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How your Host Passport works

The Host Passport is a great way for guests to get to know you—what you’re into, how you host, and what makes staying at your place special. Finding the common ground helps develop trust and meaningful connections between you and your guests.

Decide what information you want to share

The Host Passport is filled with information about you that you added to your profile, plus your history as a Host. You can edit your Host Passport by updating your public profile.

Your Host Passport may include details such as:

  • How many years you've hosted
  • Your Host rating
  • What languages you speak
  • Your interests
  • What you do for work
  • Your travel history
  • Fun facts, like your favorite song in high school

Where guests can find your Host Passport

Your Host Passport may be shown for Rooms in search results, and it’s featured on your listing so all guests can check it out. We may also highlight certain info from your Host Passport across Airbnb, or share details with prospective guests.

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