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I am a long time teacher, freelance writer, poet, advocate for homeless youth, and avid world traveler. My first language is Italian, and I have lived and traveled to several dozen countries (inclu... read more
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Things to do in Los Angeles

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Abbott Kinney is one of Venice's most popular and well known streets. There are tons of great breakfast/brunch spots, as well as dinner spots. Plenty of art galleries, ice cream shops, boutiques, a... read more

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The Santa Monica Pier is about an hour away (walking distance). Though the walk from the end of Washington blvd down to the pier is one of the most iconic and stunning strolls one could take. Passi... read more

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Great ocean views and well priced drinks!

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This 3rd street promenade is an extremely well known promenade that spans about 3 city blocks. From shopping, to food, to bars, to sight-seeing attractions, this stretch has something for everyone!

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The boardwalk is full of culture, vibrance, sunshine, and great food options. Take a stroll down historic muscle beach, and maybe grab a tiki drink on the way!

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One of the best / most budget friendly breakfast spots in town! Be sure to try their famous cro-jo!


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$$· 822 Washington Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

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Amazing food during the day.. fantastic rum bar by night!

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Itty-Bitty hidden gem whiskey bar in far back of a restaurant. They have an amazing selection of the finest liquors, but also a fantastic late-night menu!

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Farm-to-table meals surrounded by indoor plants; rustic feel

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Modeled after Venice, Italy, the canals are absolutely breathtaking. From the architecture of the waterside houses, to the fancy little paddle boats that residents can ride around... the canals are... read more

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Close by, dine-in and alcohol friendly movie theatre!

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Easy and simple hybrid rental place, always reliable!