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Things to do in Los Angeles

257 local Airbnb hosts recommend

World-class art collection, amazing gardens, fabulous collection of rare books. This is a must for any visit to Pasadena/Los Angeles. Ask about Lia’s grandfather's connection to this museum!

131 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Lovely sculpture garden and art collection.

41 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Presents many independent films. Next door to Vroman’s Bookstore.

20 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Vast variety of fresh salads and interesting hot foods. Large portions make this a place for reasonable meals — especially if you share!

41 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Historic landmark building, traditional theatrical selections, always well produced and acted. Mid- to high-price tickets.

37 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Top-notch movie theater with superb projection and sound that shows first-run movies (some in 3D). Online seat reservations. A little pricier than other theaters.

45 local Airbnb hosts recommend

This is a great place for hiking and seeing California native plants. It give you an idea of California's pioneer days. There is a small museum/nature education center which sells wildflower seeds.

19 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Many meetings are held here — maybe yours?

40 local Airbnb hosts recommend

This historic home is an amazing example of fine woodworking and beautiful stained glass.

35 local Airbnb hosts recommend

This is the oldest independent bookstore on the west coast — more than 100 years old — with a great selection and very helpful staff. Be sure to see the tile mosaics in the rear patio.


Arroyo Chop House

Food SceneRestaurants
$$$· 536 South Arroyo Parkway·Map·Hours·Website·

9 local Airbnb hosts recommend

A very elegant (and pricey) place for a special dining experience. The food and service are wonderful. It can be a bit noisy (this, unfortunately, is the fashion in restaurants). The food's worth it!

15 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great prices for movies — $3.00!!! The theater is a bit worn around the edges.

9 local Airbnb hosts recommend

If you like beef, this is a good place for it. Medium price range, with good service and relaxed atmosphere.


Mint Leaf Indian

Food SceneRestaurants
$$· 2535 East Washington Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

7 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Very Tasty! Beautiful decor and good service too. About 1/2 mile walk.


Sarkis Pastry

Food SceneBakeries
1776 East Washington Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

5 local Airbnb hosts recommend

This place has great croissants — which we provide for breakfast. They also have very delicious pastries and more than a half dozen types of baklava.

28 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Beautiful architecture

9 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Wonderful old building, great place to relax, small cafe in the courtyard


The Counter

Food SceneRestaurants
$$· 140 Shoppers Lane·Map·Hours·Website·

6 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great build-it-yourself burgers. You can even have your burger served on top of a salad instead of a bun! Good prices for fresh food.

2 local Airbnb hosts recommend

New, comfortable theater that presents an eclectic contemporary productions of plays and music. Some low-price and free events.


Good Food Market

EssentialsGrocery Stores
1864 East Washington Boulevard·Map·

2 local Airbnb hosts recommend

This small Armenian market has better prices on produce than the Vons supermarket. It also has a very interesting selection of Middle Eastern foods and a nice selection of cheeses (7 kinds of feta!).


Mission Wine & Spirits

1785 East Washington Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

3 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Good selection + wine tastings

2 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great Mediterranean food just a block away at 1717 E Washington Blvd. Family run and reasonably priced.

5 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Metro Gold Line Station — your portal to car-free Pasadena and Los Angeles via Metro Rail. Ask us to help you design your tour.


Aladdin NutHouse

EssentialsGrocery Stores
1647 East Washington Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

2 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Wonderful variety of nuts + dried fruits and candies made of them.


La Caravana Restaurant

Food SceneRestaurants
$$· 1306 North Lake Avenue·Map·Hours·

2 local Airbnb hosts recommend

A charming, modest restaurant that offers very tasty food and large portions at a reasonable price. Note: parking is in the rear.


Panos Bakery

1649 East Washington Boulevard·Map·Hours·

3 local Airbnb hosts recommend

This small Armenian bakery draws customers from across LA. We love their spinach pies (spinach boreg) made from fresh spinach with some garlic. They also have meat + cheese boreg.


Vrej Pastry

1074 Allen Avenue·Map·Hours·Website·

3 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great pastries and cookies.



$$· 1390 Allen Avenue·Map·Website·

2 local Airbnb hosts recommend

If you can't live without it, Starbucks is just 1/2 block away on Washington Blvd.-- turn right at the corner and you will see it. There is also a Starbucks in the Vons supermarket.


1390 N Allen Ave

1390 N Allen Ave·Map·

2 local Airbnb hosts recommend

This is a standard supermarket where you can get groceries, etc. Nothing special, just convenient.



$· 1739 East Washington Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

1 local Airbnb host recommends

A national chain which offers good sandwiches and salads made-to-order at a reasonable price


Blisserry Frozen Yogurt

1727 East Washington Boulevard·Map·

1 local Airbnb host recommends

Good self-serve frozen yogurt, usually at least six flavors. with lots of toppings. Pay by the ounce. Friendly staff, colorful decor.