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Things to do in Los Angeles

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One of our favorite things to do during our summer break is to watch a baseball game at Dodger's Stadium. Dodger's Stadium is the third oldest baseball park in the major league baseball. It is lo... read more

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Olvera Street is a historic monument in the oldest part of Los Angeles. It is always fun to stroll down the street and enjoy a lively summer day.

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The food is very good and the view is stunning! Bluewater Grill Seafood Restaurant has been our family's reunion site for years. It is located inside Redondo Beach Harbor, about 6 miles from our h... read more


Noah's Bagels

Food SceneCafes or Coffee Shops
330 Manhattan Beach Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

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Like most of the stores near the pier in Manhattan Beach, this bagels shop is very small and always packed with people in the morning. The bagels, coffee and juice are always fresh. It is a fun pla... read more


Din Tai Fung

Food SceneRestaurants
$$· 21540 Hawthorne Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

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My number one pick! This Taiwanese restaurant chain is famous for its xiao long bao, or steam buns. The original store in Taipei was name one of the top ten restaurants in the world in 1993 by t... read more

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Consider yourself lucky if you can get a seat at this restaurant in less than half an hour during meal time. Sushi is very fresh, waiters and waitress are very friendly, the atmosphere is fun, and ... read more


El Amigo

Food SceneRestaurants
$· 4600 Manhattan Beach Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

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A very cozy and authentic Mexican restaurant. The workers are very friendly. You have more than ten kinds of chill sauce to choose from.


Boiling Point

Food SceneRestaurants
$$· 15488 S Western Ave·Map·Hours·Website·

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Boiling Point is located inside a restaurant plaza. It serves Taiwanese hot pot which comes in individual containers that reheat at your table. While other restaurants in this plaza are struggling ... read more



Food SceneRestaurants
$· 21309 Hawthorne Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

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One of our favorite dining place, Souplatation is a cafeteria style restaurant. It offers unlimited salad, fruits, bakery, soup, and drink bar.

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Sea Empress has the best dim sum at the north east side of South Bay area. It's about 2 miles from our house. Their price is very reasonable unless you order the seasonal sea food dishes.

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99 Ranch Market is a Chinese supermarket. It is located about 1.6 miles from our house. 99 Ranch Market arguably has the biggest fresh sea food selection at South Bay area.

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Nijiya Market is a Japanese supermarket located less than one mile from our house. It has s supermarket, a bakery and a small food court. Most of Nijiya's products come from its own organic farms.

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Angel Stadium of Anaheim

2000 E Gene Autry Way·Map·Website·

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Not as old as Dodger's Stadium but Angel's Stadium is much easier to get to than Dodger's Stadium. Angel's Stadium is roughly 28 miles south from our house.


Hannam Chain

3030 Sepulveda Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

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Hannam Chain Market World is the biggest Korean supermarket in South Bay area. It has a lot of fresh pickled sea food.



$$· 1735 Artesia Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

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Albertsons is one of the biggest grocery chain in South Bay. It has a few locations. The nearest one to us is only a little than one mile away. Albertsons is a standard western grocery chain store.


India Sweets & Grocery

3920 Sepulveda Blvd·Map·Hours·

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India Sweets & Grocery offers goods, treats, and grocery from South Asia. It is located 5.6 miles from our house and has a small cafeteria style vegetarian restaurant inside the store.

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About 2 miles from our house, you can find a big selection of restaurants in this plaza. There is Vietnamese's pho, Japanese izakaya, dumplings, fried chickens, and noodles, Chinese, Korean tofu po... read more

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Torrance Farmer's Market is the biggest farmer's market in South Bay area and it's only 4 miles away from us. Parking can be tricky but it's worth a trip.