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By Airbnb on 3 May 2023
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Updated 3 May 2023

The Airbnb 2023 Summer Release introduces 25 upgrades for Hosts, plus an extra eight upgrades for Hosts who use API-connected software. These are designed to help you track the quality of your listings more easily and support your day-to-day hosting operations.

You’ll be able to access all eight upgrades directly from your software if your software provider has integrated them. If they haven’t, contact your software provider to find out when they’ll be available.

Checkout instructions

Add detailed checkout instructions right from your software, similar to the way you enter standard house rules. Quickly create a checkout list by selecting from these common tasks:

  • Gather used towels
  • Throw rubbish away
  • Turn things off
  • Lock up
  • Return keys

You can add details for each task. For example, you might specify that guests put rubbish in one bin and recycling in another. You can also write additional requests, such as covering the grill after use.

We’ll send guests an automatic reminder with your checkout time and instructions the day before checkout. Like your house rules, guests can read your checkout instructions before they book your place. Once they check out, guests can let you know they’ve left with a single tap or click.

Review tags

In the Airbnb 2022 Winter Release, we added the ability for guests and Hosts to leave more detailed feedback for each other. You could both add a star rating – and specify what went well or could have gone better – in several categories. For example, guests might select the review tags “always responsive” or “helpful instructions” if they rate your communication with five stars.

You can now access these features from your connected software. You’ll be able to leave more detailed reviews of guests and get feedback about what guests liked and what could be improved.

Listing issues

If one of your listings isn’t following ground rules for Hosts, you’ll find a log of recent trips that have had issues in your software. For example, if a guest rates check-in with two stars because they couldn’t get inside, that will be logged here with suggested updates to improve your hosting routine.

Listing issues that appear here are the result of low ratings, guest feedback to customer service or Host cancellations. The log also lets you know if your listing is at risk of suspension or removal.

Ground rules notifications

We’ll send you an email and a push notification through your software provider if one of your listings isn’t following ground rules for Hosts and has received a warning or is at risk of suspension or removal. The notification will send you to the listing issues log, which shows what issues have been reported, together with suggestions on how to fix them.

You’ll also get information about when a listing can be reactivated after a suspension, as well as how a listing removal can be appealed. You can only make an appeal directly on Airbnb.

Categories info

Airbnb Categories help guests discover millions of unique places to stay around the world. Over 60 different categories classify places based on their style, location or proximity to an activity.

Now you can find out what Airbnb Category each of your listings is in from your software. This was a top request from Hosts and will enable you to understand how your listings are showcased on Airbnb.

Compliance notifications

You’ll get a notification in your connected software when you need to complete a required compliance form or provide other business information. You’ll also be able to receive messages in your software if additional info is needed.

We need to collect and verify the business information of Hosts on Airbnb to comply with local laws. This update allows you to be aware of and complete compliance requirements from your software.

Number of pets allowed

You told us you wanted to be able to specify exactly how many pets you’re comfortable with hosting. Now you can easily enter the maximum number of pets you want to welcome, up to five.

New listing promotion

We also heard you wanted to be able to offer the new listing promotion to guests from your software. Automatically apply the promotion of a 20% discount to your first three bookings when you create a new listing.

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3 May 2023
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