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Born and raised in Los Angeles, went to college in Portland, OR. I love books, people, strange antiques, musics, tacos, cheese, motorcycles, lamps, bad jokes, explosions, power tools, stuffed anima... read more

Things to do in Los Angeles


Griffith Park

Parks & NatureParks
4730 Crystal Springs Dr·Map·Hours·Website·

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One of the largest urban parks in North America, Griffith park has some of the most beautiful views and hiking trails. It also has an observatory, from which you can see the Hollywood sign and a bi... read more

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Great Coffee shop. Their food menu, especially the bone broth, is excellent as well.

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A cool local bar I like to go to. DJ's are always spinning vinyl

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The first Europeans camped here on August 2nd, 1769 and decided there should be a city here.


Tacos Villa Corona

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$$· 3185 Glendale Boulevard·Map·Hours·

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Best Breakfast Burritos ever! They open in the morning (around 8 am Tues-Sun), and go until they run out of ingredients, usually by noon or 1, and are usually open till 3pm on the weekends.



Food SceneRestaurants
$$· 2490 Fletcher Dr·Map·Hours·Website·

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Trendy new taco spot that recently opened up. There is always a line out the door. Chic outdoor dining area.

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Awesome coffee shop along the LA river bike path. You can even get your bike fixed at the shop while you sip your latte and enjoy the beautiful view of the river.

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A good place to get your groceries. An experiment by whole foods to compete with other budget high-quality food stores such as Trader Joe's


Purgatory Pizza

Food SceneRestaurants
$$· 1326 East 1st Street·Map·Hours·Website·

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Great punk style all over the walls of this place, pizzas range from vegan to piled on with meat and jalapenos.

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Grocery store with international foods, fresh veggies, and great prices!

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Cool spot to check out if you are into music, particularly accordions. People from around the world come here.



3110 N Broadway·Map·Website·

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Historical Landmark 157 often hosts various events such as Cabarets and variety shows, and live music. It is a beautiful victorian house in nearby Lincoln Heights. You can see if they have any even... read more


2001 Blake Ave

2001 Blake Ave·Map·

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One of LA's best secret Taco Spots. Family Run, Thurs-Sunday 5:30- 10 pm


Avenue 26 Tacos

2601-2629 Humboldt St·Map·Hours·

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Great Late Night street tacos. See http://www.lamag.com/digestblog/taco-stand-hidden-gem-lincoln-heights/