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Things to do in Los Angeles

163 local Airbnb hosts recommend

100 different California craft beers on rotation. Bar and restaurant. Impressive options for vegans and meat eaters alike.


The Echo

Drinks & NightlifeNightclubs
1822 West Sunset Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

131 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Arguably the best music venue in Los Angeles.


Silver Lake Reservoir

Parks & NatureParks
1850 W Silver Lake Blvd·Map·

154 local Airbnb hosts recommend

A favorite for a walk or run. One loop is just over 2 miles. Great playground for young kids. Stellar examples of modern architecture, several Neutra and Schindler houses nearby.


Fix Coffee

Food SceneCafes or Coffee Shops
$$· 2100 Echo Park Avenue·Map·Website·

99 local Airbnb hosts recommend

The closest cafe. About a two minute walk. Fix is in the process of becoming a restaurant + coffee shop, so the construction makes it a touch less inviting than it once was.



Food SceneRestaurants
$· 1261 Sunset Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

116 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Kick ass tacos. Refined ingredients, carefully prepared and a welcome alternative to the taco stand taco, not to knock the more common LA staple. Several veggie options too. The sampler plate rocks.

86 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Buy singles to drink in their seating area (functionally, a bar) or assemble a collection for the road. No corkage fees from 4 to 8 on weekdays. That's a beer in a bar for a couple bucks. Insane cool.


El Prado

Drinks & NightlifeBars
$· 1805 Sunset Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

79 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Feels like a wine bar in Madrid. Cozy and intimate. Great if it's not packed. They serve a small but well curated list of craft beer and wine. Bartenders sometimes spin records in between drinks.

77 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Echo park cornerstone. Coffee is less expensive than at Fix. Great spot to sit outside and relax with the paper, or to look at people looking at you from their cars.

71 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Totally hit or miss. I've had super memorable nights here and have also walked out immediately. Not really a dive bar, but smells like one sometimes. The dancing can get awesome if you're lucky.



Food SceneRestaurants
$· 4019 Sunset Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

61 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Vietnamese fare. Great for a date. Veggie friendly and higher quality ingredients than your run-of-the-mill pho joint, if less daring. Reasonably priced. Surprisingly good wine list.


Two Boots Echo Park

Food SceneRestaurants
$$· 1818 Sunset Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

54 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Los Angeles makes New York style pizza. New Yorkers will be disappointed, but the rest are in bliss. Order a slice or two at the counter or get a pie delivered.



Food SceneCafes or Coffee Shops
$· 1716 West Sunset Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

84 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Local book store. Great mixture of new and used. They have coffee and snacks in the back with a decent outdoor patio.

45 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Our favorite coffee shop in the neighborhood. Great ambience, excellent coffee, fair prices and good people. Great for both conversation with friends or knocking out laptop work.



Food SceneRestaurants
$· 1608 1/2 Sunset Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

38 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Sleek sidewalk espresso counter with mostly baked treats. Impeccably well designed and great spot for sipping something delicious amidst the neighborhood bustle.

91 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Second largest park in Los Angeles. Hugely underrated. Majestic views, amazing trails for hiking and running. Spectacular nature just steps away. I know the park well and can suggest routes.


Permanent Records

Everything Else
1816 Sunset Boulevard·Map·Hours·Website·

25 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Well curated selection of mostly new vinyl. They also have live shows inside their tiny space. Pretty rad, but good luck squeezing in!


Pho 87

Food SceneRestaurants
$· 1019 North Broadway·Map·Hours·Website·

17 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Vietnamese fare. Great pho. Rough around the edges but totally unpretentious food. An alternative to the newer, hipper eateries, if you want something a little more down and dirty. Best for lunch.


1642 Bar

Drinks & NightlifeBars
1642 West Temple Street·Map·Hours·Website·

17 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Mostly locals bar slightly off the beaten path. Warm, homey and relaxed. A good escape from the action. Live saloon style piano some weekends. My buddy Karl is a bartender here & takes care of guests.

75 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Tiny market with incredibly delicious high-quality produce, meats, cheeses, olive oil, freshly baked bread and some prepared foods. Just don't forget your wallet.


Mayas' Tacos Restaurant

Food SceneRestaurants
$· 1600 North Alvarado Street·Map·Hours·

8 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Best veggie burrito we can find and under 5 bucks! Great pupusas too. Make yourself like spicy if you don't already and ask for the habanero salsa. Underrated gem.

25 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great yoga spot with tons of different classes and friendly folks. Look out for a donation only class which is a great way to get in on the cheap.

12 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Tons of cheap (and sometimes really good) fruits and veggies, smelly meats you should probably avoid, awesome fresh noodles, lemongrass, amongst other odds and ends.


Pazzo Gelateria

Food SceneRestaurants
$· 1910 West Sunset Boulevard·Map·Hours·

3 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great gelato in a slightly weird corporate lobby. Chocolate sorbetto is bonkers good, when they have it. My favorite sweet tooth place in the immediate area.


Saito's Sushi

Food SceneRestaurants
$$· 4339 West Sunset Boulevard·Map·Hours·

4 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Damn good sushi. Expensive, straightforward and simple. You come here for the fish, period. No dragon rolls. The ambience is stark and cold. Omakase encouraged. Ask the chef if you can buy him a beer.



EssentialsEverything Else in Essentials
$$$· 1541 Echo Park Avenue·Map·

6 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Need a haircut? Appointments recommended but they have a great staff, so you'll probably be fine even if it's a last minute thing.

2 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Sparkling water, a lime, overpriced beer, decent bottles of wine, ketchup, toothpaste or toilet paper. Darn convenient for most emergencies. Less than a two minute walk.