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Upcycle-Art workshop in Langa township

Upcycle-Art workshop in Langa township

Duration:2 hours total
Includes:Drinks and Equipment
Languages:Offered in English

About your host

I am an award-winning artist and designer who has been working with upcycled post-consumer plastic waste since 2004. Along with my partners and our members, I believe that Our Workshop provides a unique opportunity for cultural exchange through the most important and valuable commodity—time spent together.

About Our Workshop

Our workshop is a nonprofit organization dedicated to allowing people time together in order to share their life experiences and skills. It is a space for authentic connections between different types of people, where upcycling and simple craft materials and techniques are learned and taught.
This is a social impact experience where 100% of what you pay for this experience goes to Our Workshop. .

What we’ll do

You will hang out with Heath Nash and local Langa-based artists and learn the basics of simple upcycling—reusing discarded materials to create something of higher value. You'll discover tricks and tips to do with the Art of Making, and we'll have a chance to learn about each other's backgrounds and cultures in a city-run art center in Cape Town's first township. The design thinking process is a…

What else you should know

In some South Africans' minds, the townships are still imagined to be dangerous places, but this is not true! A big part of the vision for Our Workshop is in fact to allow this fallacy to be overcome.

What I’ll provide

coffee / tea
tools and materials

What to bring

An open mind and the willingness to make mistakes
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₹1,745 per person
₹1,745 per person