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1. Mercato di San Lorenzo
Piazza del Mercato Centrale
158local recommendations
Luisa says “A nice place where you can buy fruits, vegetable, meat and other. All you can need. On the first flo...” ·
2. Mercato Centrale
29 Via Panicale
178local recommendations
Debora E Chiara
Debora E Chiara says “From Piazza S. Lorenzo to Via dell'Ariento, all around the Basilica of San Lorenzo (in the very hist...” ·
3. The Boboli Gardens
1 Piazza Pitti
243local recommendations
Valentina says “The Boboli Gardens is a museum open air when you can walk among the beauty of statues, fountains and...” ·
4. Osteria All'antico Vinaio
65R Via dei Neri
94local recommendations
Ale says “Guess what, it’s the number one on tripadvisor...but just a tip...since it’s pretty much always pack...” ·
5. Il Santo Bevitore
64 Via di Santo Spirito
81local recommendations
Maria says “Just great! Perfect balance between the extraordinary food / drink and value. There are dish such as...” ·
6. Gelateria La Carraia
25/r Piazza Nazario Sauro
77local recommendations
Bettina says “Eat an ice cream just got sitting on the deck, and watching the panoramic view!” ·
7. Perseus
10/R Viale Don Giovanni Minzoni
74local recommendations
Elisabetta says “Just outside the historical Florence city center, close to Piazza della Libertà and Piazza Savonarol...” ·
8. Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella Firenze
16 Via della Scala
74local recommendations
Ingrid says “Elegant perfume and beauty products top the gift wish list for many, at any time of the year. The Of...” ·
9. Volume
5/red Piazza Santo Spirito
71local recommendations
Pietro says “5 Via di Santo Spirito This bar is open from the first hours in the morning to the late night and of...” ·
10. Le Murate Caffè Letterario
Piazza delle Murate
67local recommendations
Betty says “This is a nice place for a light meal or just a cup of coffee. It's an old prison, which now is conv...” ·
11. Trattoria La Casalinga
9/R Via dei Michelozzi
60local recommendations
Piera says “Used to be one of the cheapest restaurants in town. Casalinga means home-made food. Now it's becomin...” ·
12. Brac
18/R Via dei Vagellai
57local recommendations
Edo & Rita
Edo & Rita says “Very interesting literary Caffè. A lot of events, books, music and a lovely atmosphere. Caffè letter...” ·
13. Oblate Library
24 Via dell' Oriuolo
79local recommendations
Antonella says “Oblate Library is a hidden gem near the duomo with great views of the cathedral and bell tower. Ine...” ·
14. Il Pizzaiuolo
113r Via dei Macci
55local recommendations
Antonella says “A typical italian Ristorante/Pizzeria where you could get a wondeful pizza or many southern italian ...” ·
15. Fiesole
91local recommendations
Claudio says “Fiesole is a town located on the Hill immediately behind Florence. Only 2 kilometers away from the c...” ·
16. Gusta Pizza
46 Via Maggio
52local recommendations
Emanuela says “Just close to Santo Spirito square, these pizzeria, fast food, take away kind of style, is always be...” ·
17. Via dè Tornabuoni
Via de' Tornabuoni
100local recommendations
Federico says “This is the famous street where you will be able to find houses high fashion boutiques, belonging to...” ·
18. Trattoria Mario
2r Via Rosina
46local recommendations
Debora E Chiara
Debora E Chiara says “No advance reservations, no credit card for this typical trattoria.Friday is fish and Saturday sees ...” ·
19. Florence Academy of Fine Arts
66 Via Ricasoli
51local recommendations
Emanuela says “At the Accademia Gallery there’s only one star and that’s David. Of course, there are plenty of oth...” ·
20. Il Latini
6R Via dei Palchetti
45local recommendations
Giulia says “The real Tuscan osteria, a place in the heart of Florence where you can taste all the flavors of thi...” ·
21. O Munaciello
31r Via Maffia
45local recommendations
Elisabetta says “I love this place! It is like stepping in a parallel world! They have created a very picturesque int...” ·
22. Uffizi Gallery
6 Piazzale degli Uffizi
315local recommendations
Emanuela says “The Uffizi Gallery in Florence is a must if you’re an art appreciator. The grand duke of Tuscany, C...” ·
23. La Ménagère
8 Via de' Ginori
42local recommendations
Betty says “This is a nice place for an aperitif, you can get a meal as well. Good food, wine suggestion and ser...” ·
24. La Cité- Libreriacafé
20 Borgo S. Frediano
42local recommendations
Daniele & Clara
Daniele & Clara says “It's library cafè. During the afternoon a quiet place where read a book or drink a tea, by night one...” ·
25. Artemio Franchi Stadium
4 Viale Manfredo Fanti
53local recommendations
Michele says “If Local team Fiorentina is playing you can grab a ticket watch it here” ·
26. Il Rifrullo
55r Via di S. Niccolò
41local recommendations
Linda says “Wonderful bar in the heart of San Niccolo district The perfect stop for a cappuccino and pastry for ...” ·
27. 4 Leoni
1r Via de' Vellutini
41local recommendations
Lauren says “Just behind our building, you find Piazza della Passera, with one of the best trattorias in town, 4 ...” ·
28. Teatro del Sale
111 r Via dei Macci
40local recommendations
Alessandro says “Restaurant? Theatre? Gourmet paradise? Menu shoutet out from kitchen, do it yourself service, no kni...” ·
29. Enoteca Fuori Porta
10 Via del Monte alle Croci
39local recommendations
Linda says “A wine bar and restaurant. An excellent wine selection as well as artisanal beer. The perfect stop ...” ·
30. Caffè Cibreo
5R Via Andrea del Verrocchio
37local recommendations
Paolo says “From the chef Fabio Picchi one of the best traditional chef in Florence (personal opinion). Very phi...” ·