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Fish Market

Jagalchi Market

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October 20, 2019
I feel Jagalchi is Busan to me.
Real Kim'S
Real Kim'S
October 12, 2019
there are a lot of see foods
November 17, 2017
부산의 유명한 어시장이에요^^ 시장 앞은 바로 부두여서 배에서 바로 들여온 생선들을 판답니다. 거리거리마다 특색있는 식당들이 있어 시장구경 하신 후 식사 하시기에도 좋아요!A place where freshly caught fish is bought and sold. The first floor of the building is the fish market while the second floor has a raw fish center and a dried seafood section. Fresh fish can be…
February 27, 2017
Best seafood market in S.Korea. you can feel the ocean at here. : fresh sushi,sashmi, grilled fish, fried fish and scallop, steamd crab.
October 01, 2016
This market is very well-known and old seafood market in Busan, Korea. Needless to say the 'Mustgo' place.

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“Located in the southernmost region of Busan, Taejongdae Park stretches for 9.1 kilometers. the striking landscape of the park is rife with sharp cliffs and gnarled rock formations”
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Point of Interest
“벽화가 가득 그려져 있는 동네! 오르막 내리막길을 걸어가며 이곳저곳에서 사진을 찍어보아요. 이곳은 실제 주민들이 살고 계시니 조용히 해주셔야해요^^ Terraced community houses are lined up along the foot of a mountain and all the alleyways are interconnected with each other. The scenes that this arrangement produces are a distinctive feature of this village. The whole village is a piece of art and a tourist attraction thanks to the formative artwork built everywhere around the narrow paths by resident artists. ”
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“The motto of Haedong Yonggung temple is "At least one of your wishes will be answered here through your heartful prayers." The sea has been with human-being in history from long time ago. It was very calm sometimes while furious sometimes. The Haedong Yonggung temple is situated near the sea unlike other temples located in mountains, therefore it's quite reasonable to call this temple an aquatic Buddhist sanctum. They say that the Great Goddess Buddha of mercy in the sea lives alone at a solitary near the sea and appears on the back of a dragon. That's why the Korean's worship of the Great Goddess Buddha was formed near the sea or on the island, and this Haedong Yonggung temple is one of 3 Sacred Places related to the Goddess Buddha. This temple preserves religious concept deeper than that of any other temple ever as the sea, dragon and the Great Goddess Buddha embody a harmony here. Haedong Yonggung temple, the southern most temple near the east sea was founded by the great monk Naong, who was the consultant of King Gongmin. While he was practicing asceticism at Bunhwang temple in Gyeongju, the nation was hard hit by a draught that made the crops burn to death and people suffer from famine, so people were disturbed badly resenting the god for not giving them rain. One day, a sea god appeared in Naong' dream and said that if they built a temple at the edge of Bongrae mountain and prayed there, all these hardship would go away leaving people back in happiness. After that dream, Naong visited the area where the Haedong Yonggung temple is located now, and saw that there was a mountain in the front and the sea at the back, which means if they say prayers in the morning they get answered in the evening. He built a temple later called Bomun temple by him and named the mountain Bongrae. The word “Bongrae” means something mysterious and pure to which hermits with great understanding descended. The word “Bomun” means the absolute and limitless power of the Great Goddess Buddha of mercy, called Gwanseumbosal in Korean. Unfortunately the temple was destroyed by fire when the Japanese invaded Korea and the monk Ungang of Tongdo temple rebuilt the temple in the early 1930's. Since then many head monks managed the temple until the monk Jungam prayed that the temple recovered as the Great Goddess Buddha's seminary. Amidst his 100-day pray session he witnessed the Great Goddess Buddha in white robe on the back of a dragon emanating five-color beam and after the dream he renamed the temple Haedong Yonggung temple. They believe that at least on of their wishes will be answered if they pray here and because of that belief many people visit this temple.”
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Bus Station
“한국전쟁 당시 피난민들이 책을 팔아 음식을 구하고 책을 바꿔보면서 공부를 이어갔던 시절에서 유래. 현재도 다양한 중고서적들을 팔고 있어요. ”
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“유명한 오륙도 스카이 워크가 있는 곳!! 따스한 햇살아래 조용이 산책을 하며 힐링을 하고 싶다면 바로 이곳으로!! 원래는 로컬 피플들이 주로 이용하던 산책로였지만, 현재는 홀로오신 여행자분께서 많이 찾으시는 핫플레이스!!”
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Jagalchihaean-ro, Busan 600-044
Phone+82 51-713-8000
Credit Cards
Yes (incl. American Express)
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