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Best things to do in Havana

General Entertainment
“Lugar fantastico de numerosos grupos musicales , artistas , pintores etc muy acogedor”
553local recommendations
Cuban Restaurant
“Unique restaurant. Great level food and restaurant in a low level neighborhood at a multifamily building. King and Queen from Spain and other important and famous persons have visited this beautiful restaurant.”
226local recommendations
“Aquí te presentan todo el proceso histórico que fue la Revolución Cubana, de inicio a fin, en un corto pero enriquecedor recorrido.”
266local recommendations
Cocktail Bar
“Uno de los bares más reconocidos de la habana, aquí podrán degustar los tradicionales mojitos cubanos. ”
266local recommendations
Point of Interest
“Actualmente se llama Teatro Alicia Alonso y presentas hermosas muestras de ballet”
243local recommendations
Cuban Restaurant
“Lugar que solia frecuentar Ernest Hemingway. Excelente para degustar el famoso Mojito cubano.”
255local recommendations
“Lugar de interes historico y arquitectura impresionante. recomiendo la Ceremonia del Cañonazo 9:00 pm se celebra diariamente.”
196local recommendations
“The National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba is an exciting art museum that is housed in two buildings located next to the famous Paseo de Martí, in the center of Havana. Its objective is to restore, preserve and promote the works that are part of Cuba's plastic heritage and is equipped with 24 rooms where old art collections are exhibited, art rooms dedicated to teachers of all times and rooms with temporary exhibitions. This is, without a doubt, one of the best art museums in the Caribbean. In it you can spend a whole day watching all kinds of art, from Cuban pop art to Greek pottery.”
188local recommendations
Administrative Area Level 2
“The map is not correct point, but every body knows where Plaza de la Revolución is. Walkable distance from the apartment.”
183local recommendations
Point of Interest
“Famous Plaza Vieja, one of the squares to visit where you will find the Beer House, Coffee House, The Havana Planetarium, restaurants and other great and famous bars.”
163local recommendations
“Surrounded by some of the most beautiful buildings in Havana. From here you can stroll down "El Paseo del Prado". A pedestrian walkway where locals as well as tourist enjoy the scenery. There are numerous bars anan spend your evening relaxing and taking in the ambiance of this metropolitan city.”
160local recommendations
“It takes only 20 minutes from the capital to reach a 50 km of golden beaches with crystal blue waters. Santa Maria del Mar, Guanabo and Tarara are our favourites.”
61local recommendations
Spanish Restaurant
“Uno de los mejores restaurantes en La Habana, esta ubicado en frente del Capitolio, aquí podrán encontrar, una variedad de mariscos y pastas. Dentro del mismo edificio en la planta baja podrán también un restaurante que sirve comida similar.”
177local recommendations
“Also Know as the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary of the Immaculate Conception, this church is one of eleven Roman Catholic cathedral in Cuba. and is nestle right in the heart of Old Havana”
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Jazz Club
“One of Havana's best Jazz venues, La Zorra y El Cuervo, which has shows every night at 11pm. Look out for the red English telephone booth - thats how you enter! Entrance is $10CUC but includes 2 drinks.  Show begins by 11pm but arrive by 9:45/10ish to get in line for a good seat - the place is small and fills up fast!”
155local recommendations
“En las afueras del hotel puede encontrar un servicio de Taxy . ya que estamos a 2 cuadras del Hotel Nacional De Cuba .”
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