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General info

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    Host and guest reviews for stays

    Our community relies on honest, transparent reviews. Hosts and guests write reviews once the stay has ended. Here’s info about how reviews work for stays.
  • How-to

    Find your reviews as a guest or Host

    Find reviews written by and about you.
  • How-to

    Writing a helpful review

    Want to rave about your recent guest or trip? We love that. Check out these tips on how to write a review that’s helpful for other guests and Hosts.
  • How-to

    Editing a review you wrote

    You can edit a review you’ve drafted until your review is published.
  • How-to

    Removing a review

    You can’t remove a review written about you, but you still have some options, such as responding or disputing it.
  • How-to

    Reviews for Experiences

    Our community relies on honest, transparent reviews. Hosts and guests write about their time once the experience has ended.
  • How-to

    Respond to or dispute a review

    You can post a public response to reviews that others leave for you, but you can't remove them. Reviews are only removed if they violate our Reviews Policy.
  • How-to

    Star ratings for Hosts

    Star ratings allow guests to rate your Airbnb stay based on communication, general cleanliness, overall experience and more.
  • Community policy

    Airbnb's Reviews Policy

    Our policy helps ensure helpful, informative and accurate reviews for guests and Hosts.
  • How-to

    Reviews for stays

    These reviews work differently from regular stays – guest reviews are private and Host reviews are public.
  • How-to

    Review moderation

    Airbnb doesn’t moderate reviews before they’re published, but reviews are encouraged to be transparent.

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