Lower East Side

An inexhaustible array of bars, clubs, and diverse communities with untouchable NYC mystique.

Slightly dodgy in a desirable way, the Lower East Side exudes an uncanny charm. Cramped spaces, rusty fire escapes, and gritty alleyways only add to its artful appeal. An eclectic neighborhood grown from immigrant roots, the Lower East Side supplies ample excitement around every corner—whether you’re grabbing coffee at one of its trendy cafes or partying scandalously until the break of dawn.

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On the Map

Lower East Side is within Manhattan and bordered by Chinatown, East Village, Alphabet City, Little Italy, Noho, Soho, and Nolita

LaGuardia Airport: 20 minutes by cab without traffic
JFK Airport: 30 minutes by cab without traffic
Times Square: 19 minutes by subway
Wall Street / Financial District: 15 minutes by subway

  • Public transit is Easy
  • Having a car is Difficult

The New York City of Another Era

nyc les jbk182

Famous for its tenement-style complexes, iconic fire escapes, and signature swagger, the Lower East Side exudes a fashionable attitude and savvy street-smarts.

nyc williamsburg bridge jbk071
lower east side graffiti reaching hands jbk144

From its style to its location, LES emanates urbane cool. Cross The Williamsburg Bridge and arrive in one of Brooklyn's hippest haunts.

les sidewalk locking bike jbk020

There are always eyes on the Lower East Side.

les funky style bike rider jbk090
manhattan ny street art tempe jh013

It might just be the neighborhood that brought neon back.

ny tenement museum jh004

Clean windows and scuffed-up street art share parcels of wall space in the Lower East Side.

lower east side store fronts jh006
les nyc fun graffiti jbk152
lower east side felty hats jh007
nyc earnest sewn jh008

The Lower East Side can feel like a village.

les ny small business jh010
manhattan les food market jh011
tommy guns hair salon ny jh014

When you find yourself in such a big city, sometimes it's nice for the world to feel a little bit smaller.

lower east side bike rack jh016
nyc les artistic entryway building jh020
lower east side corner liquor bar jh017

Long Nights In the Lower East Side

lower east side bar line nighttime tam19
hitting the town les nyc tam01

As one of Manhattan's premier nightlife destinations, artists, professionals, and everyone in between flock to the neighborhood after dark.

manhattan young people going out nighttime tam03
ny delancey st station tam02
les ludlow street sidewalk ny tam09
ny late night pizza tam10

It's a safe bet that all five boroughs show up for a party in the Lower East Side.

inoteca dining outdoors nyc tam11
lower east side sidewalk benches tam24
manhattan bar hopping tam05
night scene les nyc scooter parking tam16
wolfnights nyc gourmet wraps dinner tam13

Late-night food, late-night drinks, late-night life.

sugar cafe dinner time nyc tam25

Everything's late-night in the Lower East Side.

Seen Around the Lower East Side

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Scenes From the Lower East Side

tiled floors oyster bar new york jbk166

Stylish cafes and cheeky neighborhood businesses offer daytime relief from the Lower East Side's long nights.

lower east side gourmet donuts jbk036
nyc schillers liquor bar jbk161
rivington tattoo new york city jbk131
hip cafe lower east side jbk174
modern clothing boutique lower east side ny jh027


Airbnb works with local photographers to capture the spirit of neighborhoods all around the world. The photography on this page includes work by:

Jacob Krupnick

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Jacob Krupnick is a director and photographer from Brooklyn. In 2011, he released the feature-length dance film "Girl Walk // All Day", a non-stop music video shot entirely in the streets of NYC. Since then, he’s spent his time creating one-of-a-kind, immersive screening experiences all over the world. Shooting for Airbnb was a great excuse for Jacob to wander the city with a camera in hand, thinking about what best defines the feel of a neighborhood.

Kenn Tam

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Kenn Tam is a Canadian photographer living and working in New York City's Manhattan, that specializes in portraits and street photography. And yes, he was that high school year book guy with a 50mm lens for a face.

Julie Holder

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Julie Holder is a photographer based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She earned her BFA in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Specializing in architectural and interior photography, her client list includes ABC, The Nate Berkus Show, Sony/Harpo Productions, BravoTV.com and RollingStone.com. Joining this project with Airbnb has been a wonderful exploration of the neighborhoods and people that make up the diverse city she calls home.