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Permaculture Farm Visit. Organic Lunch

Permaculture Farm Visit. Organic Lunch

Duration:9 hours total
Includes:Food and Drinks
Languages:Offered in English
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About your host

I'm Xavier and I have been the leader of Permaculture Children's House Foundation since 2015. I have learnt and continue to study with some of the most renowned permaculture teachers in the world like David Holmgren, Geoff Lawton, Robin Clayfield and Graham Bell. Since 2012, every day I have been involved in permaculture and education. I love sharing the knowledge am constantly inspired by my…

About Permaculture Children's House

Permaculture Children's House is a foundation established in 2015 aiming to educate children and also adults. Our mission is to establish an education center based on: Permaculture, Self Directed Education, Agile education, Non Violent Communication, Sociocracy, green building, sustainable energy management, self reliance and Zero Waste management.
This is a social impact experience where 100% of what you pay for this experience goes to Permaculture Children's House. .

What we’ll do

The day will start with a look around our farm and an overview of what we have achieved in a year. During this time, I'll introduce you to core principles of permaculture, share what we plan to do in the next year and provide some insight into how we make choices around food production, energy management, social life, education and community governance in order to create a harmonious & sustainable…

What else you should know

This is a light hands on activity and based on an exchange (discussion) where you will discover what is Permaculture, which one is a design science with ethics and principles.

What I’ll provide

Light lunch (vegetarian)
Coffee, tea and water

What to bring

Wear appropriate clothes for outdoor activity
A refillable water bottle (please avoid plastic)
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New experience
₹5,414 per person
New experience
₹5,414 per person