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Join the programme and help us bring Hosting to new corners of the world. Working independently, local partners support homeowners by handling each step of the Hosting process with them. They are chosen from the best members of our Hosting community and share a common goal: to ensure that Hosts and guests have the best experience.

Support Hosts

Provide comprehensive services for the management of their space, from welcoming guests to cleaning and maintenance.

Work hand in hand with Hosts to create the perfect listing and support them at every step of your collaboration.

Ensure the cleanliness, comfort and safety of their property before and after guests’ stay.

Ensure guest satisfaction

Handle end-to-end communication with guests, from booking to the end of their stay.

Use your local expertise to provide them with a unique and personalised service.

Guarantee guest satisfaction by going beyond their expectations.

Work independently

Share your Hosting expertise with aspiring Hosts in your region and earn new revenue based on your commission.

Define the terms of your relationship with Hosts and set your own commission.

Grow your business with us whilst staying on top of it. Our tools and community of local partners are only here to support you.

Support to help you grow

Exposure to Hosts

Be featured on our Hosting services pages, which allow prospective Hosts to find the nearest local partners via the Airbnb platform.

Exclusive tools

Get access to a suite of tools to help you run your business. This includes exclusive payment features, co-listing creation and in-app messaging with Hosts.

Resource centre

Unlock resources with insights and tips, with an exclusive access to our resource centre. Our community of experts is here to support you on your journey.

Privileged contact

Our teams will provide you with all the support and resources you need to thrive as a local partner

Who are local partners?

Local experts

As a professional with Hosting experience, you are adept at putting together qualified local teams. You know the ins and outs of your region and are a proud and enthusiastic ambassador of your community.


You share the qualities of a Superhost and are passionate about Hosting. You are able to understand the expectations of Hosts and guests and are committed to ensure their comfort and safety.

  • "What really motivates me is the desire to satisfy guests and ensure that their trip goes as smoothly as possible"
    Stéphane, local partner in Rennes

How the programme

Join us

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Give us some details about your profile and your business and why you’d be fit for the programme.

Meet the team

If you have the right profile, we will contact you directly, whether you want to start your own operation or are already a business owner.

Get matched with Hosts

Set your commission, your rules. Start the adventure and assist your first Hosts.

A concierge service by the Airbnb family

When you join the Luckey by Airbnb programme, you’re joining a group of people that are passionate about making everyone feel at home anywhere in the world. You’ll become part of a dynamic, growing service that’s already present in three countries.

Your questions

Local partners have a strong experience of the Airbnb platform and are aligned with Airbnb's community standards. They meet our eligibility criteria as their quality score on Airbnb is above 4.8 over the last 365 days. Once they joined the program, their score must remain above 4.6.

It is your responsibility, as local partner, to make sure that your activity complies with your local legislation whether it is purchasing liability insurance, making sure that you have the skills and experience required to provide the services, or licensing your operations under applicable local rules and regulations, such as broker licenses.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you'll be able to enter the program. The program operates like a marketplace, featuring various partner profiles to enable new Hosts to choose a partner who offers services best suited to their needs.

In return for your services, the Host will be charged a fee you agree with them in advance. This fee is a percentage of the booking value for a stay on Airbnb, calculated after deducting Airbnb service fees and excluding taxes and cleaning fees. You can also agree with Hosts that you will set and collect cleaning fees.

Once a Host contacts you, you'll receive a message in your Airbnb inbox. Then you'll be able to discuss the terms of your collaboration, define your fee and potentially sign a contract together. You are free to select which listings you want to manage.

Please fill in the form and we'll reach out if your profile matches our eligibility criteria. Fill the form.

Luckey, an Airbnb company, selects partners who provide end-to-end services – from creating your listing to checking in your guests to cleaning your home. The service is currently available in select cities in France, Canada and Spain.