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Best things to do in Ronda

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

“Ronda is a magical city built across the deep El Tajo gorge. From quaint tapas bars and cobbled streets, to Spain’s first bullfighting arena, the world-famous bridge and sweeping landscapes, it’s easily one of the most photogenic cities in Spain. The world-famous Puento Nuevo bridge in Ronda Spain is without doubt the biggest draw. Both the views from the bridge and of the bridge from each side and below. Puente Nuevo means New Bridge, but it isn’t exactly new. The 120 m high bridge was built in the 18th century and connects the old Moorish town and the newer parts of the city. There’s a walkway on both sides so you can see the El Tajo Gorge and bridge from all angles. Make sure to cross both sides of the bridge because the scenery is different depending on where you stand. Aside from the Puente Nuevo, Ronda’s highlight is Plaza de Toros de Ronda – the oldest bullring in Spain. It was built in 1785 by the architect Jose Martin Aldehuela – the same architect who built the Puente Nuevo. I don’t like the idea of bullfighting and while I’d never watch a real bullfight, it’s still an important part of Spanish culture and history and considered a national treasure by many. Just outside the old city walls, you can visit one of the best preserved traditional hammams (Arabic bath). Built in the 11th or 12th century, there are three main rooms – hot, medium, and cold. They were fed with water from the two nearby streams. The star-shaped vents in the domed ceilings is a common touch in Arab architecture. I think it’s what sets this place apart and makes it worth visiting. ”
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“The oldest bull ring in Spain and the place where Pedro Romero "invented" modern bull fighting being the first ever to have stepped down from a horse and fight the bull just standing on his own two feet. Amazing atmosphere and not to miss. There´s a small museum and shop as well attached to the bull ring. Fights take place only once a year during the "Feria de Pedro Romero", around the first week of September. ”
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“Amazing town less than 2h away. Ernest Hemingway visited this lovely place and was inspired by the old bridge and caves. Besides the food is awesome - 3 Michelin guide recommendations in a village with 36 000 inhabitants is not bad :)”
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General Entertainment
“Arab Public Baths. This thermal building of the arab time is the best conserved of its kind at the Iberian Peninsula. It is located at the old arab quarter of the city, today called San Miguel Quarter, being the formerly outside quarter of the arab medina (city) of Ronda.”
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“The walking street which local people know as "calle de la Bola". That is why many many years ago it snowed in Ronda and people made a big snowball from the top of the hill down towards the bullring.”
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“Porque es el emblema de la ciudad y por su majestuosidad, vistas impresionantes.”
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“This is our go-to restaurant in town. Always a chaotic scene, but the service is equally always professional and friendly, if a bit pressed for time during rush hours. ”
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“The palace of Mondragon, also known as Palace of the Marquis of Villasierra, is a wonderful building regarding its architectonical aspects, and, without any kind of doubts, is the most significant civil monument of Ronda.”
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“Park with a balcony with an amazing views of the mountain chain surrounding Ronda.”
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Tapas Restaurant
“Es un sitio tíìco de Ronda donde van los locales a tomar algo y las copas son muy baratas. Typicall place for local people, drinks are so so so cheap.”
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Point of Interest
“From high up in the Andalucian mountains, the breathtaking views from the small town of Ronda are a must.”
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“The food is traditional but made with love, and to a high standard. My favourite Summer restaurant in Spain.”
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Bus Station
“Calle Doctor Carrillo, Lauría, Córdoba, Avda Andalucía, Parque privado en Avda Martínez Astein.......”
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“Si dispones de tiempo para venir un día al tajo de Ronda, se come francamente bien es un pueblo muy bonito y con vistas y puedes hacer una vía ferrata para iniciados, que supone escalar unos acantilados por unos peldaños anclados en la roca con equipo de escalada (que te proporcionan los guías) las vistas, gente y actividades son espectaculares, muy recomendable a solo 1 hora en coche. Podéis buscar en la web la empresa "Al Andalus Activa" y preguntar por Jesús ;)”
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Historic Site
“In the heart of the old part of town is the Casa del Rey Moro (The Morish King´s Palace). It is very much worth a visit to connect even more with the Morish history of Ronda. ”
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“Oooohhhh, cakes and patisseries to die for! Do as the locals do, forgo the coffee and enjoy your cake in the afternoon with a mini bottle of cava!”
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