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Things to do in Los Angeles


Cafe Stella

Food SceneRestaurants
$$$· 3932 Sunset Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

217 local Airbnb host recommends

LOVE it! Great french restaurant. Say hi to Gareth the owner from Hope :)

1307 local Airbnb host recommends

bus or car but not far. You can walk but its a few mile hike. There are tons of hiking trails, golf, ponies, observatory, zoo, museum, trains, horses to rent, and amazing views of LA. HIGHLY RECOMMEND


L&E Oyster Bar

Food SceneRestaurants
$$· 1637 Silver Lake Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

117 local Airbnb host recommends

AMAZING food, oysters, chowder, bread, wine and bar upstairs. A tad pricy but worth it. Walking distance. Not fancy but go dressed cool at least :) Like, put some pants on!

99 local Airbnb host recommends

Call for reservation, sit outside, so weather permitting. Request a table up top outside, go for brunch. The black forest ham crepe is great!

89 local Airbnb host recommends

GREAT HAPPY HOUR 5-7pm 7 days a week, brunch on the weekend. The food is good, drinks too. American coffee, not so much, get a latte or something if you need the caffeine.

75 local Airbnb host recommends

My favorite spot in the hood. When you first walk in downstairs it is a tad dark, but bypass the bar and go upstair outside where you can drink and smoke at the same time! :) potato pancakes, yum!

56 local Airbnb host recommends

Killer vietnamese food with an American twist

48 local Airbnb host recommends

hip, trendy bar... I prefer the pub but if you wanna bar hop, give it a try

26 local Airbnb host recommends

good coffee tea and light eats. Cheesy onion bagel is awesome. They are a tad skimpy on the cream cheese, so ask for extra, or open faced!

17 local Airbnb host recommends

Thai food, delivery and eat in. Good, walking distance


Silverlake Wine

$$· 2395 Glendale Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

68 local Airbnb host recommends

Wine tastings mon, wed and thurs but they change so pop in for a schedule. Cheapest bottle $8.50 but great guys and really helpful, some gourmet treats and hard alcohol. If it for less $, try Ralphs


Silverlake Yoga

Everything Else
2810 Glendale Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

8 local Airbnb host recommends

this is a little walk but it is my favorite and longest established yoga place in Silverlake

13 local Airbnb host recommends

it's a library! Free DVD's for rent, books, you get it!



2530 Glendale Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

21 local Airbnb host recommends

in need of toiletries, hairdryer, drugs?? This is your one stop shop, walking distance. Bring a shopping bag, they are next to the fridge!

2 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Donuts, if you need a sweet treat



EssentialsGrocery Stores
$$· 2520 Glendale Blvd·Map·Website·

14 local Airbnb host recommends

Grocery store, Food! Yum. Bring a shopping bag, they are next to the fridge!



$$· 2560 Glendale Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

42 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Walking distance if you prefer corporate coffee to ma and pa...


Rockaway Records

2395 Glendale Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

7 local Airbnb host recommends

Record store ... need I say more? feel free to buy the house a present ;)


Sunset Junction Organic Medicine

4017 Sunset Blvd·Map·

2 local Airbnb hosts recommend

I am putting in sunset junction as a general local. There are a ton of cool coffee, restaurant, gelato, shopping stores, etc. on this block.



3728 Sunset Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

4 local Airbnb hosts recommend

manicures and pedicures, for massages, look on in my guide. A few blocks from the house