Best Grocery Stores in Los Angeles

Locals’ favorite places

1. Whole Foods Market
225 Lincoln Blvd
416local recommendations
Mark says “This is a very large Whole Foods, with more than just food shopping. Organic fruit, fresh squeezed j...” ·
2. Trader Joe's
2738 Hyperion Ave
224local recommendations
Victoria says “Everyone's favorite specialty grocery store. Good deals on liquor, groceries and excellent bespoke p...” ·
3. Whole Foods Market
7871 Santa Monica Blvd
235local recommendations
Ma says “Only couple blocks away from my home Whole food's market is a place you will find organic produce, f...” ·
4. Trader Joe's
1600 N Vine St
226local recommendations
Lisa says “The best place for groceries within walking distance. The Hollywood Trader Joes on Vine is a great ...” ·
5. Whole Foods Market
6350 W 3rd St
169local recommendations
Kim says “Whole Foods on 3rd Street & Fairfax Ave is super trendy. Some people call it, "Whole Paycheck" beca...” ·
6. Gelson's Market
5877 Franklin Ave
127local recommendations
Sabine says “Expensive but great deli, fresh meats, fish and produce, soups, salad bar. Also great pastries secti...” ·
7. Ralphs
645 W 9th St
114local recommendations
Christine says “This is the big local super market. Taxi, Drive or even walk if you load isn't to heavy.” ·
8. Joan’s on Third
8350 W 3rd St
109local recommendations
Alex says “A nice place for brunch or lunch with friends, Joan's on Third is a gourmet marketplace and cafe kno...” ·
9. Gelson's Market
2725 Hyperion Ave
92local recommendations
Owen & Ashley
Owen & Ashley says “Full service supermarket only a mile away. Has a nice deli and catering services, flowers, salad bar...” ·
10. Trader Joe's
263 South La Brea Ave
103local recommendations
Lane says “Favorite local grocery store with good wine selection, healthy fare and good prices. Ralphs grocery ...” ·
11. Trader Joe's
8000 Sunset Blvd
97local recommendations
D. Marilyn
D. Marilyn says “An experience. Great prices. Great selection. Lots of stuff. Always food samples. Alcohol and w...” ·
12. Lassens Natural Food and Vitamins
1631 Sunset Blvd
105local recommendations
Andrea says “This is a new health good store, similar to Whole Foods. There is a vitamin and cosmetic section, as...” ·
13. Lassens Natural Foods & Vitamins
2080 Hillhurst Ave
86local recommendations
Amber says “Natural Health Food Store. Great for supplements, organic produce, juices and healthy food to go.” ·
14. Trader Joe's
9290 Culver Blvd
94local recommendations
Judalon says “Best prices & the prepared & pre-packaged foods are great for travelers with limited kitchen utensil...” ·
15. Ralphs
910 Lincoln Blvd
90local recommendations
Vrprogram says “Ralphs is a chain of multidepartment stores that offers a range of grocery and pharmaceutical produc...” ·
16. Ralphs
7257 Sunset Blvd
89local recommendations
Dan says “Also known as "Rock and Roll Ralphs". With its constant influx of colorful characters, this is an ex...” ·
17. Vons
1342 N Alvarado St
78local recommendations
Sharaya says “Close Groceries -- Also grab a late night Taco at TACO ZONE food truck located in the Vons Parking l...” ·
18. Trader Joe's
3212 Pico Blvd
75local recommendations
Deborah says “A grocery store, sure, but really so much more. They have all the basics plus more exotic fare like...” ·
19. Gelson's Market
8330 Santa Monica Blvd
74local recommendations
Kris says “This grocery store is right outside the building. Whether you want a delicious pre-cooked meal from ...” ·
20. Whole Foods Market
11666 National Blvd
70local recommendations
Mary says “Another Whole Foods, this one is smaller but easier parking and a nice outdoor eating area for the s...” ·
21. Trader Joe's
1566 Colorado Blvd
65local recommendations
Tema says “Great supermarket with fresh fruits, veggies, and salads. The staff are always cheery and they conc...” ·
22. Trader Joe's
175 S Fairfax Ave
82local recommendations
Gregory says “TJ's has grown from a specialty store to a super market. Unless you're visiting from another country...” ·
23. Ralphs
1233 N La Brea Ave
75local recommendations
Alain says “A short 2.5 blocks walk... everything you need to make your stay more homey. There is a Ralph's Clu...” ·
24. Cookbook Los Angeles
1549 Echo Park Ave
75local recommendations
Sus. says “Small, independent grocery spot. Specialty local produce, meats, cheese and freshly baked bread. Thi...” ·
25. Trader Joe's
8500 Burton Way
58local recommendations
Megan says “Trader Joe's is by far the best supermarket in Los Angeles. It has everything you want at a good pr...” ·
26. Whole Foods Market
500 Wilshire Blvd
62local recommendations
Vanessa says “It's true... it's called "whole paycheck" for a reason. Buuuuuttt... they do have some awesome stuff...” ·
27. Ralphs
10901 Ventura Blvd
62local recommendations
Andy says “24/7 Grocery and .6 a mile from my doorstep. Great when you need something last minute or don't want...” ·
28. Vons
4520 Sunset Blvd
69local recommendations
Mark says “Open 24 Hours. Basic grocery store with deli, pharmacy, produce sections.” ·
29. Albertsons
2035 Hillhurst Ave
56local recommendations
Fatima says “My daily grocery store runs. Love the employees. Kind, helpful and professional. Just an ok deli ...” ·
30. Erewhon Market
68local recommendations
Linda says “An amazing organic gourmet grocery/ food store. If you do not want to cook they have so many wonder...” ·