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Add or change your profile photo

Whether you're a guest who booked the perfect stay or a Host welcoming guests into your home, a clear and recognizable profile photo can help establish credibility and authenticity. It’s a big part of how we build trust together.

How to edit your profile photo

Edit your photo on desktop

  1. Click Profile > Edit profile
  2. Next to your profile photo, click Edit
  3. Add a photo and then click Submit

Guided photo capture helps you get your best profile pic

When selecting a profile photo, our guided photo capture experience will try to locate your face and give you AI-powered tips to help ensure your face is clear and visible.

Tips may include:

  • Auto-zoom to center your head in the frame
  • Recommend you zoom in to just you if you have a photo with multiple people
  • Suggest you provide a photo with your face toward the camera
  • Let you know if your photo is too blurry
  • Recommend against adding a photo that doesn’t feature you at all—such as a photo of a landscape or an animal

These tips are optional—you can bypass the recommendations and add the photo of your choice, just make sure it meets the standards of our content policy.

When photos are shared with Hosts

While Host photos are always visible on Airbnb, guest profile photos aren’t shown until after the Host has accepted the booking. Additionally, while a profile photo is recommended for all Airbnb users, it’s not mandatory for guests.

Need to make changes to other account info? Learn how to manage your profile.

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