guest’s pet.

Income loss

If you have to cancel Airbnb bookings due to guest damage, you’ll be compensated for the lost income.

Deep cleaning

We will reimburse you for extra cleaning services needed after a guest’s stay – for example, professional carpet cleaning.

$1m USD liability insurance

You’re protected in the rare event that a guest gets hurt or their belongings are damaged or stolen.

24-hour safety line

If you ever feel unsafe, our app provides one-tap access to specially trained safety agents, day or night.

Find complete details on how AirCover for Hosts protects you and any exclusions that apply.

Only Airbnb gives you AirCover

Guest identity verification
Reservation screening
$3m USD damage protection
Art & valuables
Auto & boat
Pet damage
Income loss
Deep cleaning
$1m USD liability insurance
24-hour safety line

Comparison is based on public information and free offerings by top competitors as of 22/10.

Airbnb Categories: More kinds of one of a kind

Today we’re introducing six new categories and improving personalisation.
Great finds added to Airbnb within the past 10 weeks.
Top of the world
Homes around 10,000 feet above sea level, often with stunning views.
Highly rated homes getting lots of attention on Airbnb.
Verified for step-free paths into the home, bathroom and bedroom.
Places with games rooms, water slides and more.
Traditional Korean homes made from natural materials.
A laptop and a phone show the Airbnb home page with two rows of homes from a new Airbnb Winter Release category called New, which features homes added to Airbnb within the past 10 weeks.A laptop and a phone show the Airbnb home page with two rows of homes from a new Airbnb Winter Release category called Top of the world, which features homes at high altitude, around 10,000 feet above sea level.A laptop and a phone show the Airbnb home page with two rows of homes from a new Airbnb Winter Release category called Trending, which features homes that are getting a lot of views recently.A laptop and a phone show the Airbnb home page with two rows of homes from a new Airbnb Winter Release category called Adapted, which features wheelchair-accessible homes that have confirmed step-free access to the bedrooms and bathrooms.A laptop and a phone show the Airbnb home page with two rows of homes from a new Airbnb Winter Release category called Play, which features homes with fun activities like games rooms, water slides, basketball courts and more.A laptop and a phone show the Airbnb home page with two rows of homes from a new Airbnb Winter Release category called Hanoks, which features traditional 14th-century South Korean homes made of natural materials.
Improved personalisation
We’re making the categories we show you even more relevant – for instance, if you’ve browsed homes in Napa, we’ll show you Vineyards first the next time you open the app.
Added detail
You’ll also find more details about each home as you browse. For example, homes in the National Parks Category will show the distance to the park entrance.

Additional upgrades for Hosts

Easier AirCover for Hosts claims process

Hosts can now file a reimbursement request in just a few easy steps and track its status on the Today Tab.

Introducing Fast Pay

Hosts can now choose to receive payouts to their debit card in 30 minutes or less (available in the US only).

More detailed reviews

Guests and Hosts can now add tags to their reviews to provide more specific details about a stay.

Retaliatory review protections

We’ve expanded the reasons a review can be disputed and are allowing Hosts to request the removal of any retaliatory reviews in their history.

Ground rules for guests

Simpler ground rules, supported by stronger accountability policies, help ensure guests treat every home with care and respect.

New category controls

Starting in early 2023, Hosts will be able to view which category their home is in and add category-specific details to their listing.